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Awọn ile-iṣẹ alejo gbigba Oju-iwe wẹẹbu ti o dara julọ fun 2020 (Bẹẹkọ 1 ni ayanfẹ wa)

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Based on our extensive testing and experience, the best web hosting is BlueHost.

From the title, you may think: What does Oju-iwe ayelujara ti o dara julọ tumo si gangan?

  • Is it affordable pricing?
  • Is it a 99.9% uptime guarantee?
  • Or is it great security and customer support?

Our answer: A bit of everything

There are so many web hosting services out there that choosing is risky. You can find a web host that is very inexpensive, but does a terrible job keeping your site up.

O le tun wa package package gbowolori wẹẹbu ti o gboju ti yoo pese iṣẹ Ere, ṣugbọn ko ni awọn ẹya ti o nilo.

No need to worry:

We have tried and tested over 100 web hosting services, (and counting) have helped 2,158+ bloggers and businesses select their suitable choice of hosting service.

Da lori iriri yẹn, ati ṣiṣe akiyesi awọn nkan pataki bi iṣẹ, idiyele, awọn ẹya, atilẹyin, ati diẹ sii, a ti rii awọn ọmọ ogun nla marun ti o duro ni oke.

Best Web Hosting Services

Laisi ado siwaju sii, jẹ ki a ju sinu awotẹlẹ alaye ti alejo gbigba wẹẹbu kọọkan.

1. Bluehost (Iwoye ti o dara julọ)

bluehost homepage

Bluehost Pros
  • Uptime has been excellent lately.
  • Gbogbo ipin ti o dara fun awọn orisun.
  • Bluehost jẹ rọrun pupọ lati lo, ati pe o jẹ nla fun awọn olubere.
  • Iyatọ atilẹyin alabara to yatọ.
Bluehost konsi
  • Uptime was a tad poorer prior to a year, and response times aren’t special.
  • Bẹẹni, awọn ẹya ati awọn orisun jẹ dara gbogbogbo, ṣugbọn diẹ ninu awọn ohun ni a le fi kun si ipele keji tabi kẹta, ni ero mi, lati tọju awọn ẹya-agbara awọn oludije wuwo.
Why we recommend Bluehost?

Ninu gbogbo awọn orukọ lori atokọ yii, Bluehost jẹ julọ olokiki julọ.

It’s one of the most popular hosts around, in the big leagues of hosting: around since 2003, Bluehost agbara lori awọn oju opo wẹẹbu 2 milionu ati pe o ni ọgọọgọrun ti awọn oṣiṣẹ atilẹyin lati ṣetan.

Mo ri BluehostẸbẹ akọkọ ti ẹbẹ ni jijẹ ogun gbalejo wẹẹbu nla ti o jẹ ore-olumulo. O ṣe daradara, tirẹ ifowoleri jẹ boṣewa gbogbogbo, ati pe o ni irọrun nla ti lilo ati atilẹyin alabara.bluehost plan

Botilẹjẹpe aaye ibi-itọju ko ṣe ailopin, bi o ti jẹ pẹlu GreenGeeks, Mo fẹ lati leti rẹ ti afiwe ti iyẹwu ti a mẹnuba loke: ti gbogbo eniyan lori akọọlẹ alejo gbigbajọ kan pinnu lati lo ibi ipamọ pupọ bi wọn ṣe le nitori pe “ailopin,” gbogbo pẹpẹ ti o pin alejo gbigba ko ni ṣiṣẹ.

Beeni Bluehost ko idinpinpin si imọ-ẹrọ, ṣugbọn di Oba sisọ awọn iyọọda ibi ipamọ jẹ oninurere lọpọlọpọ, pataki fun iroyin ipele titẹsi. Pẹlu, o jẹ ibi ipamọ SSD, kii ṣe ibi ipamọ HD.

Yato si eyi, o gba bandiwidi ti ko mọ, SSL ipilẹ, aaye ti o wa, diẹ ninu awọn ibugbe gbesile, ati oju opo wẹẹbu kan. Awọn ipele ti o ga julọ gba diẹ sii ti ohun gbogbo, pẹlu awọn ipese titaja ati diẹ ninu aaye afẹyinti.

Awọn ẹya wọnyi jẹ oninurere lọpọlọpọ to fun awọn olumulo julọ, paapaa ti ko ba dabi ẹnipe o fẹran lori iwe. Lehin ti sọ pe, Mo ro pe Bluehost le jẹ oninurere diẹ lati tọju pẹlu diẹ ninu awọn oludije kekere rẹ, bii GreenGeeks or FastComet (eyiti o n bọ ni atẹle!).

Fun apẹẹrẹ, pẹlu backups tabi awọn oju opo wẹẹbu diẹ sii fun awọn iroyin ipele titẹsi yoo dara.

nkankan Bluehost ṣe daradara daradara ni olumulo-ore. Lakoko ti gbogbo awọn ogun ti o wa lori atokọ yii ni o rọrun lati lo, Bluehost jẹ paapaa lagbara nibi.

Akole aaye ayelujara jẹ ogbon inu ati Bluehost jẹ igboya to pẹlu rẹ pe o le gbiyanju rẹ fun ọfẹ lori oju opo wẹẹbu wọn.

Ifilelẹ-gbogbo ati iṣakoso akọọlẹ jẹ ṣiṣan pupọ ati rọrun lati lo. Atilẹyin alabara dara pupọ: awọn aṣoju n ṣe iranlọwọ pupọ ati pe oye imọ-jinlẹ wa ni fifẹ.awọn orisun atilẹyin ohun elo buluu

Bi asiko ti n lọ, Bluehost isn’t number one. However, throughout 2018-2019 Bluehost was usually at 99.99% or 100% uptime.

Unfortunately, some months were poorer:

bluehost old uptime

But more recently, Bluehost has been better. Take a look at the last year:bluetime uptime

That’s nearly 99.99% over the course of a whole YEAR straight. That means that the uptime has been VERY consistently high lately.

Unfortunately, the response times aren’t as good as the uptime, historically or recently. They’re not super slow, but about average or on the higher side of average.

Fun jije agbalejo nla nla ni apapọ pẹlu idiyele didara, iṣẹ to dara, awọn ẹya to muna, ati irọrun nla ti lilo ati atilẹyin, Bluehost has earned our first place on our GoDaddy Alternatives.

On the off chance that if you’re already on the other side with GoDaddy then we have a comprehensive guide that’ll get you over from GoDaddy to BlueHost ni rọọrun.

