5 Best & Fastest Web Hosting Companies in Germany (2021)

Guten Tag, Auf Wiedersehen, Liebe, and Wunderbar. That’s about all the German I know. I’m sure you guys would know more but I know one thing: Hosting. And I also know that German people like websites and eCommerce as much as the next guy.

According to ecommercenews, Germany has a healthy relationship with eCommerce and about 95% of the population will be online soon. That is incredible.

Within this population, there is quite a wide possibility of expansion that might require competent web hosting services. Let’s say even if half the population has a blog, we’re pretty much looking at an upgrade in the present infrastructure.

So as to not bombard you with options, we simply have 5 options that have been proven to work best and provide you the tools for any mission that you’re on.

hostingpill5 Best & Fastest Web Hosting Companies in Germany
  1. Bluehost
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. Contabo
  4. tsoHost
  5. Maxterhost

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is huge. Not in scale, but surely in execution. Their true forte is WordPress, but they indulge in Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting services as well. What we love about it is its emphasis on quality instead of quantity.

They power over 2 million websites and a staff of over 750 representatives that resolve technical and sales queries on the daily.

We have their Uptime numbers in our Bluehost Review (which we’ve updated for 3 years now!) and you can check the detailed uptime stats here. Let us spoil them for you, they are stellar.

They have a new secret weapon in the form of Managed WordPress. It is super-fast, SEO-powered, and ready for eCommerce hosting that is equipped with tools like JetPack Site Analysis, hundreds of WordPress themes, Malware Detection/Removal, MS Office, and a lot more.

Now that’s not to say they don’t have separate eCommerce plans as well. Their eCommerce hosting plans are powered by WooCommerce for impeccable performance and features.



  • Their Ease of Use is minimalist, clean, and easy to navigate. If you don’t like getting dirty with the code, their dashboard interface is something to love.
  • Bluehost has continuously been touted for its dedication to beginners. So if you are one, their servers are perfect for a low traffic website and also support scaling for further growth.
  • It is great for developers. How many web hosts think about the beginners and the devs? You can organize content, implement designs and manage multiple projects without breaking a sweat.
  • Bluehost’s customer support is some of the best in the market. Live chat response times are fast, tickets get approved easily, and their knowledge base is built for everyone.

2. A2 Hosting

a2_germanUnlimited. That’s one way to describe A2 Hosting. They go full force in features wherever they can. Another flagship feature that they like to uphold is their Turbo Servers that offer up to 20X more speed than a typical server.

A2 also had a mention in my 10 Best SEO Web Hosting Providers as well for their fast servers and impeccable uptime numbers that lend it a great platform for SEO-powered websites. They claim to boost your conversion rate too!

I have written an A2 Hosting Review as well that includes both the pros and cons of their service but the bottom line remains in the favor of A2 and its selection of hosting plans that offer value for money.


  • The Turbo Servers run on LiteSpeed and Nvme SSDs to provide the best performance possible against most of the competition that relies on Apache.
  • A2 genuinely cares and supports its users which is why they implement security measures like reinforced DDoS protection, 24/7 network monitoring, dual firewall along SSL.
  • Like WordPress? Their WordPress hosting comes with Pre-installed WordPress, Optional WP-CLI, LiteSpeed Cache, and much more to realize WordPress’s true potential.
  • We talked about eCommerce and SEO but one more thing to mention is their 1-Click platform installation for WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and AbanteCart.

3. Contabo

contaboUnlike the first 2, Contabo specializes in VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. First of all, they’re made in Germany so you know there is quality. Second of all, there are 3 datacenters placed right in Europe so you get plenty of bandwidth.

They have 3 different variants for VPS and Dedicated. For VPS, they offer High-Performance VPS (with SSDs), Storage VPS (for more storage), and Virtual Dedicated VPS (for complete isolation of resources).

In our Contabo Review, we talk about how transparent they are with their policies and security. But if I were to talk about a few cons then their uptime and live chat are a bit meh but what’s perfect?


  • Since they focus on a certain niche, their prices are quite lenient compared to the competition. You can get started on a virtual dedicated plan at €36.99/month with features like a triple-core CPU, 24 GB RAM, and 180 GB SSD.
  • DDoS Protection, DNS Management, VNC Access, Additional IPs, Uptime Monitoring, One-Click Upgrade, and a lot more for your money’s worth. Plus, you can also upgrade to a different plan at your own convenience.
  • You can select Ubuntu, Windows, CentOS, Plesk, cPanel, and a range of other images for your VPS server. More options mean more accessibility.
  • I talked about its transparency policies but they also back it up with real accolades. They own every piece of hardware in all of their 4 datacenters and maintain complete control over every physical and non-physical aspect.

4. tsoHost

tsohostAnd we’re back to the WordPress train. What can you do, its the best platform for websites right now. Anyways, tsoHost comes from all the way back in 2004, when they first became the official registrars of the .UK domain.

But that’s enough history, what makes them special now is the Microsoft Exchange email service and Business Hosting plans that are unlike anything else. For example, you get a lot of unlimited features for £12.99/month.

Of course, they have your WordPress and WordPress Pro plans that offer premium features at not so premium prices blah blah. But what I found interesting where their Complex Hosting plans that offer a lot of customization and are managed by their in-house experts.


  • Did we mention eco-friendly? Yes, they run on renewable energy and are perfect for all European regions.
  • When it comes to support, you can call them, live chat with them, leave a ticket, refer to the knowledge base or the regularly updated blog for any help technical or non-technical.
  • Can’t ignore those customizable options. Most companies just give it how it is. tsoHost makes sure you get what you need on your own terms with transparent pricing as well.
  • Free first domain, daily backups, and easy app installation are a godsend too. Especially for WordPress, you get an SEO optimizer as well that makes indexing better.

5. Maxterhost

maxterhostKeeping up with WordPress, Maxterhost is another European hosting that has been offering its services for way over a decade now. With all the experience in the world, they have indeed grown but somehow still remain vastly unknown.

However, unknown does not mean inferior. From the onset of things, Maxterhost has been on the cutting edge of technology with implementing PHP 8, QUIC protocol, HTTP/3, etc. for the best experience possible.

Apart from a lot of other companies, Maxterhost offers a lengthy 45-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you experience the full width of their service. They’ve also partnered with LiteSpeed and Cloudlinux for better performance and availability.


  • Servers are available right in Dusseldorf so you can target your local demographic easily. Another benefit of that is less latency which means less-to-none amounts of downtime.
  • Unlimited features like Databases, FTP Accounts, Sub-Domains, Parked Domains, and E-Mail Accounts for maximum usability and flexibility.
  • Traditional security like SSL and DDoS protection, plus Immunify360 Malware 1-Click Cleanup and Proactive Defence for advanced security.
  • Free SiteLock Lite, SitePad, and Weebly website builder so you not only customization but also a fair deal of personalization as well.


Okay, so you’re in Germany. You have a great idea for a website or blog and now you know where to host it. Some of these options aren’t based in Germany but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good.

Server technology has evolved over the years into much more than just computers far away in a warehouse. Sure, there could be latency issues over distances but they are still minute in the grand scheme of things.

And we’re talking about Germany here, they have an incredible standard in technology.

Now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts on our recommendations? Have you used any of the ones above? What are your thoughts on eCommerce in Germany?

Whatever your thoughts may be, please comment down below and let us know.