One thing I like about the VPN market is the fact that there’s even a market. You’re not limited to one or two options. In fact, you have the opposite problem: there are a ton of VPNs out there.

Even the less famous VPNs can rack up millions of downloads on app stores. So of course, you’ll want to find the right VPN for you in all this noise. Ever heard of VyprVPN?

It’s not the most popular VPN around, but it’s certainly got a presence. As in, there are over a million active users and the VyprVPN has received acclaim from a lot of places.

VyprVPNLike many VPNs, it originated from a strong concern over government surveillance. The company behind Vypr, Golden Frog, claims to have been founded in response to Room 641a, a room in AT&T’s San Francisco offices that was managed by AT&T in tandem with the National Security Agency to monitor internet traffic.

I’ve been using VyprVPN for a little while now, and I’m stunned I haven’t heard more about it. A ton of VPNs talk about their concern over government surveillance, but VyprVPN really puts its rhetoric into practice.

Although it’s not for everyone, VyprVPN is easily one of the most underrated VPNs I’ve come across. Let’s talk about why that is, and whether it’s the best choice for you.


I am impressed by VyprVPN. These are some of the highlights, but they are by no means the only good points.

  • No logs policy. That’s extremely common, but Vypr has been independently audited on this, which is a very promising sign.
  • Integrates with other apps, a good option for more advanced users.
  • 700 servers on 6 continents, and over 200,000 global IPs available.
  • VyprVPN manages its own servers instead of letting third parties handle them.
  • For users with more advanced needs, VyprVPN is excellent at bringing advanced features for relatively low costs.
  • For reasons mentioned above—self-managed servers, an audited no-logs policy—and more, VyprVPN is one of the strongest VPNs on privacy that I’ve seen.
  • Great speeds/performance.


As you continue to read, you’ll realize that VyprVPN is indeed a strong VPN, but not for everyone. Some of these points won’t even be considered flaws to some users, while other potential users may find these important downsides.

  • Kind of boring user interface, and an outdated aesthetic.
  • The free trial period is only 3 days, which is a relatively short amount of time.
  • Limited number of payment options: just cards and PayPal.
  • For users with relatively relaxed or basic concerns, Vypr is a bit expensive, even if you’re not on the premium plan.
  • On that note, for users with lax needs, Vypr’s features and tools are overkill. Certainly it’s nice to have, but probably not considered essential to such users, and thus maybe not worth paying for.

VyrprVPN is, in a word, nuanced. A simple pros and cons comparison is useful, but not enough: let’s check out some of that nuance.

Pricing and Features

Features are of varying importance to the VPN-seeker. Some people just want a basic VPN service to accomplish basic tasks, such as browsing the internet in a café, accessing locked content at school or work, or streaming geo-restricted content. For these people, a simple VPN that is fast, easy to use, quick to install, and affordable is usually ideal.

Others may want VPNs for more serious matters, and typically these are people more concerned with taking extra steps to protect their privacy for whatever reasons. These people may be want to have some extra features that let them tailor the software to their liking, and may be willing to invest a little more for the security.

Whatever the reason, the pricing and features of a VPN are important even if the service itself is relatively simple.

VyprVPN has two tiers, and each can be paid monthly or yearly.

vyprvpn plan

Purchasing yearly is cheaper, as usual. Paid monthly, VyprVPN’s basic service is $9.95 a month, and the premium version is $12.95 a month. The prices nearly halve if bought in bulk for a year.

Having tiers is on the less common side for VPN, but certainly a known phenomenon, and in this case Vypr only has two that aren’t bad. The main benefits are two extra devices for premium and a couple extra features that are pretty cool (more on that in a moment).

As far as the actual payment methods go, things are a bit limited for a quality VPN.

vyprVPN payment detailsLarger VPNs and VPNs that take really strong privacy stances (yes, there is such a thing even among VPN companies as having a strong or weak stance on privacy) tend to offer a wide variety of payment options, including popular cryptocurrencies.

With Vypr, however, you’re limited to either paying by card, through PayPal, or Alipay. It’s not the end of the world, and unless you’re adamant about making even your checkout process anonymous, it shouldn’t be too big a deal.

Note: If your need for privacy is very serious—for example, if you’re a journalist or whistleblower, or in a repressive country—be aware that VPNs are not a perfect solution to begin with. They can be useful, but you may wish to use TOR or a combination of TOR and a VPN.

Anyway, VyprVPN can be installed on multiple platforms, including a few less traditional ones.

vpn appsOnce you’re through with paying for it and installing it, what can you actually do with it? What does VyprVPN offer?

Well, there’s the basic VPN functionality, of course. Vypr has a no-logs policy that I trust more than most other VPNs (for reasons I will explain in the security section).

Someone paying for the first tier can use VyprVPN on 3 devices and has full access to the servers. Specifically, this means over 700 servers on 6 continents, and over 200,000 IP addresses are available. Per usual for paid VPNs, there are no data caps or limits on server switching.

