9 Email Marketing Secrets for Getting 3x More Subscribers

Every email marketing genius keeps a few secrets under their sleeve. From reducing bounce rates to increasing conversion rates, everything can be worked around as long as you have the right knowledge which can take a long time to master.

Email Marketing Secrets

If you’re only starting out, you will learn more along the way but if you’re stuck at the moment then you’ll need a few tips or tricks for an effective solution.

One great way is email marketing services that could reduce your workload without comprising productivity. If you have limited time on your hands then there’s nothing better.

But the secrets we intend to discuss today are gathered with much research and overall experience lent by many many folks in the industry. We decided to spill these so you can get in the rhythm of the rest of the community and be with the ‘pros’.

So keep reading to find out…

Create a Relevant Content Offer

Relevant Content Offer

Now what does relevant really mean? You see, your email can’t just be about 7 useful shopping habits for this summer. You have to have an agenda with it, something to commit to, something that has relevance to your target user’s interest.

For example, this same sentence can be rephrased as: 7 shopping mistakes to avoid this summer and then model your content after that. People are statistically more attracted towards precautionary titles and subjects.

And no, this isn’t cheating. You’re only making your content plausible to your audience. The offer here is to shape your content in a way that convinces a user into subscribing.

For example, your customers are stock traders. They don’t have a lot of time on their hands, so your content needs have simple vocabulary and a tight structure. Similarly, if your readers are travellers and have sufficient time so you can get as creative and whippy as you want.

Another thing is to understand your customer base’s consumption preferences and how they line up with what you’re offering. For example, you wrote a lengthy email on a monday and hardly anybody saw it due to being busy.

In which case, a friday should make more sense or a copy relevant to any upcoming holiday could be great too.

Put your opt-in form in the right place

right place

Opt-in forms form a direct connection between a subscriber and your website. You can track your subscription rate, bounce rate, and email list growth just with this one aspect alone.

The basic requirements being great content and the right opt-in form at the right place. The ‘right’ place is a tough subject because a viewer could come to your site for the first time looking to subscribe or the 100th time forgetting to subscribe.

Your sweet spot should be somewhere in the middle. It can’t be too obtrusive to give the impression of a try-hard but it should make your motive clear is the secret.

There are 2 ways to go about it:

  • Place the form at a cliffhanger statement
  • Place it in conjunction with some sort of incentive

A cliffhanger statement like: subscribe to our newsletter to see the rest of the story is an appropriate call-to-action for any kind of content and an incentive could be an exclusive sale, exclusive content, free shipping, ebooks, email courses, etc.

Convince Readers to Subscribe

email Subscribe

This is what the entire game is about. Getting someone to click on the subscribe button is the task of sheer intellect. It takes a combination of proper structure, quality copy, and strategic placement of an opt-in form to get a subscriber.

Regardless of how hyped up it is, here are a few things you can try:

  • Mention the number of your existing subscribers in the opt-in form as a popularity proof
  • Source some of your knowledge into an ebook that works as an incentive
  • Create a social group of like-minded individuals on any social media site or forum
  • Create anticipation but do not clickbait

Lastly, do not come off as a try-hard and put an opt-in form 6 times on your website.

Use Guest Posts in a Better Way

Guest Posts

Guest posts can give you the much-needed attention and traffic, once you tap into the right ecosphere. You can get exposure, create backlinks, and even authorize yourself as an expert.

A good strategy is first to observe other articles on your target blog and find out what they get right, how they place their keywords, what their bio gets right, and whether their tone is too informal. These figures can give you a clear idea for a better structure.

Here a few basic tips for your Guest Posting:

  • Use formal language only where necessary
  • Do not promote yourself and be compliant to the guidelines
  • Include all the internal and source links
  • Include a CTA at the end for comments

Use Better Opt-in Forms

Better Opt-in Forms

By better we mean, use a good combination of colors, themes, feel-good phrases, ask for a name within the form so that the reader feels more comfortable clicking the subscribe button.

If your website is about Yoga & Lifestyle then you can make the form with a mixture of greens and whites and ask a small trivial question about their diet meal preference. Now, simplicity is important too because you can overdo it so use as few words as you can.

Another way to make your forms better is double opt-ins. Single opt-ins get the job done but double ones make the guy remember you and you get a more engaged audience overall.

Create a Resource Hub

Resource Hub

Your target audience might need more than one reason to stick around. A resource hub can not only grow your subscribership but it can also grow your traffic with a good SEO strategy.

A good way to make your site resourceful is through pooling tons of guest posts. You can research topics that your audience might like and then create article posts catered to that.

Another great way would be to hire experts or professionals in a specific field for authentic content. Once, your website is populated with enough content, you can create an intuitive search bar for looking up any topic.

Use Contests and Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways

Contests and Giveaways are probably the best kinds of marketing in the way that it both creates anticipation and engagement at the same time. They are incredibly popular on Youtube and Facebook for tech-related channels.

A good contest or giveaway pitch starts with laying out parameters. You can ask for your users to submit something in the contest or simply layout certain actions to follow like sharing your post with a certain number of people or leaving a comment.

The second thing is promoting your contest itself so enough people know and talk about it. The more engagement and anticipation you create, the more traffic you can bring to your site.

Lastly, declaring a winner and promoting him/her on your website and social media to create more buzz around your website.

Create an Email Course

Email Course

Do you have something interesting to share with your experience in email marketing? Great! Put it in a course. Do you have extensive knowledge about email metrics and the science behind them? Put it in a course.

Email marketing is still quite in its infancy and millions of people like to try their hand in this trade but lack proper training. If you can offer an informative outlet for them to subscribe to, then you can create a loyal following of dedicated readers.

Once someone successfully subscribes to you, you can purpose your email course into a singular lengthy PDF or string of weekly emails.

A rather popular strategy is to offer a free course that covers a marginal but relevant subject that you can later hunch on to spring people into a more detailed, paid course.

Use Two-Button Pop-ups

Two-Button Pop-ups

Two-button pop-ups present a choice to the user: Are you sure you want to leave the site? Are you over the age of 18? Do you want to learn niche marketing secrets?

The most popular ones are the Yes or No prompts that force the user into a definite choice. You haven’t asked for an email yet which makes it interesting because you’re leading them with anticipation and then offer a destination for their email.

These can also be used to do affiliate product marketing, make splash pages, offer a different option, display a sale timer, a short FAQ section, and much more.


We hope you find these tips useful and grow your email marketing prowess. Indeed, some of these could take some effort to pull off but you’ll get there. Another thing to look out for is to implement each strategy with the correct time and patience.

Do not take things too seriously and tackle everything one at a time. Who knows, you might discover your own secrets. Let us know what you think down in the comments.