3 Easy Steps to transfer your domain from GoDaddy to FastComet

This article will guide you to transfer your domain and files from GoDaddy to FastComet.

People usually want to switch from Godaddy due to pricing, support and/or server related issues. FastComet has cheaper pricing, better support and faster servers.

Caution: The following steps may lead to serious damage to your data if not followed carefully. If you are not familiar with the details, it may be a good choice to hire an expert.

We’ll show you the migration of your web hosting in three parts.

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Part A: Relocate the domain from GoDaddy

Step 1: Open your GoDaddy hosting account.

Log in to your GoDaddy account and scroll down to the “All Products and Services” section.

all products and servicecs in godaddy

Now drop-down the Domains tab to see all your domains.

Step 2: Go to domain settings.

Choose the Manage option and go to domain settings.

godaddy domain settings

Step 3: Turn off the domain lock.

On the next page, check that you have disabled the domain lock.

godaddy domain lock

Step 4: Acquire the Authorization Code.

Note: Before asking for authorization code, make sure you have registered the correct email address with GoDaddy.

Click on the Get authorization code option.

godaddy authorization code

You will receive an email containing your domain information and authorization code. It will look similar to the following email.

authoraization code

Step 5: Select domain on FastComet

Login to fastcomet.com. Select the “Domains” option.

fastcomet domain

Click the Transfer tab on the next page. Now enter the domain name that you want to transfer and click on Check Availability.

check availability

It will show you the availability status of the domain name that you entered.

availability status

Now click on Add to Cart.

Step 6: Checking out at FastComet.

You will be redirected to the payment page where the order summary will be mentioned along with a few extensions for your domain. FastComet provides free DNS Management and Email Forwarding. You need to enter the authorization code that you received earlier.

fastcomet paymnet page

Scroll down to select the plan that suits your needs. Select the data centre location and the period for which you want to obtain the hosting services.

fastcomet hosting service

Click on the Update Cart option. Confirm your order on the next page.

After confirming your order, you will receive an email which will contain a link to authorize your transfer. Click on the link and then accept the transfer.

Step 7: Accepting domain transfer at GoDaddy.

Open your GoDaddy hosting account. In the Domain Manager, drop down the Domains option and select Pending Account Changes.

accept domain transfer at godaddy

On the next page, click on the link to accept the transfer of your domain. Wait for a few minutes to complete the transfer.

Part B: Transferring your Data Files

Step 1: Navigate to “All Products and Services” section and click on Manage All option beside Web Hosting tab.

godaddy hosting account

Now click on the cPanel Admin button. You will be redirected to your cPanel.

godaddy cpanel admin

Under the Files section, select FTP Accounts.

fastcomet FTP

Now add an FTP account and observe the FTP account settings.

ftp address

Step 2: Download the data files.

With the help of any FTP client such as FileZilla, download all the files containing your website data onto your computer.

Step 3: Upload files on FastComet servers.

Login to your FastComet account. Go to your cPanel and under the Files section, click on File Manager.

Fastcomet file manager

Now upload all the downloaded files to your FastComet servers.

Part C: Migrating your Database.

Step 1: Log in to phpMyAdmin.

Go to your GoDaddy cPanel and under the Database section, select phpMyAdmin.


Step 2: Export database from GoDaddy servers.

After opening the phpMyAdmin, click the Export option. You can choose the different databases that you want to transfer. You should export the databases in the SQL format.

Fastcomet phpmyadmin import

Step 3: Import databases into your FastComet account.

This procedure is almost the same as Step 2. Go to your FastComet cPanel and select phpMyAdmin option.

Fastcomet phpmyadmin

Now select the Import option on the phpMyAdmin page.

Fastcomet phpmyadmin import


You can easily transfer your domain from GoDaddy to FastComet by following these steps. It is always advisable to back up your data before proceeding with the transfer.

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