The servers are run in 70 server locations, which is less than that of some more popular VPNs. For the users who just want to stream tons of content from every country, Vypr can get the job done but may not be as ideal as a VPN that offers more server locations. Keep in mind, however, that this is a tradeoff of VyprVPN running its own servers (more on that later).

A premium user gets to use more devices, as stated, but also gets two extra features: Chameleon Protocol and VyperVPN Cloud. Chameleon Protocol is a really useful feature that lets you avoid VPN blocking.

This can be super useful if your ISP blocks VPNs automatically (remember: using a VPN means your ISP can’t see what you’re seeing, but they can still see that your traffic is encrypted). Your home ISP may not do this, but ones at school or work probably do.

It’s not a super unique feature, but it’s not quite commonly bundled with VPN services either, so I like that Vypr has that setting by default (though again, just for the premium users).

VyprVPN Cloud is the other premium feature, and it lets you control your own dedicated cloud VPN server. This is a really neat feature that I haven’t seen often tied into VPN services.

It’s possible to set up your own VPN server, and sometimes at really low costs. It’s too much to get into now, but essentially setting up your own VPN server can be a bit more secure than a paid VPN and sometimes faster as well. Unfortunately, setting up your own dedicated VPN server can be time-consuming and difficult for beginners.

By including it into a package, however, VyprVPN gives the benefits and subtracts the disadvantages.

Something else that’s kind of unique about Vypr is that it can integrate with other applications really well.

vyprvpn app showcaseTruth be told, I doubt many casual users have ever heard of these apps, let alone find real use for them. Even the more privacy conscious may not have much of a need to integrate VyprVPN with other software.

Nonetheless, it’s certainly a unique characteristic and ought to be quite handy for more advanced users. Another couple features would be an automatic reconnect option, and automatic kill switch (which shuts down stops all internet traffic if VyprVPN gets disconnected) option.

All things considered, VyprVPN isn’t great for the more “fun” or “cutesy” VPNs that are geared towards entertainment. Don’t misunderstand: VyprVPN, being a fully-featured VPN, can handle streaming needs with ease.

However, other VPNs are better optimized for it and have extra features that make unlocking content easier. These tend to have less advanced features and lower prices.

Most of VyprVPN’s features are better suited for those with more advanced VPN interests. It can work like any basic VPN, but isn’t necessarily optimized for surface level VPN uses, and may not be worth the cost if that’s what you’re interested in.

The good news is that if you have more serious interests, or want a higher degree of control over your privacy, VyprVPN’s prices are very reasonable for what it offers.

Ease of Use

This leads quite naturally to our next point of interest: being better suited for a more advanced user, is VyprVPN difficult to use?

The short answer is no. This is mostly due to the fact that VPN software is essentially simple. A user really only needs to know how to press an “on” button to use a VPN.

And VyprVPN, like most other VPNs, has a relatively straightforward user-interface.

vyprvpn connect

Managing VPN settings can sometimes be too basic with other software, but I think VyprVPN’s settings window offers users enough control. It’s also pretty easy, but I’m not a fan of the aesthetic.

vypr vpn connect

VyprVPN’s control panel (accessed on the website, not in the software itself) is very simple and I can’t imagine anyone needing much help navigating it.

vyprvpn cpanelSo as far as daily VPN use is concerned, Vypr is pretty easy. It’s not nearly as cutesy, colorful, or flashy as a lot of other VPNs but that doesn’t mean it’s difficult.

The complication lies in the features VyprVPN offers. Think back to the apps you can integrate with VyprVPN, or the less common platforms Vypr supports. You won’t need to bother with these if you don’t want to, so beginners won’t need to worry about them.

However, this also means beginners are missing out on some of what makes VyprVPN robust. The reasons for which I consider VyprVPN a strong option are the same things that may also be challenging and unnecessary to beginners.

My short answer, thus, is that VyprVPN is pretty user-friendly. A total beginner could enjoy the service and even make good use of it if they were concerned about their privacy. However, making the most of VyprVPN’s potential requires more advanced knowledge.

Customer Support

If a total beginner were interested in making the most of VyprVPN anyway, then things aren’t hopeless. That’s what customer support is for! And beyond that, customer support is essential even for advanced users, who may face unexpected technical difficulties and need efficient solutions.

VPNs, being fairly simple services, tend not to have very robust customer support. Even really big VPN companies may have only one option for contacting representatives (usually email/ticketing system) and a very small knowledge base or FAQ page.

Vypr offers both live chat and email support, which is pretty good for a VPN, and a decent (but small) help center.

In my experience, representatives have been pretty helpful. Here’s one example.

vyprvpn chatvyprvpn chatAs you can see, the actual response came very quickly. Granted, it was a simple yes/no question, but it was still unusual and the representative was able to address it in no time. Email support is (obviously) not as instantaneous but still speedy and helpful.