Tun iyanilenu nipa Bluehost? A ti bò o.

2. FastComet

fastcomet homepage

FastComet Pros
  • Excellent budget option for those who want many features for low cost (for the first term).
  • The entry-level option in particular is one of the most well-featured first tier web hosting packages I’ve seen.
  • The second and third tier have advanced features that are uncommon even for other companies’ higher tiers.
FastComet konsi
  • Uptime and response times aren’t as good as some of the other options here.
  • Some storage limits even on higher tiers.
  • Used to not have higher renewal prices, but changed its pricing model. So it’s less of a bargain than it used to be.
Why we recommend FastComet?

FastComet starts at $2.95, which is on the lower end of average, and extends along three tiers to $5.95.comtò iyara

You get pretty much every feature that is common on other hosts:fastcomet features

But you also get some features that are less common on other hosting companies, especially for the price points.

For example, the first tier has unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, unlimited FTP accounts, BitNinja Server Security, free CloudFlare CDN, SSL, and daily backups:fastcomet important features

These are strong features for a first tier. There’s also a website builder included.

The second and third tiers pile on even more features, especially ones related to performance. For example, the second tier and third tier include this:fastcomet advanced features

And the third tier comes with this:fastcomet rocket booster features

Plus all the other stuff I showed you.

So FastComet is clearly loaded with features, and is in fact one of the strongest candidates on this list if you’re prioritizing features and performance boosts on higher tiers.

It makes the prices very reasonable. The first term prices are excellent bargains/value purchases given the features.

Unfortunately, they do renew at higher (but reasonable) cost. FastComet didn’t use to have higher renewals, so the change is unfortunate.

Nonetheless, it’s a very solid set of hosting packages.

Plus, in my experience, FastComet is easy to use, has great customer support, and good security.

So what’s the problem? For people who want shared hosting options, isn’t FastComet the pinnacle? After all, it is easily a great bargain in terms of features and price.

nigba ti FastComet is a great deal, it falls short on the most important item in hosting: the actual hosting!

FastComet is overall fine, but in my experience, historically the uptime was a bit worse than some of the others here, and the response time was too. .

More recently (in the last year or so) this trend has held up:fasttime soketime

There are many days where uptime drops below 99.95%, and below 99.9%. Most of the days are good, but the drops happen often enough.

So even the last three months have also been at the 99% mark overall.

While the response time and uptime aren’t the end of the world, it does make me think FastComet isn’t the best for those who are strongly prioritizing performance.

But for anyone willing to risk these numbers, and looking for a very cost-effective solution, FastComet is probably going to be your number one pick.

If you want to know more first, our FastComet awotẹlẹ has more information, plus an even longer uptime record to check out.

3. TMDHosting

TMDhosting homapage

TMDHosting Pros
  • Great speeds, consistently
  • Choice of Linux or Windows based hosting
  • Low renewal/regular prices
  • Pretty good feature set, especially Weebly’s website builder.
  • Detailed tutorials for a range of open source software and content management systems.
TMDHosting konsi
  • Uptime suffers a bit
  • Knowledge base is weak, as it’s basically a forum and thus less organized, and with less official input.
Why we recommend TMDHosting?

If you like to pay attention to underdog and lesser-known hosting companies, you’ll want to pay extra-close attention to this one.

TMDHosting has built a strong reputation, and since its founding in 2007, it’s received many impressive accolades.

TMDHosting is also a bit unique for its focus on hosting open-source software. It’s been credited by several content management systems (CMS) for being a great host through the years.

But now? Let’s take a look.

The first thing you might notice is that TMDHosting offers both Linux and Windows-based options. This is less common for shared web hosting, but it’s a welcome choice.

Windows hosting is a bit more expensive, but proportionately has more generous features. To keep things simple, I’ll focus on the Linux shared hosting.

TMDhoating plan

The promotional/first-term prices are pretty normal. Good, but normal. But take a look at those regular prices:

They’re noticeably cheaper than most regular prices. So in the long term. TMDHosting is actually cheaper than many competing hosts.

And as for the features:

TMDhosting features

They’re pretty generous, as neither storage nor bandwidth has caps at any tier.

Most of the other stuff is basic at the first tier, but the money-back guarantee is longer (which shows confidence on TMDHosting’s part) and basic caching speeds things up.

But the Weebly website builder is great. Several options here include their own website builders for free.

That’s great, but many hosting companies’ native website builders are a bit sub-par. Weebly is a company wholly dedicated to making a great website builder. So its inclusion here is extra impressive.

Anyway, the second and third tiers are also impressive for adding performance-enhancing features.

Lastly, the shared plans come with free daily backups, and are more isolated than traditional shared hosting.

So just looking at prices and features, TMD looks excellent.

But let’s take a look at the performance. We’ve been testing TMD Hosting since early 2019 (full details here).

Through half of 2019, TMD’s month-to-month uptime was kind of shoddy. Three months were well-below 99.9% uptime.

But the last year has been a bit better:

TMDhosting uptime

Typically, most days will be at 100%, but then a few days will consistently fall below the 99.9% mark.

The last three months, for example, has averaged 99.92%.

So that’s not ideal. But there IS good news:

The response times have been GREAT. In fact, they have been, without fail, among the lowest of all the hosts we’ve tested, and have been so consistently since early 2019.

O le ṣayẹwo our full analysis of TMDHosting Nibi if this caught your eye.

4. DreamHost

oju-ile àlá ti àlá

DreamHost Pros
  • Idaniloju Uptime yoo ṣe kirẹditi fun ọ ni downtime
  • Fun apakan julọ, uptime to dara
  • Ifowoleri ti o ni irọrun gba laaye fun awọn sisanwo oṣooṣu dipo awọn adehun fun ọdun kan tabi ọdun 3
  • Ore WordPress pupọ, paapaa fun awọn alakọbẹrẹ: WordPress ti fi sii tẹlẹ, ohun itanna ijira ọfẹ kan wa, ati pe oludasile WP aaye ayelujara wa pẹlu ọfẹ
  • Paapaa, awọn afẹyinti laifọwọyi fun awọn aaye Wodupiresi
  • Ọkan ninu awọn iṣeduro owo-to gunju julọ ti Mo ti rii, ni awọn ọjọ 97
DreamHost konsi
  • Imeeli kii ṣe ọfẹ fun ipele akọkọ
  • Lilo igbimọ iṣakoso aṣa dipo cPanel ti o wọpọ julọ, eyiti o le ju awọn olumulo kan (ṣugbọn eyi jẹ aaye kekere)
  • Awọn eto ifowoleri meji nikan, ti ko dara bi o ba fẹ lati ni awọn aṣayan pupọ
  • Ni gbogbogbo, lakoko ti o DreamHost jẹ nla ti o ba fẹ alejo gbigba gbowolori fun Wodupiresi, o jẹ diẹ arinrin nigbati o ba de si alejo gbigba gbogbogbo
  • Downtime is rare but CAN be pretty bad when it happens
Why we recommend DreamHost?

