7 Best Blog Name Generators of 2021 (Personally Tested)

Something we can all agree on is that blog names are difficult to come by and affect nearly every aspect of your website, which is why tools like Blog Name Generators are great to have in your toolset.

Though blogs have taken a lot in the market and what a person is looking for a blog name must have been the type of the same category that is present from before, finding a functional and attractive blog name for your blog becomes difficult.

Also, it becomes a necessity to have a precise and unique blog name. Thus, to find out such a blog name that is unique and fits to what your blog is all about, there are a lot of blog name generators that provide you with your preferred and catchy blog name.

What are Blog Name Generators ?

As the name suggests, a blog name generator is an online blog name generating tool. These blog name generators use some great searching techniques according to the category or keyword the user enters.

In addition to the blog names, they also are used to enquire if the domain names for the same are available or not. Some of such blog name generators are given below.

hostingpill7 Best Blog Name Generators of 2021
  1. Name Generator
  2. Nameboy
  3. DomainWheel
  4. Domain.com
  5. Lean Domain Search
  6. Panabee
  7. NameStation

1. Name Generator:

Name Generator

This blog name generator is a small little package to find out your ideal blog name. It is outstanding in creating a unique and amiable blog name that can easily be caught by the audience.

This blog name generator, not only asks for your personal information but also questions about your blogs to be defined through verbs and adjectives. This description is used then to find the blog name.

Also, the generator uses information about your name and where you live. If you do not want to enter any of this information, you are allowed to just click on the suggest button to get some examples to co-relate.

It is the best part of the generator since they have a wide variety of list that can match up to your thoughts or maybe something that was not thoughtful.

Testing Approach: For testing the name generator :

  • First you have to go to the official Name Generator website.


  • There you will find various categories containing different names for each type. There you have to select the ‘blog name’ category.

Name Generator

  • There are various parameters given in this blog name category that will judge the type of subject, adjectives, and much more.

Name Generator

  • After that, the blog name category will ask for the correct credentials. After giving these credentials, it will suggest different names for your blog.

Name Generator

2. Nameboy:


An aged blog name generator, but yet very powerful. Its searching powers are quite comfortable, handy, rapid and very powerful. You just have to enter a keyword, and there will be a search list according to your word.

If you do not like the result, you can also change it and research it. You can pick any of the names from the list that appears.

The catchy part about this is, as soon as you select a name from the list of your blog, click on the view details button next to the word and you will be directed to the link of the Bluehost website where you can buy hosting and also register your blog.

Nameboy fashion

Testing Approach: For testing Nameboy:

  • Users have to access the Nameboy’s official website.

Name boy

  • There, you need to directly search the domain name with some valid keywords. It will redirect you to a fresh webpage with some suitable domain names.


3. DomainWheel:


This is a free tool that lets you find not just the blog name or the domain name, but also find a url for your name. The only thing you have to do is just enter the keyword you want to see the name.

Click on the search button and you are provided with a list of the names as per the extensions. There are also a lot of recommendations for the word that you have entered and even a choice of words that match or rhyme your keyword.

Here also you can register for the domain name that you have selected through the view details button.

Testing Approach: For testing DomainWheel:

  • Users need to directly approach the official DomainWheel website.

Domain Wheel

  • There, they will immediately witness the search option with a placeholder suggesting some new keyword with some additional keyword down below.

domain wheel

  • Add some suitable blog keywords according to your needs and click on ‘Search Domain’.


  • The page will immediately showcase some of the best domain names for your blog.

4. Domain.com:


This generator opts for one of the most used and well known for the domain name generator. It helps you find your best possible domain name or blog name with a cost for registration, respectively.

Once you enter the keyword that you want to search for, it accordingly finds a .com kind of domain name.

If it is unable to look for something like that, it switches onto some other relatable name for the same. Once you have decided with your title of the blog, you can proceed just to register it.

Testing Approach: For testing the domain:

  • For your blog domain name, you need to add some unique name for your blog which doesn’t resemble any of the webpage.


  • If you need the same webpage name, then you can have multiple top-level domain names to choose such as .net,.in, .org, and much more.


  • After that, users need to purchase the same top-level-domain in the ‘add to cart’ option and then proceed to the payment process accordingly.

5. Lean Domain Search:

Lean Domain Search

This blog name generator is said to be a straightforward and user-friendly tool. The surprising fact about this is that it has been run by a company called Automatic, “WordPress” being the hero.

You can easily search your type of name by entering the filters that are either starting or ending by the keyword you have entered. Also, it contains some sorting techniques that can help choose the correct name for the blog.

Testing Approach: For testing Lean Domain Search:

  • Users need to search Lean Domain Search on their web browser.

Lean Domain Search

  • After reaching the Home page, you need to search for the blog domain name which you specifically want.

Lean Domain Search

  • The page will redirect to a fresh page where you will find awesome domain name for the blog purpose.

Lean Domain Search

6. Panabee:


An attractive and interestingly designed, this tool provides excellent speed and plainness for the name suggestions. It is said to be one of the most popular domain name generating tools.

It uses the concept of merging two or more words and then going for the related search like reverting the terms or swapping them.

The feature that makes it so accessible in the market is that you can check for the name you select if it is available on different social media places.

Testing Approach: For testing Panabee:

  • Users need to open Panabee’s official website. There, they need to simply enter two words which they want as a domain name.


  • Users will be redirected to a fresh page where they will get an insight about some of the available names with the two written keywords.


  • There they need to select the heart icon to check and see if they are available for blog domain name.
  • The page will redirect to GoDaddy website for the domain availability if required.


7. NameStation:


Another well-known blog name generator is the name station. It also generates some healthy name suggestions for your blog but has quite a few availabilities which are why it is not majorly recommended to use.

As soon as you enter the keyword at the generator, it provides you with some random words. The list that is displayed majorly contains the keyword that you have entered mixed with some other words that co-relate to the name that you used.

This tool has just one attractive feature, and that is the contest section. In this section, the users are allowed to create a contest for the names of the blogs as a suggestion for other users.

Testing Approach: For testing NameStation:

  • Users need to type-in the desired keyword for their blog domain name.

Name Station

  • Then, NameStation will showcase some of the best blog domain names according to your keywords.

Name Station


Thinking about a blog name on your own can be hideous. As it takes a lot of factors to be counting on and a lot of research to know if it is unique or not.

Thus, a blog name generator words like a helping hand that provides you with the best possible list of suggestions from which you can choose your word without worrying about it being unrelatable or unfit for you.

Also, remember to choose a blog name according to what your needs are. For example, if you are creating a blog to be SEO, remember to use a name that can be easily used to search.