16 Best URL Shorteners in 2021 (Alternatives to Google URL Shortener)

“URL Shortener” – what does that do?

Did you ever ask yourself what URL shorteners do? Well, the answer is simple. It just shortens or condenses your URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) while still directing your user to the required webpage or

What are the benefits of URL shortener?

A lot of free URL shorteners are available online for shortening the URLs. Most URL shorteners also have a QR Code generator as an add-on. We highly recommend using such URL shorteners as they have various benefits, some of which are listed:

A. Increased click-through rate (CTR)

The benefit of using a URL shortener is that your Click Through Rate increases. Since people addicted to social media are used to seeing short links, chances of them clicking on shortened links are higher as compared to clicking on normal / longer URLs.

These shortened links increase your CTR, thus resulting in increased traffic on your social media page and thus, your website.

B. Performance tracking and analysis

Many URL shortener services help in tracking the clicks on your website which helps you in measuring the traffic of your website.

Moreover, if you use any URL shortening service along with Google URL builder, you analyze the behavior of your website’s traffic. This analysis will further help you in improving your website’s performance.

C. Reduced advertising costs

Do you use SMS marketing for your business? If yes, then you’ll know that long URLs means a higher number of characters, which means paying more for such marketing messages. This is where the URL shortener helps. It helps reduce the characters in your URL thus reducing your advertising and marketing costs.

For shortening the URL, we’ve used reference URL as https://hostingpill.com/godaddy-website-builder-site-to-wordpress/

Since we’ve discussed a few benefits of URL shorteners, let’s go through some of the free and paid link shortener services which will be beneficial for your business.

hostingpill16 Best URL Shorteners
  1. Tiny
  2. Cuttly
  3. T2M
  4. Capsulink
  5. Bit.do
  6. Is.gd
  7. BitlyLink
  8. Short URL
  9. LinkSplit
  10. BL.INK
  11. Bitly
  12. Rebrandly
  13. Umuly
  14. TinyURL
  15. LnnkIn
  16. Poplink

1. Tiny

Shortens from 66 to 21 characters in 5.61 seconds

Shortened URL: http://tiny.cc/hpwpbuilder

Free Features:

  • Provides up to 500 URLs, edit links and tags for organizing
  • Shorten, track and manage URLs, all in one space
  • You can also have a “Free” account with “tiny.cc” domain

Paid Features:

  • The premium version offers the domain “tinyCC.com”
  • Offers smart links wherein you can customize the tiny URL
  • Invite people and create teams with account functions based on tiered access roles
  • Offers customization option wherein you can add logo and colors for a personalized dashboard
  • Possible to send notifications and emails to customers without including a logo of “tiny.cc”
  • Embeds tracking pixels, so any user clicking on your URL becomes a retarget for your future ad campaigns
  • Connect your app to your website and thus to tiny.cc pro account


  • The plans start from $5 per month for a custom domain and range to $49 per month for Pro plans. However, for enterprise-level plans, you need to enquire on their website and they’ll contact you for flexible pricing.
  • “tiny.cc” shortens URL from 66 to 21 characters in 8.71 seconds. That’s pretty quick.

2. Cuttly

Shortens URL from 66 to 22 characters in 7.5 seconds.

Shortened URL: https://cutt.ly/owgnVbr


Free Features:

  • No subscription charges and 100% free (as per the website’s claim)
  • Free URL shortener with detailed analytics
  • Offers link management platform to customize and optimize the URL
  • Offers QR code which can be used in printing flyers
  • Offers custom name which can be used in affiliate programs
  • Improved link shortening


  • Free

3. T2M

T2M is a link management platform built for Universities, Businesses & Survey Agencies. You will have to register first for which they charge a $5 on-time account verification fee. After this, you can access all the features within the free plan.


Free Features:

  • Unlimited shorten URLs
  • With QR code facility
  • Filterable analytics by yearly/monthly/daily clicks, devices, browsers, referrers, etc.
  • No advertisements and No spams

Paid Features:

  • Password protected URLs
  • Edit & delete links anytime
  • Bulk URL support & unlimited report generation


  • Free Plan available (But one-time account verification fee of $5.00 is charged)
  • Standard Plan for $9.99/Month (with 30 days money-back guarantee)
  • Premium Plan for $89.99/Month (with 30 days money-back guarantee)

4. Capsulink

Shortens URL from 66 to 22 characters in 6 seconds.