DreamHost jẹ orukọ pataki miiran ni agbaye ti gbigbalejo wẹẹbu, fun idi to dara.

Bi o ti le rii lati aworan loke, DreamHost agbara lori awọn aaye ayelujara miliọnu 1.5 MILION-fifi si ni awọn ere nla nla ti alejo gbigba wẹẹbu ti o pin, pẹlu Bluehost ati GoDaddy.

DreamHost jẹ iduroṣinṣin gbogbogbo fun awọn ti o fẹ ifarada, alejo gbigba oju opo wẹẹbu giga pẹlu awọn ẹya to muna.

Bii o ṣe jẹ kedere, iwọnyi ni awọn ẹya ipilẹ ati idiyele ti a n wo:dreamhost ètò

People looking into WordPress will feel right at home. DreamHost is 2nd place in our Best Wordpress Hosting Services. Bi Bluehost, DreamHost is one of the three major hosts that WordPress.Org itself recommends.

Bi o ti le ri, DreamHost ti ni awọn ẹya diẹ ti a ṣe lati ṣe awọn ohun rọrun fun awọn olumulo Wodupiresi-gẹgẹbi ohun itanna ijira ọfẹ fun awọn eniyan nipa lilo Wodupiresi lori alejo ti tẹlẹ, oludasile aaye ọfẹ kan fun Wodupiresi, ati fifi sori ẹrọ tẹlẹ ti Wodupiresi.

Lori ìyẹn, DreamHost ni bojumu ifowoleri, ni apapọ gbogbogbo ti kini ọpọlọpọ awọn ogun wẹẹbu n funni ṣugbọn diẹ ni apa isalẹ.

Ati bi ajeseku ti a ṣafikun, DreamHost ni awọn ero isanwo oṣooṣu fun awọn ti ko fẹ lati ṣe adehun si ọdun kan-iwaju.

Bi adaṣe ti nlọ, DreamHost jẹ lẹwa dara. Wọn ṣe onigbọwọ 100% uptime ati pe yoo ṣe ọ ni gbese fun awọn oye iye akoko downtime.

ṣugbọn DreamHostSINU akoko akoko? Diẹ diẹ ti o ni idiju. Ṣayẹwo:

dreamhost 12 months uptime

Maa DreamHost does indeed offer 100% uptime. But there was one day in February and a day in January that threw off our average..

There was also one day in late August where uptime dipped to about 96%. But aside from those days, almost EVERY day has been at 100%.

bayi, DreamHost still has pretty solid uptime. As you’d guess, days like that are rare.

O le wo wa ni kikun DreamHost awọn iṣiro asiko nibi. Ati pe o le ka mi ni kikun igbelewọn ti DreamHost Nibi fun alaye gbogbogbo diẹ sii.

5. SiteGround

Banner Image

SiteGround Pros
  • A strong uptime history since we started testing in late 2017.
  • Overall strong response times.
  • Strong on features...among the best on this list, next to A2 Hosting
  • Recommended by WordPress (for good reason).
  • Energy consumed under your plan is fully matched by renewables
  • Strong customer support: representatives are helpful and plenty of informational support (tutorials, knowledge base, etc).
SiteGround konsi
  • Uptime in the last year has been a bit less than ideal
  • No free domain included
  • Expensive at both first-term AND regular prices
  • Limited storage
Why we recommend SiteGround?

SiteGround powers over 2 MILLION domains, so it’s in the big leagues with Bluehost, GoDaddy, and HostGator.

In particular, it’s a competitor with Bluehost. Both are recommended by WordPress, both are among the most popular hosting companies after GoDaddy, and they have similarly strong reputations.

Ẹya kukuru ni pe SiteGround provides top-tier shared hosting, but it’s a bit pricey...and thus not as good as a “value” or budget option.

You can read my intense comparison of Bluehost ati SiteGround Nibi fun diẹ sii lori iyẹn.

SiteGround ètòBut in the meantime, let’s look at the basics:

If you’re like me, your eyes go to price first.

bẹẹni, SiteGround is expensive in web hosting terms, no way around it. The starting prices are higher than average. And the normal/base prices are also higher than average.

SiteGround’s first tier price looks like a second or even third tier price on many other hosts, for example.

But, if you look at what you get for those prices, the numbers look much more reasonable.

Just the first tier alone is packed with features. CDN boosts performance, databases are unlimited, and there’s a free daily backup...on top of all the normal features.

Extra-impressive is the “managed WordPress,” part. It’s not exactly managed WordPress hosting, but it refers to a set of tools given to users that makes installing and managing WordPress much easier.

Meanwhile, the second and third tiers bring in super useful features that aren’t common to web hosting:

Collaborators are great for team projects and businesses; website staging lets you make a clone of your site to experiment with big changes before the real site goes live; plus better backups, performance boosters, and more.

Admittedly, the storage is limited compared to what competitors offer, but realistically it’ll be enough for the vast majority of customers at that plan’s level.

The third tier could be more generous, given its price, however.

But if features don’t justify the price for you, performance is the thing you’ll need to see:SiteGround 12month uptime

Under 99.95% over the course of a year isn’t ideal, but it looks worse than it is.

For starters, most months are easily in the 99.99% or 100% range. The last three months are decent:SiteGround 3month uptime

Moreover, we’ve actually been measuring SiteGround’s performance for over THREE YEARS. And in that time, EVERY month has seen at least 99.99% uptime, with two exceptions: 99.98% in July 2019 and 99.96% in January 2019.

O le ṣayẹwo our test site for more details, but the history shows very strong performance.

As for the speed? The response times are consistently pretty good, in the 500-600ms range.

So overall, price is the main issue for most of you—SiteGround does well on everything else.

If you want to find out more, we’ve got you—check out our in-depth SiteGround ṣe ayẹwo nibi.