Regarding on-site information, the Help Center is small, about the size of most other VPNs’ help centers. It’s a bit smaller than usual because it’s integrated with one of Golden Frog’s other products, Cyphr (a secure messaging app, if you’re interested).

vyprvpn help centerLike most VPNs, Vypr doesn’t have or need a tremendous set of support resources for its users. This is totally fine. The knowledge base/Help Center is a bit skimpy, but the representatives are a great tool. Proportionate to VPN software, I think VyprVPN has good customer support overall.

Security and Reliability

I’ve talked about it before, but VPNs are ironically quite finicky when it comes to privacy. You can trust most VPNs to do the basic job of encrypting your traffic, but that’s about it.

When you consider the fact that the whole point of a VPN is to protect a user’s data and internet usage, encrypting traffic shouldn’t be the sole task. Unfortunately, it often is, and the companies will proceed to take customer logs (sometimes without telling users), or fund themselves through advertisements that track users.

VPNs are private companies that you trust to secure your data. The problem is, it’s really difficult to be sure which companies can be trusted. Security and reliability are therefore fundamental to the core of VPN technology. How does VyprVPN do here?

Phenomenally well.

VyprVPN has a no logs policy, which isn’t in and of itself anything but standard. However, Vypr’s no logs policy has been independently audited, a huge relief to anyone who really wants to protect their privacy with a VPN.

vyprvpn no logThis is because most VPNs claim to have a no-logs policy. At times, however, certain companies have handed over user logs to government agencies, thus indicating they were not being honest about their policies: to have such a policy independently audited is a good way of knowing Vypr is being honest, and I commend them for it.

Another point in VyprVPN’s favor is the server management. Specifically, VyprVPN’s servers are all owned and managed by VyprVPN. That’s important because all too often, VPNs will let third parties run their servers and not tell customers (it’s usually a don’t ask, don’t tell sort of situation).

vyprvpn This is particularly something common for popular VPNs that have a ridiculous amount of server locations. Sometimes the companies really operate all the servers, but usually it’s more cost efficient to only directly own/operate some, and to let third parties handle the rest. It looks more impressive on paper, but reduces transparency and raises privacy risks.

Thus, a more privacy-focused user should be content with Vypr’s server locations. It’s a good price to pay for direct management. Plus, it’s still a lot of servers.

Vypr’s security focus doesn’t stop there. VyprVPN offers multiple security protocols, which let you control the level of encryption you want. Chameleon protocol, mentioned earlier, is just one great example.

Plus, Golden Frog runs VyprDNS, a zero-knowledge domain server. This basically is an extra privacy step included by default, as governments are known to conduct DNS man-in-the-middle attacks that redirect your online destination.

VyprVPN also comes equipped with a NAT Firewall, yet another layer of security. It’s default and doesn’t require configuration to install (it runs on Vypr’s servers).

And finally, Golden Frog (the company that runs VyprVPN) is headquartered in Switzerland. Why does that matter at all? Because Switzerland has much better digital privacy laws than most of the rest of the world, which makes Golden Frog far less likely to be culpable of handing over data or implementing backdoors at the behest of a government or intelligence agency.

So Vypr’s security is top notch. What about the performance though?

vyprvpn performance

Here’s a normal speed test, without the VPN connected.

vyprvpn performance

And here’s a speed test with the VPN connected and set to the fastest server. While it’s true that switching to other servers significantly made my speeds significantly lower, knowing that the fastest server is so close to being on par with my normal speeds floored me.

As far as performance and security go, VyrprVPN is easily one of the best.

Conclusion: do I recommend VyprVPN?

Let’s review the essential points of what we’ve covered so far.

VyprVPN’s security and performance are excellent. In fact, owing to its no-logs policy audits, the fact that it doesn’t let third parties run its servers, and a few other things, it’s one of the most trustworthy VPNs I’ve seen.

VyprVPN’s customer support is alright, good for a VPN, but nothing to write home about. It’s easy to use, but advanced users are more likely to make full use of it.

VyprVPN has quite a few features, but whether the price is worth it truly has to do with what you want to use a VPN for. If your needs are relatively low-key, you can definitely find a simpler VPN that is more affordable (you can even look at some free VPNs).

But if you take your privacy very seriously, VyprVPN is easily one of the best options around. It is highly secure, reliable, and trustworthy. It allows for more advanced settings and customization without being unusable.

VyprVPN’s prices are well-within the norm, but they might be too high for those with simpler needs. If that’s not you, VyprVPN is in fact very well priced. If you take your privacy seriously, and you want a quality VPN service, Vypr is a phenomenal deal.

If you’re still unsure, 3 days isn’t a ton of time, but it’s better than nothing—go ahead and try it out first!

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