Shortened URL: https://cli.re/AyrVaR


Capsulink is a simple custom URL shortener tool that is best known for its reasonable price and freemium model.

Plans range from $10 per month to $160 per month. With these plans, you can create unlimited smart short links, use custom domains, integrate URL shortening API, get real-time analytics, split traffic, customize last few characters of the link, edit destination URLs, and many other great features.

Whether you are looking to shrink links for SMM, email campaigns or mobile apps, Capsulink can help to make sure who, when and where gets engaged with your links by targeting and customizing links according to time and geolocation across all devices and channels.

Free Features:

  • Click statistics
  • Folders
  • QR codes generator
  • Email address shortening

Paid Features:

  • Over 5 000 monthly clicks
  • Custom domains
  • Smart links
  • URL shortening API
  • Zapier integration
  • Personal manager
  • Default URL modification
  • Editable shortened URL
  • https (SSL certificate)
  • Password protected links
  • Full statistics
  • 24h and 30 days click statistics of all links
  • Private statistics
  • Facebook debugger link


  • FREE
  • PRO $10/mo
  • BUSINESS $40/mo
  • ULTIMATE $160/mo

2 months free for yearly subscription

5. Bit.do

Shortens from 66 to 19 characters in 2.87 seconds

Shortened URL: http://bit.do/gddywebwp


Free Features:

  • Offers link personalization and customization for created URL
  • Offers QR code facility
  • It offers real-time statistics of the shortened URL with complete data which includes the date, time and user’s IP number
  • Additionally, these shortened links are permanent, so they’ll never expire and you can use them whenever you wish to
  • Bit.do has a shortener algorithm which removes confusing characters thus, making it easy to use

Paid Features:

  • The premium version offers custom domain name along with which you can create, track and share links with a customized brand name


  • The basic plan starts from $85 per month and Enterprise plan starts from $250 per month with various features

6. Is.gd

Is.gd squeezes the long URL into few characters

Shortened URL: https://is.gd/buildWPsite



  • It allows you to customize the short link as per your desire
  • The shortened link is permanent, so can’t be disabled
  • Supports both characters and numbers in the link


  • Free

7. BitlyLink

Shortens from 66 to 27 characters in 4.50 seconds

Shortened URL: https://bitlylink.com/cKMHo



  • Offers API, QR Code URL and Branded Link Management, which also creates a short URL that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to your friends.
  • You can update the Google Safe Browsing Lookup feature, and each link will be checked before being shortened.
  • Recommended for sales & marketing (helps in tracking by the number of clicks and country)
  • Allows you to create your desired domain
  • It provides you with complete control over your links along with a feature of creating a custom domain for your short links


  • Free

8. Short URL

Shortens from 66 to 17 characters in 3.43 seconds

Shortened URL: shorturl.at/gip06

Short URL


  • ShortURL is a free URL shortener and helps in reducing the total number of characters when pasting such links in social media.
  • These shortened links can be used for emails, advertisements, publications, blogs, forums, instant messages, etc.
  • No registration required
  • Monitor the number of hits from your URL with the click counter
  • It is reliable and compatible with tablets, desktops and smartphones as well.
  • It’s also easy to use and doesn’t require too much technical knowledge


  • Free

9. LinkSplit

Shortens from 66 to 17 characters in 3.43 seconds

Shortened URL: tny.sh/kUtm7wk



  • Linksplit is fastest and easy-to-use link shortening service
  • The short URLs can be customized as per your brand’s name
  • You can also connect your own custom domain
  • Linksplit claim that the redirects occur within a tenth of a second
  • The underlying destination of the short link can be edited without needing to create a new link
  • During heavy traffic, the destination URL can also be changed without losing a single click


  • Free

10. BL.INK

A URL shortener tool that allows you to customize the URLs into sensible small links of your choice.

