How to Start a Blog from Scratch! (5 SUPER Easy Steps)

Today I am going to show you how to start a blog from scratch. And you won’t believe how easy it is to do.

So, let’s start your blogging journey!

We will need 4 things:

  • 域名 – Domain is the name of the blog which you type in the browser address bar. “www.HostingPill.com”  is the domain of this site.
  • 托管 – Hosting is the “home” of your blog where it will “stay”. It is usually a server at a web hosting company.
  • WordPress – WordPress is the “software” that will power your new blog.
  • 设计与主题 – To make your blog attractive design-wise you will need to install WordPress themes.

了解 网站类型 您可以使用WordPress创建并且知道如何 protect the blog 一旦结束。


  1. 您从同一虚拟主机购买域名和托管
  2. 或者您分别购买

If you ask me, I would recommend going for Option 2 (buying separately) for two reasons:

  1. 当您分别购买域名和托管时,您会获得更好的交易。
  2. 您可以通过从其他公司购买风险来降低风险。

我建议 Namecheap 用于获取您的域名和 Bluehost 用于虚拟主机。


BlueHost - 我是 运用 Bluehost 我的一些网站已经有8年左右的历史了,并且发现它们非常可靠。

In this step by step guide, I’m going to buy a domain, set up web hosting, install WordPress, configure WordPress and then talk about how you can make money blogging.


注意: 如果您已经拥有域,则可以跳过此域并直接转到

如何为WordPress设置托管 部分。

首先,是时候购买域名了。 您将要考虑想要的域以及它对WordPress博客的含义。


你可能想看看这些 7个域名提示 to get the right name for your site or you can use these tools to 产生域名想法.

Once you have listed some of the domain name options, it’s time to check their availability.


步骤 1。 在MyCAD中点击 软件更新 Namecheap  并在域搜索框中键入所需的域。


步骤 2。 If your domain is available then add it to the cart, consider also purchasing other TLD (Top level domains) of your name, for example, if your domain is ‘mytestdomain.com’ you might also want to pick up ‘mytestdomain.net’ and ‘mytestdomain.org’.

If your domain isn’t available, you’ll have to think of something else!


步骤 3。 Click on ‘View Cart’. Make sure everything is as you expect and double-check your domain name is spelled correctly. If you are buying a .com domain, you will notice that you also must pay a small ICANN fee.


步骤 4。 确认您的订单,我建议将域设置为“自动续订”。


步骤 5。 现在它将要求您创建一个帐户,填写所有详细信息,并确保您记住密码!


步骤 6。 在下一页,它要求您填写您的帐户联系信息。 如果您尚未选择域隐私,那么此信息将公开给任何人查看。 点击“继续”


步骤 7。 Pay for your domain, you can choose from a credit card or PayPal. Click ‘Continue’ and that’s it, you are now the proud owner of your new domain.



选择 right web hosting company is a very important factor in starting a blog.


I have listed & answered few questions that most first-time site owners have about hosting.

你可以看到他们 点击本链接浏览.


We will setup your Bluehost account to start your first blog.

It offer a free domain (on Annual plans) and a 30 day money back guarantee, so you never have to worry about anything.

步骤 1。 在MyCAD中点击 软件更新 Bluehost 然后单击“入门”按钮。


步骤 2。 选择您要购买的计划。 对于此演示,我们将使用他们的基本计划。


步骤 3。 On this page, depending on whether you have a domain or want to get a new one, you can make your selection.


步骤 4。 Once you have the domain, it’s time to enter your contact details.


步骤 5。 现在,选择您想要的计划。 您选择的期限越长,获得的折扣就越多。

5 Package Information-bluehost

步骤 6。 输入您的信用卡详细信息并付款。


步骤 7。 完成后,在此屏幕上创建密码(不要忘记将密码存储在某个地方以备将来参考)


步骤 8。  Now that you have created the password, it’s time to login!



