Step by Step Guide to Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Interserver

This article presents a step-by-step guide to transfer your domain and website data from GoDaddy to Interserver.

People usually look for alternatives to GoDaddy as they are not satisfied with the pricing and customer support. Interserver has better customer service, cheaper, and faster servers.

We’ll take you through the process of transferring your domain in easy and simple steps.

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Caution: The steps mentioned in this article may cause harm to your files and data if not followed carefully. Ensure that you have a backup of your data. It is a good practice to take help of an expert if you are not aware of the details.

Step 1: Exporting your domain from GoDaddy.

Sign-in into your hosting account and open Domain Manager. It will be listed under “All Products and Services” tab.

godaddy all products and services

Choose the domain that you want to transfer and click on the Manage option. This will lead you to the domain settings.

godaddy manage option

Scroll down and check that the Domain lock is turned off.

godaddy domain lock

Now you need an authorization code. First of all, make sure that the email address registered with GoDaddy is accessible to you.

godaddy authorizatoin code

Select the Get authorization code option.

Now, you will receive an email from GoDaddy which will look something like this.

godaddy email for authorization code

The authorization code will be used in the later steps.

Now, sign in to Click on the Domains tab near the top right corner.

interserver domain

You will see the list of all domains that you possess. Now, click the Order button.

interserver domain button

Search for your domain on the next page. The website will show you an option to transfer the domain if you already own it. It will look similar to the image below.

interserver domain search

Proceed with the transfer. Fill in your personal details on the next page and click Proceed. Your order summary will be presented to you. Click on Place Order.

interserver place order

Now, you will receive an email regarding the confirmation for the transfer of your domain. Click on the link mentioned in the email and accept the transfer.

Open your GoDaddy account and go to the Domain Manager. In the drop-down menu for Domains, click on Pending Account Changes.

godaddy domain manager

Click on the link to accept your transfer. The transfer may take a few minutes.

Step 2: Transferring your Data

In your GoDaddy account, under All Products and Services, select Manage All option in the Web Hosting tab.

godaddy all products and services

Select the cPanel Admin option on the next page. Now, wait a few seconds before your cPanel has opened.

Select FTP Accounts option under Files section.

godaddy FTP

Create an FTP account. Note the FTP Address in the FTP settings.

interserver FTP address

Now using an FTP client such as FileZilla, download the required data files from your website onto your PC. Make sure you do not miss any important files.

Now, go to your Interserver account and click on Webhosting tab. Select the setting icon in front of your transferred domain.

interserver web hosting list

Select “LOGIN TO CPANEL” on the next page. Under the Files section, select File Manager.

interserver FTP

You can upload all the required data files in the file manager.

Step 3: Migration of your Database.

Log in to your GoDaddy cPanel. Look for the Database section and select phpMyAdmin.

godaddy cpanel phpmyadmin

You will be redirected to your phpMyAdmin page. Click the Export option and select the databases that you want to export to Interserver.

godaddy phpmyadmin export

Similarly, open your Interserver account. In the cPanel, click on phpMyAdmin under the Database section.

interserver phpmyadmin import

Select the Import tab and upload the exported files to Interserver’s servers.


Thus, it is easy and comfortable to transfer your domain from GoDaddy to Interserver. It requires a little patience and nominal technical skills. You should ensure that your data is backed up before following the steps in this article.

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