13 Best Real Estate Agent Websites for Inspiration (Handpicked Collection)

Thinking to start your own real estate agency website? Here are the best real estate agent websites for inspiration.

We actually do not have an idea of whether we would survive in this race of agencies or not. Still, if you’ve made up your mind, go ahead with that.


you need to know why you need a website as a real estate agent.

And, you also need to keep in mind some tips for marketing that might help you as a real estate agent.

Our team has enlisted a few of the best real estate agent websites that could inspire you.

Have a look:

1. Joyce Rey

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Real Estate Agent

Joyce Rey has been into the real estate business for more than 40 years of her life. She specializes in the comfort and luxury real estate which her website displays in the form of a slideshow.

This means, your website should depict your work with ease. It allows you to slide down through the website smoothly. Plus when you click on the next page, the logo her name stays stating the page is loading and then dims out as the page is displayed.

2. Avantgarde Properties

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Real Estate Agent

This real estate business was started by Ernst and Sophie Karoly in 2013 that markets quality residential real estate and luxurious properties. They have partnered with Christie’s International Real Estate and presents properties in Vienna and surrounding areas.

The pictures and videos of their work focusing on luxuries are displayed on their website and this too comes up with a slide show that shows both of their interior and exterior designs.

3. Humbert & Poyet

Real Estate Agent

Started in 2007, Humbert & Poyet are partners in this business and their projects focus on comfort and visuals. They have dealt with Hotels, Restaurants, Retails and Residential Apartments.

Their website displays the name of their project and a picture behind it. When you scroll it upwards or downwards, the picture moves up and is replaced by the other project picture and the project name slides to the right and is replaced by the other one.

As you move your mouse pointer to the project that is displayed currently, the picture will zoom in and the spacing between the letters of the project name.

4. Berdan Real Estate

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Real Estate Agent

Came into the real estate business in 2013, Berdan Real Estate team has sold over $100M in the real estate. They focus on proper counseling and make their clients understand the fair value of the properties.

As you scroll down the page, you will find a list of their displayed properties. Doesn’t matter where you are on the page as soon as you move the cursor up near the top tab, it displays the sections that remain hidden in the bar.

5. Jemimah Barnett

Real Estate Agent

It’s pretty impressive when you just land on the page and everything slides in the right place. When you visit this website, you will see the background and content coming together.

Jemimah Barnett being a property advisor guides her clients in buying and investing in properties.


Real Estate Agent

This website is having the letters LOFTEC that are popping out from the homepage. It directs you to the letter you select or you can just scroll down and see. These six letters are abbreviated form of – Lifestyle, Opportunities, Fusion, Technologies, Expanse, and Coldy.

The website only has two font colors for the content and yet the design looks fantastic. The navigation is smooth and the contact icon keeps glowing in the bottom.

7. Caever

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Real Estate Agent

This real estate agency’s main purpose is to offer service in the field of residential project development sales agency. The homepage displays what they do along with a background video which is also allowed to be played separately.

As you scroll down, a brief is displayed about all the sections that they cover on their website including – projects, about them, blogs and contact details.

8. Villagio Estate

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The homepage of this real estate website displays 4 images of the property layout which shuffles every 5 seconds. As you scroll down, each of its sections display either a set of images or a video in accordance with the context.

9. The Altman Brothers

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The Altman Brothers

This real estate agent duo has been featured in MAXIM, FOX, TMZ, Billboards, NBC, Forbes, etc. for their work in the real estate business.

When you visit their website, a video is playing behind a portrait of the Altman Brothers which makes you want to scroll down more. As you move down, the slideshow of the properties starts which can be scrolled horizontally. This duo has set a remarkable step in million dollar listing.

10. The Habibi Group

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Real Estate Agent

Roh Habibi is the founder of this real estate agency called “The Habibi Group”. They specialize in the resale of wealthy properties across the San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country, Lake Tahoe, Orange County, Manhattan, and Hawaii.

Roh Habibi provides guidance on real estate investment to his clients as he has a background in finance management. The homepage has a short video playing in the background that displays the properties and Roh Habibi.

And when you slide down, there will be a list of areas where this group serves as well as the list of shows and magazines where they have been featured.

11. Jonathan Radford

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Real Estate Agent

Jonathan Radford is a real estate professional with 28+ years of experience in the sales and purchase of the properties. Having clients internationally, he has been ranked 1 at Coldwell Banker sales professional in England.

Just like most other real estate agent websites, this website also has a video playing in the background. This website contains photographs of the sites featured here and is supported by short videos of these sites.

12. Carman Friend

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Real Estate Agent

This independent real estate group deals with the buying and selling of residential properties in Chester, United Kingdom. The homepage has an address search criteria and an advanced search option that shows up pricing criteria for more specifications. Their website displays the list of properties as you scroll down with a “Click to explore” animation.

13. Josh Flagg

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Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg is an American luxury estate agent who has worked with celebrities also and help them find luxurious residential real estate properties. With over $2 Billion in sales of real estate in the last decade, Josh Flagg is a star of “Million Dollar Listing – LA” on Bravo TV.


So, here we come to the end of the list of the most popular real estate websites over the internet which will help you to give an idea on how your website should appear. But remember, you might have the best real estate website design, but how you create your website content will also decide the traffic on your page.

What are you waiting for?

Give it a go!

Start your real estate business by making a creative website and who knows you might be in the list of Best Realtor Websites someday.

Let us know which website designs inspired you the most regardless of the list we have featured. Please leave a comment below.