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While most of us are aware that web hosting companies are THE place to go for web hosting and domain registration needs, not many of us are aware about other useful services provided by them.

Here’s my attempt to find out what these amazing companies offer.

NOTE: Many of these services are offered by GoDaddy and other hosting companies.

1. CashParking®

cash parking

CashParking is a registered trademark of GoDaddy Inc. However the concept which they have is available with other hosting companies as well.

So, here’s the idea: If you have a domain name on which you are not hosting any site yet, then you can allow web hosting companies to post their ads on it.

Ad revenues earned from this are split 60:40, in case of GoDaddy. That means you get to keep 60% (Basic plan) of ad revenue. If you are a hardcore domainer having hundreds of domains with you, you should go for Premium plan which give you 80% of revenue to keep.

But like all good things come at a price, so does CashParking.

It’s not free. You need to pay $3.99/month (Basic) or $9.59/month.

See Godaddy’s plan here

This CashParking makes sense only when you have a domain containing generic keyword which you think will come up every now and then when someone searches in Google.

So, just give it try. Let me know how it goes by commenting below.

2. Premium DNS

This service is best if ever experienced “website not found” error or delay / timeout in opening your website.

Having premium DNS guarantees that your website visitors will always (actually 99.999%) be able to open your website without any errors. And when price for such service starts from $2.39/month for all domains, it’s simply a no brainer.

3. Domain Broker

domain broker

Domain broker is a very attractive service offered by many web hosting companies. By using this service, you can get your ideal domain with the help of existing domain brokers.

The domain broker of the company establishes the contact with the selling party, and negotiates about the deal and finally helps to complete the transactions.

4. Domain Backorders

The domain backorder service is very useful for netting your desired domain name registered with any other person or registrar.

This service does not guarantee you to get your desired domain name, but still you can attempt to get the same.

The company helps you in getting the desired domain name with multiple ways, such as negotiation with the seller, monitoring the status of the domain, and helping you to bid for the domain, if it is being auctioned.

5. Personal Domain

personal domain

Personal domains are great in allowing you to direct people to any webpage you want.

For example, instead of telling them to search you on Facebook or Linkedin, you can just tell them to visit and it will take them straight to your social media pages.

You can also use Personal domains to direct to your social media pages till you construct your website.

6. New Fancy TLDs

The international domain name regulator ICCAN has introduced more than 1300 new fancy top level domains in recent years; some of the most popular new fancy TLDs include .bank, .food, .shop, .sucks, .london and many others.

These domains are being offered by many web hosting companies.

New fancy TLDs

Thus, you can get your desired domain name with those TLDs very easily.

The new fancy TLDs are becoming popular within all segments of internet users very fast. And it’s a good way to catch up with domain names if you didn’t get your desired domain in early 90’s when it all started.

So, if is already registered, then you can still go for, for example, or domain.

So, it’s a great opportunity to get your desired domain name, even though it may not be a .com domain.

7. Code and driver Signing Certificates

If you see on the internet, there are many websites that are not verified from any industry standard or system security organizations.

Thus, these websites may harm the system, data or information of the visitors. The code and driver signing certificate services improve your trustworthiness.

You can authenticate your entire code and the hardware drivers for security and integrity purposes.

By using this service, you can also eliminate the unidentified publisher warnings easily. Many web hosting companies are offering this service to make your code and drivers authenticated.

8. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

A large number of web hosting services are also offering the feature for the email marketing. You can start email marketing to promote your products or services.

You can also send business requests, ads, or any other communication with the targeted potential clients via this service.

9. SEO Services

SEO Services

Mostly people host a website and then do SEO either by themselves or hire a SEO Expert to do the work.

But, it is very less known that many web hosting companies offer fully managed search engine optimization services.

There are also many good tools available to support the SEO work on your website.

10. Online Book Keeping

The bookkeeping is one of the important services that are offered by many web hosting services. As we know, the eCommerce completely takes place online via the website.

Thus, the web hosting companies can create you detailed reports of sales, purchases, taxes and many others involved in a professional bookkeeping.

So I hope you now know that these web hosting companies can be approached for things other than just your webserver or domain.

Use their services and comment below how it goes. Cheers!

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