Shortened URL: https://b.link/2x7xm



  • URLs can be customized according to the choices available
  • Click analysis available up to last 30 days
  • Can add own custom domain
  • You can also view clicks by countries
  • You can access the links from any device
  • Integrated with Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.


  • Free plan available
  • Paid Plans available from $12/Month to $599/Month

11. Bitly

A URL management tool which allows the user to customize the link and measure audience interaction.

Shortened URL: http://bit.ly/GoDdy2WordPress



  • Allows bulk link tagging
  • Link filtering available
  • You can manage up to 1000 links per month
  • You can view link history of the last 30 days
  • Supported in Mobile App


  • Free plan available
  • Basic Plan for $29/Month (Customized Plans available)

12. Rebrandly

This allows you to create branded links and set links to auto-expire. It also comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee option which allows a full refund if the subscription is canceled within the first 30 days. Also, no penalty or termination fee is charged if you decide to cancel the plan.

Shortened URL: https://rebrand.ly/GoDad-WordPress



  • Support links with emojis
  • QR codes available
  • 5 custom domain names available in the free plan
  • 5000 clicks can be tracked per month
  • The destination for URLs can be edited


  • Free plan available for individuals
  • For Enterprise, the premium plan costs $499/Month

13. Umuly

This website allows you to create a short or customized URL for your domain. It offers premium users to create custom domains.

Shortened URL: http://um.lk/GoDaddy-WPress



  • Customized brand domain
  • Blockage of ads before redirecting
  • Redirect counter and created link counter
  • Web API services
  • Link & Domain analytics


  • Free Plan
  • Enterprise Plan: $145.93/Month

14. TinyURL

A free service to shorten URL and share it on social networking sites.

Shortened URL: https://tinyurl.com/GO-Wordpress123



  • Shortened link never expires
  • Shows you the characters in given URL and shortened link
  • Offers optional customization of URL


  • Free

15. LnnkIn

A URL shortening tool that allows the user to add a password in order to secure the link. These created short links can be analyzed for free with filter options of device, country, operation system, referrer, city and browser.

Shortened URL: http://lnnk.in/@GoDDyWordPress (customized with Password: xyz123)



  • Short link generator with optional password addition to secure the links
  • Unlimited short links generation with life-time free validity
  • Browser extensions or Chrome and Mozilla Firefox available
  • Modification of URLs with hindering the clicks
  • Shortened links supported on any device
  • Option to delete, disable and enable links anytime


  • Free Plan available
  • Paid Plans start from $9.99/Month to 299.99/Month

16. Poplink

This tool allows you to customize the long URL to a desired short link to improve your CTR.

Shortened URL: https://pop.link/k7xzt5



  • Available as a chrome-extension
  • Editable link preview (The customized short link can include an image, title and description)
  • Allows to add retargeting pixels and tracking metrics
  • Automatically pulls content through RSS feeds


  • Free plan available (with a limit of 5 links per month only)
  • Paid plan with $15/Month and a one-time paid plan of $195 is also available which is valid for a lifetime

Let’s Cut-it-Short…

URL Shortener Ratio(x times less) Additional Features Editor Comments
Tiny 3.14
Cuttly 3 QR Code generator for Short links
T2M 2.4 QR Code generator, Edit and Delete Links (Paid version) Best Features in Paid Plan
Capsulink Best Features in Paid Plan
Bit.do 3.15 QR Code generator for Short links
Is.gd 2.64
BitlyLink 3.88 API Services and QR code generator
Short URL 3.88
LinkSplit 3.88
BL.INK 2.36
Bitly 2.36
Rebrandly 2.88 QR Code generator
Umuly 3.14 API Services
TinyURL 2.36
LnnkIn 3 Password Protection
Poplink 4.4 Shortest URL generated

Short links prove really helpful as they are easy to remember and thus sharing becomes easier. It is equally important that the short link which you have customized conveys the actual meaning of the original URL.

How you customize the URL is up to you but using funky short URLs with emojis can help you attract more audience (So we recommend Rebrandly).

Tell us which custom link shortener have you used? Is there a URL shortener we missed with any better features? Write to us in the comment section below.