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7 Best Shopify Themes of 2023 (Hand-Picked Collection)

We selected 7 Best Shopify Themes just for you.

But first, think about this:

Starting to take over for an online business is always with a lot of chaos. And if it is an e-commerce website, the design of it plays a vital role in either sale rising to the peak of the mountain or falling like a jump to the ground.

Shopify Themes are some of the most intuitive and dynamic in the competition and we aren’t even talking about paid ones. Whether you’re into fashion, eCommerce, Tech or casual blogging; Shopify can do it.

Since you have just come up with a new idea and are all excited to go with the flow and get it up, it is first necessary to be precise enough in choosing your e-commerce platform and the right theme to work with it.

The idea of what you decide is what you have to be portraying to the world, and with this, it becomes essential to choose the right theme in the right direction of what your website is all about.

Also, when you are a fresher, you have to manage your store, maintain it, and make sure to have a functional status. All this becomes hideous if you are working as an individual.

Thus, Shopify becomes a platform that provides you with a great variety of themes which also feature specific.

Though Shopify does not come with certain things that you have to do on your own like creating your descriptions for the products, or managing and working with the appearance of the pages, etc. ; it is still a great platform to work with.

Though there are very minimal themes available for free at Shopify in comparison to WordPress or ghost, here are some of such countdowns for free online themes at Shopify.

hostingpillBest Shopify Themes
  1. Gecko
  2. Wokiee
  3. Lezada
  4. Boundless
  5. Star
  6. Beauty
  7. Shella

1. Gecko


This is a prominent Shopify theme which is great for sending all of your products online. If you are eager to get started right away, it is the best tool that you should be opting for. In this, you will find a bunch of different options that cover all types of industries almost.

Although there are already around twenty themes available, you can also wait for a lot more from the gecko. It provides you with a lot of features like the drag and drops option, the mega menu, high-quality searches for products that are very quick and loading.

2. Wokiee


If you are looking for an all-rounder theme, you should go for this one. It comprises 16 skin and is a new updated theme.

The best part about this theme is the different kind of surfaces that suit up for a variety of topics for anyone’s website. You can go for this one if you want a versatile and a theme to play around with.

3. Shopify Themes: Lezada


Lezada is one multi-purpose theme that is very user-friendly and is easy to use. This theme comes with a massive option for 210+ demos for your home page, which is a great deal to work with.

Whether you are looking for alternatives like fashion, coffee, watches, clothes, kids, plants, etc. Lezada has it all set for you. You have to be selective enough for your product’s home page.

There are a lot of features like the slider bar, notification bar, Instagram option, or a quick view. Whatever you are looking for, Lezada makes it available to your foot in no time and follows every possible way to make your product shine.

4. Shopify Themes: Boundless

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Shopify Themes: Boundless

If you are targeting for a fashion product, this is what you should go for. Boundless is focusing on items related to fashion where emphasis is given on every detail of the product.

The features though being minimal, this theme provides a balanced view on the mobile phone and desktop. The most beautiful thing about this website is the slideshow on the g=home page that helps the users get attracted to look for the product more.

Also, the collection for photos is also something to look for. To get a look same as that of the demo, it is required that you have a lump sum amount of content or your products need to be in a large quantity.

5. Shopify Themes: Star

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Shopify Themes: Star Theme

If you are looking for a theme that is free and available on Shopify, this is what you have. Though it is possible for free, it still has some great features like that of some premium themes.

If you love to have a fancy and unique look and out of the box, this theme provides you with the exact look. The features of this theme include google maps, mobile view, swatches, product reviews, etc.

Star also comes up with providing all the social media links and high searches if you want to have a versatile theme that is free of cost, this the best to go for.

6. Shopify Themes: Beauty

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Shopify Themes: simple theme

Another free theme available in the row is beauty. A very simple yet effective theme, beauty comes up with a theme to sell products that are related to beauty. So if you are up to some makeup or beauty related product, this theme has it all to conquer.

A mobile-friendly look gives the right way to promote your product. As this is an attractive feature of the theme since it gives you an immense amount of detailed view.

There are a lot of widgets like the fancy box that can be used if you are willing to have more fancy things. The download option for social media is a crisp feature for the theme.

7. Shopify Theme : Shella

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Shopify Themes: shella

If you are planning to work on a performance-based theme, then Shella is just made for you. It counts its name to be one of the best Shopify themes containing several notable features such as a banner builder, advanced filters, and a MegaMenu builder.

Shella is a theme where users can alter the online store according to their needs and undoubtedly an excellent theme for kickstarting the online e-commerce platform.

Best Shopify Themes: Conclusion

As it is already obvious that these stunning themes will embrace your store and will help you get your product quality coming out through your website.

There are a lot of such themes that you can view from the Shopify and can get a bundle of options that can enrich your product’s view.

Also, looking forward to some more new themes that Shopify would come up with in near time, this is undoubtedly a great e-commerce platform and a suggested one to opt.