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting oju-ile

A2 Hosting Pros
  • Consistently good uptime
  • Perhaps the best feature set of all the items here
  • First-term prices are decent, making the features even more impressive
  • Good customer support: representatives are responsive and helpful, and knowledge base has good articles for getting started
A2 Hosting konsi
  • Renewal/regular prices are on the higher side of average
  • Doesn’t cater as strongly to ease of use or simplicity as some other options here
  • Domains not included for free, and if you purchase them on A2, they’re more expensive than usual anyway
Why we recommend A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting isn’t a super famous host, but it’s got a well-established reputation in the hosting industry, and it’s been around for a little while (2001).

It offers a range of hosting products, but its shared hosting is especially good.

There are four web hosting options offered by A2:

A2 Hosting ètò

The price range is pretty standard, but a bit higher at regular rates/upon renewal.

The resources and features are pretty impressive. For example, just the first plan gets 100GB of storage—that’s a lot for just one website at a few bucks a month.

But there’s more. ALL tiers (including the first tier) comes with all this:A2 Hosting awọn ẹya ara ẹrọ

That’s pretty good. To be specific, website staging (which lets you create a clone site to experiment with big changes) is usually for advanced plans.

Additionally, CloudFlare CDN (boosting performance), choice of data center location, and a website builder—all included for free—are great adds. All these features make the first tier loaded.

But the remaining tiers have even more features:

The second plan onwards has free automatic backups, plus no limits on storage or sites. Plus this:

A2 Hosting growth features

Meanwhile, the third and fourth tier get another extra set of features:A2 Hosting turbo features

And that’s on top of the basic features/resource upgrades that come with the plans, which I already showed you.

So A2 is absolutely loaded with features, more than most hosts, and the cost is only a bit higher than a lot of the competition long term. And about the same at first buy!

Performance is key now.

We’ve been testing out A2 Hosting for a long time. Some months in 2017-2018 had sub-average uptime (the lower side of 99.9%).

But it’s been a long time since such issues have come up.

In particular, the last year has been pretty good:

A2 Hosting igba akoko

And the last three months have been even better, at 99.984% uptime.

That’s a pretty strong uptime record, and the best part is that it’s from consistently good uptime.

Some other hosts (including some options here) might not have bad average uptime over a long period, but they fluctuate with some days having a lot of downtime.

The speed isn’t fantastic, but it’s decent. And, while it fluctuates some, it’s relatively consistent overall.

So not only is the performance good, but you can rely on it.

O le ṣayẹwo our A2 hosting test site for uptime records that go as far back as July 2017, or our A2 review for a holistic look at the company.

7. GoDaddy

GoDaddy homepageYou probably know this, but GoDaddy is a big name in the hosting (and domain) world.

GoDaddy Pros
  • Very good uptime over the course of two years.
  • Similarly good speeds.
  • Promotional prices are low (when they happen)
  • Ability to purchase more resources as needed
  • choice of Windows or Linux hosting
GoDaddy Cons
  • Non-promotional prices are higher than average for the first term.
  • A lot of upselling, pushiness to buy add-ons
  • GoDaddy’s live chat is often busy
  • Some included free features renew at cost after the first term
  • Especially: SSL not included for free at first two tiers, and renews at cost for the third tier
Why we recommend GoDaddy?

In fact, it’s almost certainly the biggest hosting company on this list. To put a number on it, GoDaddy services over 20 MILLION customers.

That’s a level above the other big names here (Bluehost, SiteGround, Ati HostGator).

Yet GoDaddy is also infamous for untransparent pricing and a very corporate approach. That’s also what holds it back on this list.

But it’s been so successful for a’s good. Check out our full breakdown of GoDaddy here fun diẹ sii lori iyẹn.

Anyway, let’s look at the web hosting plans:GoDaddy ètò

The first-term prices are higher than average. But the renewal prices are overall normal (if a bit higher than average as well).

However, GoDaddy frequently has big promotions that drop the prices to dirt-cheap levels for the first term.

As for the features...the resources are pretty generous. 100GB of storage (SSD by the way) is more than enough for the vast majority of people hosting just one website, and it only gets higher after that.

A cool feature is that you can easily buy more resources—not just storage, but also CPU or RAM—very easily as you need to.

But aside from the good news on resources, that’s about it for features.

Yes, you get a domain with annual plans, but it renews at cost after the first year. To be fair, that’s a common deal. But it renews at a higher cost than average.

Plus, the email has only 5GB of storage and is free for the first year only, but renews at cost.

The SSL? The feature that’s crucial to having a trustworthy site, which is included for free in almost all hosting plans? It’s not included for free for the first two tiers, and renews at cost for the third tier.

Also, GoDaddy is constantly upselling. You’re always pushed to purchase add-ons or higher-priced packages.

The website builder is one of those add-ons. Sometimes GoDaddy will even include it for free (for a year) during promotions.

It’s great when hosting companies include their own website builders for free. But many of them are sub-par compared to the popular website building software.

GoDaddy is a bit different. It’s a big company, and has invested into its website builder to be a more mainstream offering.

O le ṣayẹwo our investigation of GoDaddy’s website builder here for more info. But the short version is that yes, it’s pretty good.

But overall, GoDaddy is on the weaker side for features and price.

As for the uptime:

A ti sọ measuring GoDaddy through a test site for two years (starting August 2018).

During that time, GoDaddy basically always had great performance. Most months have at least 99.99% uptime, and it’s rare when they don’t.

Overall GoDaddy has done well for the last year. But some instances of downtime have lowered the average:

godaddy akoko

Most of the time, it’s 100%, but there are consistently days just over 99.9% that lower the average.

In the last three months, however, uptime has been closer to 99.98%, which is good.

Not to mention, the response times have also consistently been low since we started measuring.

So overall, while not perfect, GoDaddy is a pretty good performer and has been such for two years.

8. HostGator

HostGator oju-ile

HostGator Pros
  • Overall, good uptime, particularly recently
  • Generally good features (including a website builder, unlimited email, etc)
  • Generous resources
  • Lower starting prices and lower renewal prices compared to competitors
  • Solid customer support (both representatives and knowledge base)
HostGator konsi
  • Slower response times
  • May be a bit risky for highly important sites/projects that need excellent uptime
  • Some upselling and add-ons that can be frustrating and build cost
Why we recommend HostGator?

HostGator is a very well-established name in the hosting industry. It claims to have hosted over 8 MILLION domains and has hundreds of employees, putting it in the big leagues.