因此,一旦您从以下位置购买了WordPress托管服务 Bluehost 您将需要设置 Namecheap 域指向此托管。

步骤 1。 登录你的 BlueHost 帐户

步骤 2。 点击域名设置


步骤 3。 Click on the ‘Nameservers’ tab

Here are the default Nameservers of Bluehost:


bluehost_nameservers (1)

步骤 5。 在MyCAD中点击 软件更新 Namecheap 和登录。

步骤 6。 Once you logged in go Domain List ==> Domains ==> Select Domain ==> Select Manage ==> Under NameServers, select Custom and place your Bluehost那里的名称服务器


步骤 7。 点击保存更改。



Next, we need to install WordPress on the Bluehost 托管.

BTW, WordPress is a blogging platform for writing blog posts.

感激地 Bluehost 具有自动安装功能,因此我将向您展示。

步骤 1。 登录到 Bluehost

1 - 登录 BlueHost

步骤 2。 在网站部分,点击“安装WordPress”

2  -  Bluehost CPanel副本

步骤 3。 选择要用于此WordPress安装的域,您可能只有一个域。 将目录字段留空。


步骤 4。 Now enter your blog name (can be changed later), username, email address, and password. Make sure to keep a note of these details. Make sure your password is secure, use an online password randomizer if possible, people will try to breach your WordPress blog.


步骤 5。 您可以在页面顶部跟踪安装进度,尽管通常安装过程需要5分钟。


6-安装成功! 复制


Now you can browse to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin to login.

Step 5. Create a Blog in WordPress

Let’s get logged into the new WordPress blog.







Settings -> General Settings. Here you can set your blog title, tagline, main email address, time zone, date format & Language. Make sure you set all of these things correctly now, as it may come back to haunt you if you don’t!


Settings -> Reading. Here you can decide what function you want your WordPress blog to take. You can set your front page to take people straight into the blog post or you can set which static page you want to be your home page.


这就是我们现在真正需要设置的。 我们可以继续研究更有趣的东西!


To add new pages, go to Pages -> Add new, fill in your title, add some content and click publish. If you aren’t ready to publish the page, click draft.


To add a new post go to Posts -> Add New, it’s then the same procedure as above.



To add these pages to the menu, go to Appearance -> Menu. Select your menu and select ‘add to menu’, you can then drag and drop to arrange it.



With WordPress, it’s really easy to create any design you can imagine without writing a single piece of code. And that is made possible only by WordPress themes.

WordPress has a lot of free theme designs to choose from.



Themeforest – One of the oldest and the largest marketplace for WordPress theme.  You get tons of high-quality themes at reasonable prices.


创意市场 – A newer marketplace with quite a variety of WordPress themes. The themes on this site are quite different in terms of design than what you get on Themeforest.


Greta主题 – Another great platform where you can get free and premium beautiful WordPress theme for your site.


Astra – Astra is the most lightweight and fully customizable WordPress theme.


It provides basic and advanced design options for blogs, single blog pages with a dedicated Blog Pro addon. Astra works seamlessly with all popular page builders like Beaver Builder, Elementor, etc.

How do I Install WordPress Theme

To install a new theme for your WordPress blog, follow these steps:

步骤 1。 登录管理控制台后,选择“外观”,然后从左侧菜单中选择主题。


步骤 2。 点击“添加新”按钮

步骤 3。 Search for your WordPress theme using the search bar at the top right. If you have been provided a theme file you can select upload theme from the top of the page.


步骤 4。 单击安装

步骤 5。 After a minute or so the new theme will finish installing. Now you can click customize  and see what options you can change. This will vary a lot from theme to theme but usually, you can edit things like your logo, the rough layout of the page and some colors.





Plugins – as the name suggests are tools that add functionality to your WordPress blog.  The best thing which I like about WordPress is – these plugins.

Plugins can turn your site from a simple blog to a fully-featured e-commerce store, a user forum, a video streaming site, a member’s only site, and much more. Of course, you can combine most of these plugins together to add huge functionality to your blog.



安装插件很容易,困难的部分是确定要安装的插件。 有成千上万的免费插件,还有许多高级插件。

Where I can find more WordPress Plugins?


1. WordPress.org – Tons of free plugins! But beware – some of the plugins are demo versions of the paid ones. Still, it’s a good place to find what you are looking for.


