15 Best Free Form Builder Tools for 2019 (Personally Tested)

Reading Time: 6 min read

Are you looking for a reliable tool that would help you create powerful and user-friendly forms to increase work productivity? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you find the perfect form maker for your website.

Meant to easily create, share forms, and collect data, these 15 free online forms builders are worth checking for.

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13 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools of 2019 (No. 9 is Awesome)

Reading Time: 5 min read

It’s tough for everyone to get recognized, for a business to rise and for artists to promote their work online. But thanks to Social Media which has made this simpler now by offering a Platform to everyone.

But, don’t you want to know –

Where do you stand in the competition?

Whom have you reached till now?

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9 Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Businesses (2019)

Reading Time: 4 min read

Online businesses benefit a lot from marketing automation technology. It is a type of platform designed to effectively use different channels for online marketing purposes.

One of the key benefits of utilizing marketing automation tools is that it allows you to send highly tailored email campaigns to all your customers and potential customers in an instant.

This article will give you a preview of the best marketing automation software available in the market. You will be able to know which software benefits your business more in terms of usability, functionality, and affordability. 

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10 Latest Ecommerce Statistics for 2019 (Trends, Insights & More!)

Reading Time: 6 min read

E-commerce is a big deal nowadays. You already know that, but when you see some of the numbers, you’ll find they’re jaw-dropping.

Understanding the scope of e-commerce is important, as is understanding its many nuances.

Luckily for us, e-commerce is widely studied, so there’s a ton of research about it. The problem?

Some of that research is outdated, and some of it isn’t very good. And, there’s so much, I can sometimes be hard to find the relevant facts.

But hey — don’t worry! I’ve dug deep to find the most reliable stats, trends, and insights on e-commerce around!

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JustHost Review: Is it Really ‘Just’ what I need? Let’s find out (2019)

Reading Time: 10 min read

Ever heard of JustHost?

If you’re like me, it “sounds familiar” but you can’t remember much else about it. Well, once I began looking into JustHost, I found it was a fairly sizeable hosting company.

And it turns out, JustHost is owned by Endurance International Group and thus a sister company to Bluehost and HostGator (among others).

Although it’s not as popular as its sister companies, JustHost handles a large amount of sites:

justhost site count

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23 Best PayPal Alternatives of 2019 (No. 4 is Awesome)

Reading Time: 9 min read

When it comes to online money transfer in the modern day, PayPal is pretty much at the top of the food chain, right?

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is satisfied with its service. Many have had problems with PayPal, which inspired them to seek out another payment solution.

If you are looking to replace PayPal, or you don’t have access to it at all — fear not. We have prepared a list of as many as 23 PayPal alternatives, which are bound to help you manage your money.

Whether you need it for your business or personal use, we have something for everybody.

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11 Best A/B Testing Tools For 2019 (No.3 is Awesome)

Reading Time: 7 min read

Are you looking for the top A/B testing tools on the market today? You’re in the right place.

These days, the only way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your landing pages, social media ads, digital content and website pages, is to test them.

Something as small as the wrong word in your title, or the wrong color on your CTA button could mean the difference between a sale, and cart abandonment.

A/B testing tools are how you check that every component of your digital assets, from fonts through to graphics, is working as it should be.

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13 Best Email Marketing Services in 2019 (Which one is your favorite?)

Reading Time: 7 min read

The most efficient way to get your messages and proposals across the net is email marketing. Whether you are a blogger who wants to reach out to your followers or you are a small business and you want more leads generated daily, you will benefit a lot from email marketing.

It helps increase repeat visits and builds rapport to frequent visitors, thus increasing your sales. Moreover, choosing the right email marketing software that suits your needs and requirements is important to ensure the growth of your business.

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How to Block Websites (Super Easy Steps, with screenshots)

Reading Time: 5 min read

There are many reasons for why one would want to block websites, sometimes, they just bug you to a level where you want to break the screens of your device.

While some websites only irritate you to that extend others might be sending in harmful viruses that can damage your computer and files.

There are also websites that can steal information from your computer or online data and not everyone is able to avoid these websites or take care of them without blocking them.

The best way of course is to block these websites for good! There are different methods through which you can block websites on different browsers, or operating systems.

Read on to find out how to block websites on your operating system or device!

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23 Best SEO Tools to Boost Site Marketing in 2019

Reading Time: 27 min read

Good search engine optimization (SEO) is everything.

Because if you want people to see your site, buy products from your store, or read your content—you’ll want people to find your site through search engines.

Okay, you probably know that. But:

You might be wondering why you need to know about SEO tools—isn’t as simple as Googling around and being sure to use certain words that seem likely to bring searches?

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Want to promote your blog? 151 Tried and Tested ways

Reading Time: 47 min read

How to get people to read your blog? How to get traffic to your blog? How to get your blog to the people who want to see it?

These are questions that everyone running or marketing a blog asks. And it’s easy to get discouraged—there are already so many blogs out there!

Luckily, it’s absolutely possible to promote your blog to increase traffic or readership or customers. Below, I’ve got 151 tried and tested ways to promote your blog.

They cover all sorts of methods and venues. Some are big, some are small. You don’t have to do all of them—but they’re certainly worth a look.

Let’s get started!

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49 Most Creative 404 Error Pages of 2019 (No. 22 & 48 are awesome)

Reading Time: 6 min read
Users don’t like to be stumble upon 404 page but it’s an owner task to keep them interested within the site, even in error.

So, why does 404 error occur?

404 occurs when a web page requested is not available.

It occurs due to your visitors typed the wrong address, or they’ve visited a page that no longer exists, or there is a link on the site that leads to a “dead end”.

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9 Best Essential Tools for Site Owners (No.3 & 5 are Spy Tools)

Reading Time: 5 min read

Do you have a website? Are you looking for tools for your website which can make your day-to-day tasks more efficient?

You have landed on the right page!

In this post, we will talk about eight amazingly useful and effective tools for websites that every website owner should have.

You can boost your day to day activities and can improve your long term productivity with the help of these super useful tools!

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What is 404 not Found Error & How to Fix it (Explained with Example)

Reading Time: 6 min read

When a searcher clicks on your website, their browser sends your server the information about the content they want to access.

The server then identifies the page they’re requesting and sends it back to the searcher’s browser.

The server responds to the user’s request through an HTTP response code.

Now, if everything plays out well, the searcher will land on the page without seeing the response code. On the other hand, if there is any problem in the interaction between the server and the browser, the error message will be displayed.

There are two types of browser error messages.

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26 Best Password Managers for 2019 (No. 8 is My Favourite)

Reading Time: 12 min read

Remembering your passwords can be a tricky thing to do these days. Most of us have accounts on dozens of websites, and it is very important that all of them are different.

Otherwise, we risk having numerous accounts breached if only one of them falls victim to hackers.

There is a solution, however. A solution that will help you keep all of your passwords safe and prevent you from having to remember more than one, and it lies in using the best password manager app.

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