HostGator’s plans are mostly low-cost, and have generous resources:HostGator ètò

The main impetus to upgrade would be for more domains, and/or stronger SSL and a dedicated IP.

HostGator has a decent set of features available for all plans:HostGator awọn ẹya ara ẹrọ

So proportionately to price, HostGator definitely seems to be on top of things.

And on that note, HostGator has both lower starting prices AND renews at a lower cost than many of its competitors (though you’d have to commit for a long period of time to get those lower prices).

Lonakona HostGator seems pretty solid thus far. The key factor now is performance.

Ni ọdun to kọja, HostGator has overall done well:

HostGator igba akoko

It’s been keeping its uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In fact, most of the time it’s easily at 100% uptime or pretty close—there were just a few days where uptime dipped to the lower side of 99.9% that took down the average.

If you look at the last 3 months in particular, it’s pretty good:HostGator 3months uptime

Unfortunately, the response times are on the slower side both overall and recently.

You can check out fully detailed uptime records for our HostGator test site here, going all the way back three years.

Also, you can read wa HostGator awotẹlẹ for a full run-down of the hosting company.

9. TurnKey Internet

TurnKey Internet homepage

TurnKey Internet Pros
  • Very good uptime, especially lately
  • Consistently great speeds
  • Choice of Windows or Linux hosting
  • Good three-year prices and yearly prices
  • Generous resources
  • Independently owns its data center, which is also a green data center
TurnKey Internet Cons
  • Domain name not included
  • Not loaded with features compared to some options here.
  • Particularly, not a lot of features that would appeal to beginners.
  • Knowledge base/informational support a bit limited
Why we recommend TurnKey Internet?

TurnKey’s a less famous host, but it’s been around for quite a while—since 1999, in fact.

Its history is also a little unusual. Unlike just about all the other names here, TurnKey didn’t start as a host.

It first was a consultant for ISPs, and then transitioned to hosting. But its transition has resulted in a pretty impressive hosting company.

TurnKey gives you a choice of Linux hosting (which comes with cPanel) or Windows hosting (which comes with the Plesk control panel).

As is usually the case, the Windows hosting is more expensive:

TurnKey Internet plan

These are pretty friendly to developers and those hosting more dynamic projects.

As for the Linux plans:TurnKey Internet cpanel hosting plan

There are just two options, and they’re pretty low-priced but with generous resources.

However, the price tag for those Linux plans only applies to a three-year pre-payment. This is often the case with hosts.

BUT: even if you pay on a yearly or monthly basis, the prices are still good. This is for the first tier:

TurnKey Internet billing cycle 1

The month-to-month price is pretty standard, but just 5 bucks a month for a year of service is still on the lower side.

So all in all these prices are still good even when you don’t buy three years in bulk.

Moreover, the Windows plans do not have this same disconnect. The price tags shown for Windows here are what you pay month-to-month. If you pay on a yearly basis, it’s marginally cheaper:TurnKey Internet billing cycle 2

So all in all it’s a well-priced set-up.

The features available tend to be more about resources and support for various scripts.

That’s great, but it does matter a little less to people looking for an “easy” and simple host (such people may want website builders included, for example).

But ultimately, the cheapest plan (Linux) can support up to 10 domains and doesn’t cap storage, which is a lot better than most hosts. That’s great value. Uptime will make or break TurnKey now:

So let’s examine the performance. TurnKey’s uptime, over the course of a year, is pretty impressive:TurnKey Internet uptime 12months

There was basically one day with poor uptime, but other than that, it’s been 100% almost every day with minimal exceptions.

To prove it, take a look at the last 3 months, which have a nearly perfect uptime score:TurnKey Internet 3 months uptime

And the speed? The average response time is among the lowest we’ve seen of the hosting companies we’ve measured.

A ti sọ measuring TurnKey since March 2019, and the performance was a bit worse in the middle part of 2019. A couple months were below 99.95%, but not much.

But that hasn’t been an issue for a while, with performance overall looking quite strong (especially lately).

Let’s get to a summary of the pros and cons. But if you’re already really curious, you may as well learn some more about TurnKey with our full review ti o.

10. InterServer

oju opopona alagbede

InterServer Pros
  • Very good performance for the last year
  • Iwọn-iwọn-kan-gbogbo idiyele tumọ si awọn ẹya nla ti o jẹ ibamu si idiyele
  • Ko si awọn idiyele isọdọtun asọtẹlẹ
  • Ni pataki, awọn ẹya aiyipada ti o dara fun aabo aaye
  • Iranlọwọ alabara to lagbara
  • Awọn olupin ipalọlọ ṣiṣẹ 50% ti agbara, gbigba fun idagba. Eyi ko wọpọ fun awọn olupin apinfunni.
  • Akoko ti o dara ati awọn akoko esi Esi.
InterServer konsi
  • Ašẹ kii ṣe ọfẹ, botilẹjẹpe o jẹ olowo poku ni $ 1.99
  • Lakoko ti emi funrarami fẹ ero idiyele idiyele nikan, diẹ ninu awọn eniyan le fẹ awọn aṣayan diẹ sii
  • Igbasilẹ Spottier lori igba ati awọn akoko esi akoko gigun (pupọ ṣaaju ki Oṣu Kẹjọ ọdun 2019).
Why we recommend Interserver?

InterServer kii ṣe ogun ayelujara olokiki julọ, ṣugbọn o ti tun mọ daradara. Ati awọn ti o yẹ ki o wa:

InterServer ti wa ni ayika lati ọdun 1999 ati pe o ti ṣakoso lati ṣe atilẹyin fun orukọ rere ni gbogbo akoko naa.

Lori idiyele, InterServer jẹ irorun. Ọpọ awọn ọmọ ogun wẹẹbu, bi o ti ṣee ṣe akiyesi nipasẹ bayi, funni ni awọn aṣayan isunmọ pupọ diẹ. Awọn ẹya ati iṣẹ ṣiṣe diẹ sii ti o sanwo.

Ni afikun, ipele idiyele kọọkan ṣe deede igbagbogbo ni oṣuwọn ti o ga julọ lẹhin igba akọkọ, ati ipolowo idiyele kekere jẹ gbarale ti o forukọsilẹ fun akoko kan.

pẹlu InterServer, ni apọju ỌKAN ayelujara alejo gbigba package. Ni deede o jẹ $ 4 oṣu kan ti o ba ṣe adehun si ọdun 3, tabi $ 5 fun oṣu kan ni igbagbogbo. Bi o ti le rii, ẹdinwo wa ni akoko kikọ.

