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9 Domain Name Generators [Hand tested with screenshots]

There are many Domain name generators in the market.

I have shortlisted the Best Domain Name Generators here.

And I have tried all to show which worked best for me (and will hopefully for you).

My Testing Approach:

I judged each tool based on following criteria:

  1. No. of combinations it generated for a given word
  2. No. of options they give for domain registration
  3. Ease of registering a domain

If you haven’t got a domain name yet, check below options to get one:

  1. Namecheap.com (domain cost: $8.88 – use this link to get 20% off)
  2. Check out other domain registrars here.

I start with the one having coolest interface of all:

1. Namecheap.com

Namecheap offers a domain name generator when you try on the “Beast Mode” in Domain search. You can enter upto 5000 domains or keywords and it will generate domain names along with domain availability. It also does some really cool things like:

Domain Hack – Hireme.com → Hire.me
Drop Last Vowel – flicker.com → flickr.com
Pluralize Nouns – Cooltoy.com → Cooltoys.com

You can even append suffix and prefix to come up with new domain names.
namecheap blog name generator
Once you are done getting domain from namecheap, you can also get web hosting from them.

What’s more, if you happen to register a .website domain, you can get it FREE for the first year.

2. BrandSnap.ai

Brandsnap.ai search interface

Brandsnap is unique as it takes domain name generation to a whole new level, beyond just permutations and combinations of your input keywords. It takes into consideration the nuances of brand appeal, relevance, and sound, ensuring the domain names generated are distinctive and captivating.

BrandSnap.ai search results
But what truly sets Brandsnap apart is its ability to perform multi-layered checks. To prevent potential disputes and offer users a seamless branding experience, Brandsnap also verifies the availability of the suggested domain names on popular social media platforms and cross-references them with existing trademarks.

This feature mitigates the risk of username squatting, providing a comprehensive solution to individuals, start-ups, and corporations in their brand naming process.

3. Panabee.com

Panabee works best if you give two words to come up with suggestions. And sure enough, I gave my favorite two words:  “Hosting Pill” to see the combinations.

It creates some of the most interesting combinations by “dropping first letter”,  “merging vowels”, “spell backwards”, etc. This is usually what those costly brand consultants do when they try to come up with a name.

Brand Consultant Approach

It searched more than 500 Top Level Domains (TLD) to check availability. And that included Country Extension search (.us, .in, .uk, etc.) & Topic Extension Search (.bike, .church, etc.)

Complete list of TLDs it searched is here

Probably the most unique feature of all the domain generators I have seen – the ability to search App stores (Apple, Google) for apps with similar names.

BUT, the feature was not working when I checked it (4th May 2018) – twice.

4. DomainWheel.com

DomainWheel is created by developers of Themeisle.com
Domain Name Generators: DomainWheel
With DomainWheel I searched for the term “blogger” and it showed me around 16 domain ideas

While the results were not that impressive, what I really liked was something which was below this table
It helped me find words which sounded like “blogger” or which rhymed like “blogger”. This can help in creating some unique brand names.

5. FlameDomain.com

FlameDomain searches for domain name from around 300+ TLDs.
Domain Name Generators: FlameDomain
It has these categories on the left side based on which you can sort the generated domain names.

6. InstantDomainSearch.com

I was really impressed by the time it took to search domains on InstantDomainSearch.

It was INSTANT just like their name – “InstantDomainSearch”.

I searched for the term “Blogger” but it was not available. So I changed it to “blogger666” and it showed available. What I really like was the options you get when you are searching for any domain.

See below popup. It appears when you click on the Green circle.

You have the option to visit the site, appraise the domain name, search in google, find out how that site looked using archive.org. It also showed me if there are FB, Twitter and Pinterest names available for this word. I like it.
Domain Name Generators: InstantDomainSearch

7. Domain Name Generators:


Iwantmyname’s interface is quite simple and straightforward.

I tried to search for the words “Blogger Design” as shown below:
Domain Name Generators: Iwantmyname
And it did throw some interesting options. The search results came fast.
It also searched in Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), which is something I have not seen in any other domain name generators.
Once you select a domain and add it to the cart, it checks out from their site. They don’t seem to direct to popular domain registrars.

8. Domain Name Generators:


Namestall have different types of domain name generator tools, including:

  1. Domain Name Generator Tool
  2. Domain name Suggestion Tool
  3. 3 & 4 letter domain search tool
  4. High Paying Keywords Search

Domain Name Generators: Namestall
For the scope of this article, I will just review the Domain Name Generator Tool.

I searched for the word “blogger” in it and it showed me the results as given below:
Good thing about Namestall is – not only did it offer me options to register domain, it also gave me the option to register domain + hosting – that was really nice and convenient.

9. Domain Name Generators: Nameboy.com

Hover to preview

domain name generators: Nameboy

Even with such a cool name, Nameboy still has a primitive web interface.

I did my search by entering “Blogger” and “design” on the home page with “Rhyme” checkbox done.

And this is what it showed me:
nameboy 2
I did like the grid that was presented. It neatly showed what was available in a simple, yet effective way.

However, I could not see any effect on the  “Rhyme” check box on my result.

And clicking on any of the “Buy” links took me directly to Godaddy.

Apart from these, I did check out following domain name generators:

But I did not feel any of the above were worth writing for.

But if you are just starting, then instead of spending money, you can brainstorm it at

Panabee or InstantDomainSearch.

And if you happen to discover some good domain name generators, which I didn’t cover, please mention them below.

To learn more about Domain Names, read The Story of Domain Names.

Good luck and find the best domain name you can!