2021’s Best cPanel Hosting Providers: 100% Secure & Reliable Hosts

cPanel is one of those components of hosting service that is immensely popular yet underrated at the same time.

Of course, you can download, install, and configure it on your own but the bottom line is that you have to pay for it.

And for good reason, why not?

cPanel comes with loads of features that make running the backend of your website much-needed ease, especially for beginners.

Right now, the trend has shifted dramatically where things have been so simple that people now just buy hosting space and then separately install cPanel on it.

That gives you:

A) A certain level of freedom and flexibility that you wouldn’t get under a managed-like service.

B) Save money on an otherwise umbrella service that may even indulge itself in certain affairs.

Another good reason to go cPanel is their tier system for different kinds of users that come with different features and more accounts depending on your requirements.

So it makes running your website much faster, easier, simpler, feature-rich, flexible, and different sizes for different people.

The next best thing would be hosting services that come bundled with it!

Here are 5 of the best hosting services that not only come with cPanel but are also well-optimized for it.

Best cPanel Hosting 1: BlueHost


The one service that we can recommend blindfolded is Bluehost. It is a web hosting company out of Austin, Texas.

Initially, Bluehost comes with its own custom dashboard for management but you can find the cPanel in their ‘Advanced’ tab.

What you really need to know about Bluehost is that it is stable, affordable, great with uptime, great with WordPress, great for eCommerce, great for developers/designers, and great for a dozen other things that you can read in brief in our Bluehost Review.

The only probable downside that you can expect here is that Bluehost runs under the guise of a big conglomerate.

It isn’t that major of a concern but some people tend to take issue with monopolistic practices


  • Great Uptime, barely any down spikes
  • Easy to use dashboard for backend and frontend management
  • cPanel comes pre-installed with phpMyAdmin
  • Easy integration with WordPress and WordPress plugins
  • Commendable and responsive customer support


  • Being under a bigger corporation could mean less control
  • Less security documentation

Best cPanel Hosting 2: GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks is probably the cheapest cPanel option you’d find on this list.It comes with cPanel and Softaculous, so you get 2 management systems in one package.

Especially with Softaculous, you can run multiple scripts to install programs at the same time.

Plans start at $2.49/month with a couple of unlimited goodies but wait… that doesn’t mean you lose quality.

In our GreenGeeks Review, we set up a test website to gauge their uptime claims and from what we found out, they get it done.

For the most primary downside, GreenGeeks has lengthy contracts that may get bothersome if you feel like moving on or cancel the service due to dissatisfaction.


  • Shared hosting plans are handsomely featured and they could be pretty much all you want
  • Top-notch performance for even the low-tier plans
  • The green in GreenGeeks is for their commitment to 100% renewable energy resources
  • LiteSpeed servers that are not only fast but run on the latest tech stack as well
  • GreenGeeks is the top-most affordable provider for Reseller and VPS options


  • As said before, lengthy contracts could be a deal-breaker
  • Their live chat support is a hit or miss but for most situations, they’re fine

Best cPanel Hosting 3: TMD Hosting

tmd hosting

TMD Hosting is one of our underdog services that although offers a lot of great things but gets pushed around when talking about the giants in the industry.

It’s been around since 2007 and has found a unique niche in open-source hosting.

In our TMD Hosting Review, we discovered that where most hosting services get rather expensive with their renewal rates, TMD remains to be quite reasonable and easy on your budget in the long run.

The only stinker with TMD is probably its customer support. It’s not abysmal but it won’t win any awards either.

It’s not the typical 24/7/365 live support, but it is there and it gets the job done.


  • Stays consistent on our uptime charts with solid response times as well
  • Cheaper at renewal periods than most competition
  • Comes with Weebly’s website builder
  • Option to choose between Linux or Windows OS hosting platforms
  • 1-Click WordPress setup and hundreds of apps with unlimited email accounts
  • Phone support is somewhat is better than their on-site support


  • Iffy customer support in our experience
  • Lack of on-site documentation

Best cPanel Hosting 4 HostPapa


HostPapa is like GoDaddy for small businesses.

Not that GoDaddy isn’t for small businesses already but HostPapa is more niche and away from the mainstream, which means you get the rare nit-pick little features.

Along with cPanel, their base features include unlimited websites, SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, website builder, unmetered bandwidth, and much more.

The deal is much better at mid or high-tier plans rather than the starter ones.

However, you do get all the essential features in all plans and also a 30-day money-back guarantee no matter what.


  • Affordable overall, even if renewal rates might not be the best
  • Unlimited SSD space which means high-speed data access
  • Tons of niche add-ons once you get to high-tier plans which are quite affordable as well
  • Customer support feels premium with even an option to check the server network status
  • Auxiliary services that provide an all-round eCommerce solution for your business


  • The aforementioned auxiliary services are widely untested at the time and could be iffy in quality
  • Our HostPapa Review details on their renewal policies

Best cPanel Hosting 5: A2 Hosting


Guess we lied about GreenGeeks. A2 Hosting is the only contender against GreenGeeks when it comes to budget quality hosting.

Where GreenGeeks is eco-friendly, A2 has Turbo Servers to offer which as they claim output 20x more performance.

cPanel comes default with every hosting package along with unlimited email accounts, website staging, website builder, easy site transfer, great uptime and you also get to choose your server location.

Now, not everything is sunshine and rainbows though.

You’ll only get the cheaper deal on a lengthy commitment. But hey, once you get into A2, it’s pretty much all you need.

Besides, there is a money-back guarantee too.


  • Outstanding uptime throughout, our A2 Hosting Review should be evidence enough
  • Turbo servers not only make your website load faster but also boost SEO rankings and conversions
  • NVMe SSD storage which is significantly faster than SATA storage
  • Server rewind data protection that allows you to rewind to a certain storage stage instead of a static snapshot backup service
  • Customer support is unarguable with responsive chat clients and a comprehensive Knowledge Base


  • Renewal rates could end up munching at your budget
  • Domains are more expensive than usual when buying from A2


What’s better than having a hosting service straight-up boot with a pre-installed cPanel? You shed a lot of weight and work that could otherwise take hours or even extra help from someone to set up your website.

Now, you have 5 great options to choose from which creates the problem of choice.

If anything, we’d say they are all equally great and balanced with appropriate pros & cons.

However, if we had to choose a favorite, our topmost choice would Bluehost.

Since most people today like to DIY it and prefer to use WordPress, Bluehost feels like the perfect fit among factors like cost, features, and performance while being aptly scalable.

So that’s what we think.

Don’t vibe with Bluehost? Have a different option in mind? Have a different set of needs that require different features?

Whatever your thoughts may be, why not let us know in the comments below?