Eyi jẹ iwọn-iwọn-kan-gbogbo-package package, eyiti o jẹ ki ori funni ni awọn ẹya rẹ (diẹ sii lori iyẹn ni iṣẹju-aaya).

O tun jẹ a iṣowo ti o dara fun idiyele naa, botilẹjẹpe. $ 4- $ 5 oṣu kan jẹ tad ti o ga ju alejo gbigba ipele ipele ti o gbowolori, ṣugbọn o din owo ju alejo gbigba-giga pẹlu awọn ile-iṣẹ miiran.

Ni sisọ ọrọ, o jẹ idiyele nla. Nitorinaa jẹ ki a wọle si ohun ti o nfun:

Ọkan ninu awọn ohun ti o dara julọ nipa InterServer ni pe o nfunni awọn ẹya pupọ. Mo mọ, o kan wo awọn ipilẹ wọnyi:

interserver awọn ẹya

Diẹ ninu awọn wọnyi o ṣee ṣereti, bii ijira ọfẹ, SSL, ati ibi ipamọ SSD.

Ṣugbọn o tun gba oludasile aaye ayelujara ọfẹ kan, ati imeeli ko paapaa ni opin fun ipele akọkọ. Heck, ibi ipamọ ko paapaa ni opin.

Die, InterServerAwọn ẹya aabo aifọwọyi — eyiti a mọ bi Idaabobo Intershield — lọ loke iwuwasi fun alejo gbigba pinpin:

aabo interserver intershield aabo

Wọn tun ni ohunkan ti a pe ni “Iṣowo Iṣeduro,” eyi ti o tumọ si pe wọn yoo nu awọn iroyin ti gepa tabi awọn akoran ti o ni arun — paapaa awọn aaye Wodupiresi-ọfẹ.

Iyẹn jẹ apakan ti InterServerAtilẹyin alabara nla gbogbogbo. O jẹ ẹya ninu ara rẹ.

Ni ipari, ọkan ninu awọn alailẹgbẹ ti o dara julọ ati ti o wuyi nipa InterServer ni ipin awọn olu resourceewadi rẹ. Mo ti sọ fun ọ tẹlẹ pe o n gba ibi ipamọ SSD ailopin. Ṣugbọn idi ni eyi:

interserver server capacity

Sisọ awọn alabara lori awọn eto pinpin bii eyi ko wọpọ, nitori pe o dajudaju ko ni anfani pupọ. O jẹ ki oye diẹ sii si awọn alabara kekere-cram papọ.

Ṣugbọn nipa ṣiṣe idaniloju pe olupin kọọkan n ṣiṣẹ ni agbara idaji, InterServer njẹ ki awọn alabara rẹ ṣe alejo gbigba pinpin julọ julọ - pẹlu awọn ile-iṣẹ miiran, wọn yoo fi agbara mu lati ṣe igbesoke si eto giga ti wọn ba jẹ awọn orisun lọpọlọpọ.

Bayi, ni aaye yii InterServer jasi awọn ohun bi aṣayan undisputed akọkọ. Ko yara to:

Ọkan ninu awọn ohun ti o ntọju InterServer lati gbigbe lọ si giga lori atokọ yii jẹ iṣẹ, paati pataki.

A ti sọ HIV InterServer fun igba diẹ. The newer results are better, but some of the older results still affect the evaluation.

Iwọnyi ni awọn abajade agbalagba, lati ọdun kan sẹhin:

interserver old uptime

Bi o ti le rii, nipa ọdun kan sẹhin igbagbogbo O le jẹ nla, ṣugbọn o jẹ igbagbogbo lẹwa kekere. Ohunkan ti o wa ni isalẹ 99.95% wa lori ẹgbẹ talaka ti apapọ, pẹlu May ati Oṣu Kẹwa ọdun 2019 duro jade.

Pẹlupẹlu, awọn akoko idahun jẹ aiyara pupọ ni ipari ooru ooru 2019.

Wọnyi ni awọn abajade tuntun:

interserver akoko

Bi o ti le rii, awọn akoko idahun ti yara yara.

And the uptime has been closer to 99.99% or 100% month to month (99.977% uptime is pretty decent over the course of a whole year).

The uptime and response times have been good for the last year, but earlier in 2019 things have been spottier.

O le wo awọn igbasilẹ akoko kikun wa nibi, ni lilọ siwaju sii ju ọdun kan lọ ati titi di asiko yii.

Lonakona, iyẹn ni ibaṣe pẹlu InterServer's išẹ.

Nigbeyin InterServer is a great bargain for many looking for affordable hosting that provides good features and still performs very well.

But if your absolute bottom line is having performance as close to perfect as possible, something else on this list may be better.

O le ka diẹ sii nipa InterServer Nibi ti o ba ṣiyemeji.

Are other kinds of web hosting better for me?

Ti o ba ti n ka nkan yii 'titi di akoko yii, ati pe o ni ifura ti o n yọ lẹnu wi pe ko si ọkan ninu awọn wọnyi ni aṣayan ti o dara julọ fun ọ tabi iṣowo rẹ…

O MA jẹ ẹtọ. Alejo wẹẹbu jẹ nla fun ọpọlọpọ eniyan, eyiti o jẹ idi ti o gbaye-gbale, ṣugbọn awọn iru miiran ti awọn alejo gbigba wa.

Oju-iwe ayelujara ti o dara julọ fun awọn ile-iṣẹ kekere

Jẹ ki a bẹrẹ pẹlu gbigbalejo wẹẹbu fun awọn iṣowo. Bayi ni ipilẹ, eyi tun jẹ alejo gbigba wẹẹbu. Ati alejo gbigba pinpin nigbagbogbo ati IS lo nipasẹ awọn iṣowo nigbagbogbo.

Ṣugbọn, ọpọlọpọ awọn ọmọ ogun pese alejo gbigba wẹẹbu ti o dara julọ fun awọn iṣowo. Ati pe ọpọlọpọ awọn ọmọ ogun pese awọn ero alejo gbigba wẹẹbu pataki fun awọn iṣowo-mu hostwinds fun apẹẹrẹ.

Anfani akọkọ ni pe o gba adehun ti o dara julọ: awọn orisun diẹ sii, iṣẹ to dara julọ, ṣugbọn tun ipa-idiyele ati irọrun ti alejo gbigba wẹẹbu. Lati wo diẹ sii, ṣayẹwo atokọ mi ti alejo gbigba wẹẹbu ti o dara julọ fun awọn iṣowo.

