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Point 1: Caution – They Can Take Advantage of You


Today, almost every company in the market is very well aware of the fact that no one even tries to read the terms and conditions. Putting in whatever they like, hidden restrictions, and charges – is what they enter fearlessly into the private column and name it as terms and conditions.

Simply eliminate the threat of getting tagged as “scammed,” make sure you treat the terms and conditions as important as the real life documents — make sure you read it cautiously and comprehend it. If you are cautious enough, you will know exactly, what you are getting yourself into.

Point 2: Hidden Fees and Charges


Let’s try to put into perspective, say you wish to buy a web hosting plan, and you are scrolling up and down an entire list of terms and conditions listed. What if you discover a point on the list that you simply don’t agree with, but till now you didn’t want to waste your time going through it? First of all, at least for once give the credit to the individual who took all the trouble of listing the terms and conditions.

Secondly, let’s say you, due to any reason, you wish to cancel the web hosting service and the company charges discreetly for it, what you are going to do now? Only because you didn’t want to waste your time reading the terms of the company, you missed the point that the web hosting company you hired will charge you if you wish to discontinue, and fun fact you even agreed to it. Now if you are looking to place complain against the web host, then who is eventually going to look like the idiot? Simply You!

Point 3: Unlimited Disappointment


Now-a-days, almost all the companies, now and then, advertise about their web hosting offering like “unlimited” bandwidth or “unlimited” disk storage. To be true this make them look good and their services sound attractive, don’t they? It is always recommended to look and thoroughly go through their unlimited terms of services that they offer with their offerings.

Point 4: The Ground is the Limit

Limit! Who doesn’t hate them? And yet again, who does love them? Everyone in the market today needs and deserves a bit of freedom to do their thing. So, make sure before you click on I Agree, you carefully check the terms and conditions of the web host else you might end up signing a contract that can limit you or can put a boundary around you, and stop you from doing anything that you wish to do with your online site.

Point 5: You Can Do Something

It is not recommended to go through each and every single line of the terms and conditions, each time terms and services pops out in front of you. That’s simply not possible. All you can do is simply go through the bolded headings, and if some things pops your interest, that surely go through that para.

However, it is strictly recommended that one should thoroughly check and read about the payment and refund services, their restrictions, and cancellation services. These few are termed as important before clicking on I accept button.

Restrictions Restrictions Everywhere

Technically, all the restrictions that the web hosting company applies on you are stated under the headline “You completely agree that you will not do any of the following”. So after you have accepted the terms and conditions, it is no longer the matter of unintentional vs. intentional. The web hosting company has complete right to claim you, if you breached the agreement – intentionally or unintentionally.

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Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner has 7 years of experience as Network Administrator. His areas of interest includes Servers, Network Management and Cloud Computing.