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What Is My IP Address

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What is an IP Address?

IP Address i.e. Internet Protocol Address is a set of numbers assigned to the device that you are using over a network.

These numbers are separated by dots between them and are unique for each device. Just like your home and office have a physical address, IP is a numeric value that will determine the location of your device in the physical world.

What can my IP Address show about me?

As previously mentioned, the IP address determines the location of your device in the physical world. This means your geolocation can be revealed by the IP address of your device.

Although IP is assigned to the router, the area where your IP is located can be identified. Your ISP can be revealed to the government and they can report you for your activities online. The websites you visit will keep a record of your IP and will direct the traffic towards your device. The result is, you see a lot of advertisements related to the stuff you have recently searched on.

Why should I hide my IP Address?

The IP address of your device might put you in danger sometimes. So, it becomes necessary to hide your IP address from the government as well as the hackers. Here is what you can do to mask your IP address - use a VPN Software, use a proxy server, use TOR or use a Public WiFi to connect to the internet.

How do I hide my IP Address and location?

You need to stay cautious and need to hide your geolocation along with the IP Address from the hackers and government. For that, you may use a VPN Software which not only hides your IP but also assigns a different location and encrypts the data.

Another option is using a proxy server to hide your location and IP address, but it is a bit slower compared to the VPN. You can also use the TOR browser to protect your identity.

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