Diẹ ninu awọn aṣayan wọnyẹn:

Awọn olupese alejo gbigba WordPress ti o dara julọ

Iru alejo gbigba miiran ti o bò pẹlu alejo gbigba pinpin jẹ alejo gbigba Wodupiresi.

Diẹ ninu WordPress alejo gbigba jẹ ipilẹ wẹẹbu alejo gbigba pẹlu awọn ẹya afikun. Diẹ ninu WordPress alejo gbigba jẹ VPS tabi alejo gbigba awọsanma-diẹ sii owo, ṣugbọn aabo ati iṣẹ dara julọ tun.

Ẹya kukuru ni pe alejo gbigba Wodupiresi le tọka si awọn oriṣiriṣi oriṣiriṣi ti alejo gbigba, pẹlu paati isalẹ ti o jẹ, dajudaju, pe awọn idii ti wa ni iṣapeye fun Wodupiresi.

Nitorina ti o ba fẹ gbalejo ti o dara fun Wodupiresi ni apapọ, diẹ ninu awọn aṣayan lori atokọ yii dara — ṣugbọn awọn miiran tun wa nibẹ, ati o tọ lati wa sinu.

Eyi ni diẹ ninu awọn olupese olupese alejo gbigba Wodupiresi ti o dara julọ, ni iwowo kan:

Ti o dara ju awọn olupese alejo gbigba Drupal:

Wodupiresi jẹ eto iṣakoso akoonu akoonu ti o gbajumo julọ, tabi CMS, ni ayika, eyiti o jẹ idi ti o ti gbọ ti tẹlẹ.

Ṣugbọn o wa awọn ọna ṣiṣe iṣakoso akoonu miiran ti o lagbara pupọ. Drupal jẹ ọkan iru CMS: o tun jẹ orisun ṣiṣi ati pe o le ṣee lo lori awọn ogun julọ.

Sibẹsibẹ, Drupal wa ni iṣalaye si iṣakoso aaye ti ilọsiwaju diẹ sii. Bii eyi, diẹ ninu awọn ọmọ-ogun ni o dara julọ fun Drupal.

Eyi ni diẹ ninu awọn ọmọ-ogun ti o dara julọ julọ:

Ti o dara ju awọn olupese alejo gbigba Magento:

Omiiran CMS olokiki miiran jẹ Magento. Magento wa fun ṣiṣe iṣakoso awọn aaye ekomasi, ati pe o jẹ ọkan ninu awọn iru ẹrọ irufẹ ecommerce julọ julọ ni agbaye.

Koko bọtini nibi, dajudaju, ni pe o le ni aaye ecommerce pẹlu eyikeyi ninu awọn ogun oju opo wẹẹbu ti a ṣe akojọ si nibi, tabi Wodupiresi tabi paapaa Drupal.

Ṣugbọn Magento wa fun awọn ti o fẹ lati mu iṣakoso ti aaye ecommerce wọn si ipele atẹle, ninu eyiti CMS gbogbo jẹ nipa iṣowo ori ayelujara. Nipa ti, diẹ ninu awọn ogun dara julọ fun Magento.

ti o dara ju Moodle awọn olupese alejo gbigba:

Ati pe ti o ba n gbiyanju lati kọ aaye eto-ẹkọ, o le lo diẹ ẹ sii ju ilana-akẹkọ ti o rọrun ṣugbọn gbowolori — nibẹ ni CMS kan fun fifin kọ awọn aaye ẹkọ ni irọrun.

Fun iyẹn, iwọ yoo nilo lati lo Moodle, Ati awọn ọmọ ogun ti o jẹ pataki julọ fun Moodle.

Eyi ni diẹ ninu awọn ọmọ-ogun ti o dara julọ fun Moodle:

Awọn olupese alejo gbigba awọsanma dara julọ:

Ni bayi lati ọdọ awọn ogun ti o dara fun awọn software CMS olokiki kan, o le wa olupese kan ti o da lori iru imọ-ẹrọ ti alejo gbigba funrararẹ.

Nitoribẹẹ, alejo gbigba awọsanma tun wa. Alejo gbigba awọsanma ni pataki yoo fun ọ ni bibẹ ẹlẹsẹ ti DEDICATED ti awọn orisun olupin, nipasẹ awọn olupin foju ti sopọ mọ pọ.

Nitoripe awọn orisun rẹ jẹ aṣiri, o le lo wọn lofe laisi aifọkanbalẹ nipa ipa lori olupin gbogbogbo. Ati pe wọn ni aabo diẹ sii.

But one of the best things about cloud hosting is that it's scalable: because you’re not as limited by physical hardware, you can start with a smaller amount of higher-quality resources and then scale up to larger and larger amounts as your site grows.

O jẹ ti ara diẹ gbowolori ju alejo gbigba wẹẹbu deede, ṣugbọn o gbowolori pupọ ju alejo gbigba iyasọtọ.

Eyi ni diẹ ninu awọn olupese alejo gbigba awọsanma nla:

Awọn olupese alejo gbigba alejo to dara julọ:

Lori akọsilẹ yẹn: awọn ọmọ ogun ti o ṣe iyasọtọ jẹ nla ti o ba ni iṣowo ti o tobi ati nilo alejo gbigba Ere julọ ti o le gba ọwọ rẹ.

Awọn olupin ifiṣootọ jẹ ohun ti wọn dabi: wọn jẹ gbogbo awọn olupin ti a yasọtọ fun alabara ti nsanwo, ati pe wọn pin pẹlu ko si ẹlomiran.

Ṣugbọn ṣọra: paapaa ti o ba nifẹ lati sanwo fun iṣẹ Ere, o fẹ lati rii daju pe o ṣe idoko-owo si olupin ifiṣootọ to dara julọ fun ọ.

Ni wiwo, nibi ni diẹ ninu awọn olupese ti o dara julọ ti awọn olupin ifiṣootọ:

Awọn olupese alejo gbigba PHP ti o dara julọ:

Ni bayi, lẹẹkọkan lati wo awọn oriṣi alejo gbigba ti o yatọ, tabi ni awọn ogun ti o dara julọ fun awọn ọna iṣakoso akoonu akoonu kan, o le wo awọn ọmọ-ogun ti o dara julọ ni awọn oriṣi awọn ede kan.

