You know, I like LimeVPN—it’s a smaller and lesser known VPN that still gets a decent amount of appreciation from folks like me who like a sturdy underdog.

If you’ve been searching for VPNs, you may have come across this strange “LimeVPN” name. Now, you’ve also probably noticed by now that it hasn’t really shown up in the news. What gives?

Well, let’s just think of it this way: no news is good news. LimeVPN has no controversy. You can look up reviews and you’ll see some good and some bad, like any other service, but there’s nothing newsworthy about what is running smoothly, and this is as true for VPNs as it is for international law.

In this review, I’ll talk about this less famous, underdog VPN in some more detail. There are some weaknesses, but overall, I’m happy to say it’s a worthy candidate for most people.

Sounds good right? Well, let’s find out why.

See LimeVPN’s Plans here…

LimeVPN Cons

Let’s start with the bad news first—what are LimeVPN’s weaknesses?

Well, the upper tier account may be a bit pricey for some, and there aren’t a lot of features for either Basic or Pro accounts.


The customer support is probably LimeVPN’s weakest area: while its online written resources are good, I had a pretty bad experience with their live chat. This may be bad luck, but just in case, I’m listing this as a weakness.

Hey, not so bad right?

LimeVPN Pros

Time for the glass to be half full instead of half empty.

While the Pro account may be pricey for some users, it’s not unreasonable considering the dedicated VPN and dedicated IP services you get with it.

Even if I’m wrong about that and it’s insanely expensive, the Basic account at least is pretty low (especially if you’re paying yearly rather than monthly) and really makes up for any lack of features to me.

Because it’s not like you’re lacking any important features with LimeVPN—you just don’t get a lot of fancy ones. But the package is comprehensive enough to get the job done just fine.

Plus, even if customer support is iffy, it’s easy to install and use, and it runs really smoothly.


Overall it lacks more in some areas than the “top” VPNs, but you get a great bang for your buck nonetheless. As I always say though, the devil’s in the details, so let’s take a look.

LimeVPN Pricing

Alright, let’s talk about how much this will all cost. You can view the full details officially here.

LimeVPN’s pricing structure is a little unique for most VPNs. For most VPNs, the package offered is the same and the variation lies in the amount of time for which you’re paying—paying per month or per year, for example.

Instead, LimeVPN offers a basic account and a pro account, which are sold per year and per month.

LimeVPN’s Monthly Price:

If you’re paying for a month of service, Basic costs $2.49 per month and Pro costs $19.99 a month.



LimeVPN’s Yearly Price: (Price varies based on yearly package)

If you’re paying for a year of service, Basic costs $1.49 per month and Pro costs $14.98 a month (keep in mind that these are billed yearly).LIMEVPN'S YEARLY PRICE

There’s also a 7 day refund policy. Personally I’d like to see that become longer, because I don’t feel 7 days is enough to really get a feel for the software, and some other VPNs offer longer periods or even free trials.

Nonetheless, while the Pro account is at least average priced and probably pricey for most (myself included), the Basic account, especially per-year, is actually really cheap.

Some may feel there isn’t enough of a middle ground between a cheap Basic account and expensive Pro account, but overall we can at least say the service has a cheap entry level account, regardless of your feelings towards the higher tier.

LimeVPN Features

Alright, let’s look at what you’ll be getting for this cheap/expensive VPN. You can view more official details here.

For starters you’ll have access to unlimited IP addresses. LimeVPN notes this is restricted with other VPNs, but this has not been my experience with high ranked VPNs—so be wary of this type of advertising on the website.

The VPN speed goes up to 10GBPS, and there is unlimited server switching and VPN usage. That all sounds great, but to me it seems kind of basic for most paid VPNs. At least they have a lot of servers all over the place.

I did find it encouraging that all the coding, network, and servers are directly managed by LimeVPN. That’s a fairly strong asset, especially as it’s a relatively small VPN.

Another strong feature is the large amount of security protocols enabled. Even on some top ranked VPNs, I haven’t seen so many enabled—LimeVPN will work with OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, SSTP and Softether.

Encryption is at 256 bit (industry standard, but still good), and a NAT firewall is available.

LimeVPN Features

Note: all the features previously mentioned are available for both Basic and Pro accounts.

Anyway, it’s available for a few platforms, but only the basic ones—Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and DD-

WRT. I personally always like to see a more comprehensive list of options.

As for the higher tier features, you are allowed 20 concurrent connections, compared to 2 for Basic. You also get that dedicated IP option included, which is pretty solid as some VPNs charge you extra (then again, the Pro accounts are a bit pricey).

What else? You get a dedicated private VPN node, a dedicated bandwidth of 1GBPS.


It may not seem like much, but it’s important to remember that you’d mostly be buying a Pro account to have a dedicated VPN service, in which case, the features would be pretty “dedicated,” so it makes sense.