2. CodeCanyon – Home to some of the best plugins on the internet. Although they are paid, they offer really good value for money. I usually get my plugins from here.


而且,从以下位置购买付费插件几乎没有优势 CodeCanyon:

  1. You get 6 months of free support from the plugin developer. So, if something is not working, you can approach the plugin developer via CodeCanyon 他们会为您修复它。 此外,您可以通过支付象征性费用将保修支持延长12个月。
  2. 插件质量很高,经过了彻底的检查 CodeCanyon. So, there are no chances of any malware in them. I had a bad experience in the past when I bought some free plugins from some random site.



步骤 1。 From the Admin Dashboard select Plugins -> Add New

步骤 2。 搜索所需的插件,如果有文件,则上传它


步骤 3。 单击安装,然后等待几分钟,插件越大,安装时间就越长。

步骤 4。 From the Plugins -> Plugins page activate your plugin, depending on the plugin you are using you may then be prompted to fill in some additional settings.

Here are some of my favorite Plugins:


  • Contact form 7 (Free)– This is a simple free email contact form for your blog. It’s easy to set up, always works, and doesn’t take up much space!
  • Askimet(免费) –如果您甚至考虑允许在WordPress博客上发表评论,则需要Askimet评论垃圾邮件插件。 这个插件大大减少了您将收到的垃圾评论的数量。
  • Yoast SEO(免费) – Download this plugin before you download any. It’s a MUST HAVE plugin for SEO.


  • Visual Composer(付费) – It’s THE BEST Page Builder for WordPress. Just drag and drop and you can create stunning page layouts in minutes. Love it!
  • 忍者弹出窗口(付费) – If you ever want to have the ability for the user to signup for your email newsletter from your blog, this is the plugin to have. Few clicks and you get a beautiful popup done.
  • BackupGuard (Paid) – It’s too easy to accidentally break your WordPress blog when installing a 3rd Party Plugin or theme, make sure you always 有备份. And this plugin does just that. It’s a lifesaver!


Now that you have your WordPress blog nicely set up, with some content, a 光滑的WordPress主题, and some great functionality added by Plugins it’s time to monetize your blog! There are two core methods to for making money from your blog, and everything boils down to these


Affiliate marketing is where you promote other company’s products directly and earn a commission from any sales made.

For example, say you have a football blog, you could add affiliate links to football boots in your posts and make a commission off any boots sold, typically this would be 5 – 15%.

有数百种会员营销计划,您应该根据自己的细分市场进行进一步研究,您会惊讶于有多少家公司制定了计划。 Amazon offers one of the most popular ones, it’s easy too!

Add special affiliate links to ANY product on the Amazon and make a commission of 4 – 10%. Amazon may not be the best paying site (this will vary wildly depending on the niche of your blog), but they do offer a HUGE range of products.


Adverts are simple, got spare space on your blog, place an advert, often you will find these placed in the sidebar and within the content of any articles. Adverts can generate anything from $0.05 to $5 per click depending on the niche of your blog.

谷歌AdSense is the de facto online advertising company, simply fill in a 2-page signup form and you can start serving adverts to all your visitors. You don’t have to talk directly to companies to sell your advertising space.

Google’s advertising pay-outs differ massively from niche to niche, a highly competitive niche like credit cards, insurance, loans, etc.. will pay higher than less competitive ones.


Typically, you might expect something like a 0.5 – 3% click-through rate, i.e. the number of your visitors who actually click on the adverts.



Now that your WordPress blog has been set up and you’ve monetized it’s time to start expanding and really pushing your blog.

Here are my top tips going forward:

  • 安排常规内容, you won’t always be in the mood to write content, use the built-in post scheduler so you can write multiple posts when you feel like it while still allowing regular content to flow. Articles every few days are better than 5 on the same day. Here is another WordPress自动化解决方案.
  • 了解有关SEO的所有信息 (search engine optimization) that you can, this is a huge topic, you will never fully learn it, but the more you know the more successful blog will be.
  • 保持积极, your blog will unlikely blossom overnight, it takes months of hard work, but in the end dedication and good content pays off.

Good luck and start blogging!