PHP jẹ ede ti o lagbara pupọ ti o lo lati kọ diẹ ninu awọn aaye ti o bẹwo julọ julọ ni agbaye, ati awọn ọmọ-ogun kan pese awọn ẹya nla ati atilẹyin fun awọn aaye idagbasoke ni PHP.

Diẹ ninu awọn olupese ti o dara julọ ti alejo gbigba PHP wa ni ibi ọtun:

Ti o dara ju awọn olupese alejo gbigba Java:

Tabi, o le wo awọn ọmọ-ogun ti o jẹ nla fun Java. Java jẹ ọkan ninu awọn ede idagbasoke wẹẹbu ti o gbajumọ ju lati PHP lọ, o si nlo nigbagbogbo bi yiyan si rẹ. O dara julọ paapaa fun akoonu ibanisọrọ ati awọn lw alagbeka.

O gboju le o. Eyi ni diẹ ninu awọn ogun ti o dara julọ fun Java:

ti o dara ju ASP.NET awọn olupese alejo gbigba:

Ni ikẹhin, o wa ASP.NET. Kii ṣe ede gangan, ṣugbọn ilana elo ohun elo wẹẹbu kan (ti o lo ede .NET) ati ni pataki julọ fun awọn iṣẹ agbara.

ASP.NET alejo gbigba jẹ iwuwo diẹ diẹ, ṣugbọn dajudaju o wa awọn ọmọ-ogun dara fun rẹ ju awọn omiiran lọ, ati paapaa awọn ọmọ ogun ti o jẹ nla fun ASP.NET alejo gbigba pataki.

Diẹ ninu awọn ti awọn ọmọ-ogun naa:

Kedere, nibẹ ni o wa kan pupọ ti o yatọ si iru ti alejo gbigba nibẹ - ṣugbọn ti gbogbo wọn ba dabi ohun lagbara ju fun ọ, lẹhinna o ṣee ṣe ki o pada ki o ṣe akiyesi ifojusi gbigbalejo wẹẹbu rẹ ti o pin.

O tun le pese apapo ti o dara julọ ti ifarada ati iṣẹ ṣiṣe, ati pe o ni idi ti o fi n wa julọ-lẹhin iru eto alejo gbigba.

Ati lori akọsilẹ yẹn…

How to choose the best web hosting service?

Laibikita alaye-silẹ lori awọn oriṣi miiran ti alejo gbigba wẹẹbu soke sibẹ, paapaa alejo gbigba oju-iwe ayelujara deede ni iwọn pupọ.

O le wo diẹ ninu rẹ lati awọn ohun ti a bo: diẹ ninu fifaju WordPress diẹ sii. Awọn miiran ṣe pataki ayedero. Ati pe awọn miiran dara julọ ni awọn ẹya.

What we prioritize while reviewing a hosting service are the following paradigms:

Ifowoleri ati Awọn ẹya

Budget while selecting a hosting service is essential to your motive. The features usually go hand-in-hand to what you pay.

There’s also the theory that if you pay more, you get more but there’s also a difference between what you want and what you require.

Ease ti Lo

Newcomers are always welcome in the hosting community but innovation happens so fast that the learning curve keeps getting steeper. Which is why we test to find out how the average guy figures things out.


An underrated aspect of a hosting service. Most companies get it done with an SSL. Others offer an entirely custom solution. After all, you need to know what works best for you.

onibara Support

When you get tired of figuring stuff out yourself or get into some kind of trouble, customer support is your best chance. Whether it is guides, chat or email support, it can be measured.

Ti o ba jẹ iyasọtọ tuntun tabi aṣiwuri, o le tọsi ni iṣaaju "irọrun ti awọn ẹya lilo" bii awọn akọle aaye ayelujara, awọn wiwọn aaye, ati bẹbẹ lọ.

Ati pe ti ila isalẹ rẹ ba jẹ idiyele, lọ fun ohunkohun ti ogun ba jẹ lawin ṣugbọn o ni akoko ti o bojumu. O le fi Wodupiresi sori rẹ fun ọfẹ, tabi CMS miiran, ati ṣakoso aaye kan pẹlu isanwo afikun diẹ.

Ti o ba nilo imọran diẹ sii, Mo ṣeduro pe ki o ka itọsọna wa si bi a ṣe ṣe ayẹwo awọn ile-iṣẹ alejo gbigba wẹẹbu–Awako ibi-pẹlẹpẹlẹ pupọ wa ti yoo ran ọ lọwọ lati yan.

Recap: The Best Web Hosting for 2020

Biotilẹjẹpe wiwa wiwa alejo gbigba wẹẹbu ti o dara julọ le ti ni idaamu ni akọkọ, ireti pe atokọ yii ṣe iranlọwọ awọn irọrun.

O yẹ ki o lọ laisi sisọ pe o nilo lati ṣe iwadii tirẹ lori eyiti agbalejo jẹ dara julọ fun ọ.

Ati pe lakoko ti Mo duro nipa ipo yii bi ipo gbogbogbo TI o dara, kii yoo ṣe deede ti o dara julọ fun gbogbo eniyan.

Diẹ ninu rẹ le ṣe pataki idiyele kekere ti awọn eto ẹya lori InterServer or DreamHost. Awọn miiran le fẹran ayedero ati ṣiṣe ti Bluehost, ati bẹbẹ lọ, ati bẹbẹ lọ.

Bi atokọ yii ti duro de bayi, Mo ro pe o jẹ ibẹrẹ didara to dara. Gbogbo awọn ọmọ-ogun wọnyi jẹ awọn aṣayan alejo gbigba wẹẹbu nla, ṣugbọn ọkọọkan ni agbara ti ara wọn.

Bluehost boya o jẹ agbalejo rọrun ti o rọrun-ṣugbọn-igbẹkẹle: idiyele ati awọn ẹya jẹ dara, iṣẹ ṣiṣe dara pupọ, ati pe o tayọ pẹlu ore-olumulo ati atilẹyin alabara.

FastComet jẹ agbalejo alailẹgbẹ ti o ni ero ỌKAN pẹlu iwọn pupọ ti awọn ẹya. O tun jẹ iyipo gbogbo, o ṣe pataki julọ fun idunadura tabi alabara iye.

O le gbiyanju gbogbo nkan wọnyi fun o kere ju ọgbọn ọjọ, ati ninu awọn igba miiran to gun-nitorinaa maṣe duro. Alejo gbigba!