And while there is not a crazy amount of features for a Basic account, but they’re still all the things you’d really need to get a decent VPN service…plus Basic is relatively cheap, so I think it’s a good value.

Customer Support

Overview of customer support.

In fact, just in case the software feels hard to use, they even have a very visible page on their website titled “How to use.” It’s interesting to me that all the information on this page is in fact separate, officially, from their “Support” page—you’d think it’d be part of some “knowledge base,” but whatever.

Their “how to” page is pretty in depth and deals with a lot of set up information, so that’s pretty pleasant—I suppose it’s in depth enough they needed to separate it from the general support section.

Their main support page has an FAQ section, which itself is divided into subsections tackling general, billing, and technical questions. There are also some trouble shooting articles, but to me they might as well have kept them in the FAQ section.

You can contact them via a ticket system as well as a live chat system that is automatically enabled when you visit the website.

The live chat looks like a very modern messenger app and supposedly will return a response to you within 5 minutes. However, as sleek as it looks, I didn’t quite have a good experience with it.

For one, I did not receive a response within 5 minutes.

Customer Support1

This first message was sent automatically when I visited the pricing page. I got a new message that seemed similarly automated when I visited the features page (represented by the notification symbol in the top left).

Customer Support2

I decided to send a reply to the second automated message and did not get a quick response. After a certain point I was sent a notification from LimeVPN suggesting I email. Additionally, I had no ability to scroll up and see older messages.

I did not receive a response for about 24 minutes, and then I gave up:

Customer Support3

I ran an errand and checked back later to see if I had gotten a response. As a matter of fact, I still had not gotten any response.

Customer Support4

Another hour passed.

Luckily, I wasn’t asking them an important question, I was asking them more of a test question. Maybe I caught them on a bad day, but that’s very far from 5 minutes. Note: they did respond after two hours. The answer was “yes.”

Additionally, I personally found the writing on the website shabby. I noticed quite a few grammatical errors and poor word choices throughout the site.

That’s not really a big deal, but it may turn off some users who will get a sketchy feeling from the website.

Overall, I will at best rank the customer support as average—maybe my bad experience with live chat was just bad luck, and there’s a strong amount of documentation and help guides on the site to even that out.

But realistically, I think customer support is a bit lacking, as many of the online resources are kind of basic for any VPN to have, and the live chat is essential as there is no phone support.

See LimeVPN’s Plans here…

Ease of Use

Having services easy to use has become something of a gold standard for today’s technological and internet products.

Luckily, LimeVPN doesn’t fall short of its industry standard in this regard.

In all honesty, there’s not too much to say here, because we only really have things to say when things go badly.

It’s easy to use. Maybe some users who are new to VPNs will have some first-timer difficulties, but that would be a problem with any other VPN too.

Windows VPN client to use with Lime VPN for Windows.


The only way LimeVPN would differ here is that an unknowledgeable customer wouldn’t get as good customer support via LimeVPN as they would with another VPN.

However, I see this as a marginal difference. Overall LimeVPN is pretty easy to use, and most things are self-explanatory. Anything that isn’t is a quick Google away anyway—there’s not a whole lot of jargon that gets employed in the day to day running of the software.

LimeVPN is not exceptionally easy to use, but it is easy to use nonetheless, so I’ll give it some credit.


How does it all actually perform though?

As I’ve said, it’s very easy to use. Installation on my Windows 7 desktop was painless.

And as I’ve said for ease of use, when something is doing well, there’s not much to say—we only really talk when something’s gone amiss. I feel this for LimeVPN’s performance.


I didn’t notice anything negative. They advertise themselves as the fastest VPN in the United States, and honestly I can’t say if this is accurate or not. It was fast, but it didn’t seem any faster than any other VPN I’ve used.

That aside, using it has been a pretty smooth experience. It’s easy to toggle between options and nothing was glitching out on me.

As far as I know, LimeVPN is secure. They also say they don’t store logs, but so does every VPN.

My general VPN philosophy is that you should be okay with sacrificing some speed and otherwise you shouldn’t notice anything else—a good VPN won’t intrude on your day to day online experience all that much.

LimeVPN passes my simple test—it does all it needs to and doesn’t bother you with anything else. I think the performance is a plus.


So overall, what’s the verdict?

Pricing is either pretty cheap or kind of pricey, depending on if you’re going for Basic or Pro.

You don’t get a ton of features, but the dedicated VPN service seems pretty solid, and you’re not missing out on anything either.

The customer support I can only at best give a so-so, but I hope it’ll be better for other people and that I just had bad luck with the live chat. To be on the safe side though, I can’t list it as a strength.

Other than that, it’s plenty easy to use and works like a charm! I have no complaints about the performance and I think it’s very intuitive to install and work with.

I think that LimeVPN, while not being the most feature-packed or supported VPN, definitely packs great bang for your buck.

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