GreenGeeks Review: Is this REALLY Eco-Friendly? 100% Uptime Recorded till now

chris wagner

Chris Wagner

“We have been a paying customer for GreenGeeks since January 2018.

We are monitoring GreenGeeks’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our website

This review of GreenGeeks is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This GreenGeeks Hosting Review was revised and updated on November 06, 2019.

Think fast: why don’t you do more for the environment?

Okay, well, assuming you think it’s important. The question stands: what stops you?

Convenience is a big one. Cost is usually the other.

What if I told you that you can actually help the environment in your hosting and that you can do this without much extra cost OR loss of convenience?

And what if I told you that on top of not being bad, it’s actually GOOD?

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InMotion Hosting Review – We Have Spend 31+ Months Testing InMotion.

chris wagner

Chris Wagner

“We have been a paying customer for InMotion hosting since April 2017.

We are monitoring Inmotion’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our website

This review of InMotion Hosting is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This InMotion Hosting Review was revised and updated on November 06, 2019.

If you’re like me, you love underdogs.

I’m talking about the characters in books and movies who are somehow disadvantaged compared to the big, powerful “top dog.”

But despite their disadvantages and the dominance of the rival, the underdog works hard and manages to make a name for themselves, sometimes even rivaling or beating the traditional winner.

I LOVE those stories, so I’m gonna tell you one right NOW. Let’s welcome our underdog:

InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001, which puts it on the older side for an internet company.

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NameCheap Review 2019: Uptime History + Pros & Cons after using it!

chris wagner

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for NameCheap since November 2017.

I am monitoring NameCheap’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of NameCheap is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This NameCheap Review was revised and updated on November 06, 2019.

In the world of domain name registration, few names are bigger than Namecheap. Namecheap is well established in domain registration for its low prices and reliable service.

Like many other registrars, Namecheap also offers hosting services. Unfortunately, while we all know Namecheap the registrar, few of us know Namecheap the host. This isn’t surprising, given that the company’s name directly refers to domains and not hosting, but nonetheless…

Today, you’re in luck! Because in this review I will summarize my findings from using Namecheap. And to make things extra special, I’ll talk about Namecheap as both a host and registrar.

So, how does Namecheap stack up? Is it only good for being cheap? Is it only good for managing its 10 million domains, or can it do the other part of the site equation as well?

It’s complicated, but we’ll get there. So without further ado, let’s talk about Namecheap!

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HostGator Review: Why I Love/Hate HostGator (Solid Uptime)

chris wagner

Chris Wagner

“We have been a paying customer for HostGator since August 2017.

We are monitoring HostGator’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our website

This review of HostGator is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This HostGator Hosting Review was revised and updated on November 06, 2019.

If you’ve looked around a few lists of top hosting providers, you may have come across a certain name: HostGator.

HostGator is not the largest hosting platform, but it is on the larger side.

What is HostGator?

It’s been in business since 2002—which, for the hosting world, means it’s pretty well established—and it’s gotten big enough to have international offices in addition to its HQ in Austin and Houston.

In 2012, HostGator was acquired by Endurance International Group (EIG), which also owns another major hosting provider—Bluehost.

We don’t know the final number of subscribers HostGator has, but it surpassed 200,000 customers way back in 2009.

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The first time I checked out’s website, I was a little sketched out. I mean, can you blame me?

smarterasp home page looks a little scammy at first glance, but a deeper dive reveals that it’s actually a fairly reputable hosting company.

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How to Make Money Online: 137 Ways That Work GREAT Right Now!

Earning money online conjures up a lot of different things in our collective imagination. Some people picture the good side:

A teenager going viral on YouTube and then bringing in millions in sponsors and ad revenue. Or a sly person who’s got a simple idea of doing business online, and expands it into a small empire.

money gif

And then there are the bad images: people in the “gig economy” working without benefits or stable pay.

These are things that do happen, but they are the extremes of a long spectrum that includes everything else in between.

This is a long list because there are a LOT of ways of making money online, and I want to give credence to the full range of possibilities for internet income.

The items on this list concern all sorts of things and are warned that there is a fair amount of overlap. Some things are strategies for making money online. Other things are websites for selling stuff. Yet others are gig marketplaces, or sites that pay you to do this or that. It’s natural to have an overlap.

NOTE: If you are thinking of making money online, you need a website for your product or service. For less than $3 / month, you can get started with a FREE domain and Unlimited hosting from GreenGeeks.

As you may have guessed, I am pretty experienced by now with earning money online, and I’d like to share my appreciation for all the wonderful possibilities and endless nuance the modern world has given us!

Ready? Let’s get started then.

Please note that I have placed Upvote buttons below each option. You can vote for them and let me know the ones you like.

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What is 502 Bad Gateway Error and How to fix it (Easy Guide to Fix)

One of the things that certainly frustrate both consumers and web owners is seeing an error code pop up on the website or on one of its pages. One of those annoying pests is the 502 error or bad gateway error.

Although not as common as other server errors, this one is particularly troublesome when it does occur, especially since it’s often difficult to find the root of the problem.

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Where can I host my videos for free? 10 Best Tested Video Hosting Sites

Thinking of starting a video log or want to host your video over a platform but are confused?

Well making a choice is often tough and it requires you to be accurate about what you pick up. You need to be sure whether it will work out for you or not.

Let us make it easy for you.

We have enlisted a few best video hosting sites where you can host your video and share it over social networking websites.

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9 Best Free Blog Sites: Launch a Blog Without Paying a Dollar (2019)

People start a blog for various reasons. Some do it just to share opinions, some to share their experiences while some do it for earning.

Just don’t sit idle or stay boring and waste those writing skills that you have.

Thinking of starting a blog? That’s a good thing.

But before that, you need to know a few things. Right now, let’s look at some of the best free blog sites which will help you create a blog.

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How to Make a Music Website: Step by Step Guide (no coding skills required)

Mastering a skill takes time. The more time you spend on mastering one skill, the less time there is to master the other. This is why if you’ve spent so much time perfecting your music, the odds are you’re not a great coder. You’re not a great web designer either.

So how do you handle creating a website for your band? If you have the support of a producer or a label, you can easily get a couple of thousands of dollars to hire professionals. What if you’re trying to get recognized on your own?

You’d have to get some free software and create a website yourself. With our guide on how to create a music website, it’s going to be easier than you’d imagine. Here’s where you start.

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3 Easy Steps To Move Website From GoDaddy to BlueHost

Updated: This article has been updated on 13th October 2019 to show updated screenshots as per new Godaddy and BlueHost interface.

Here’s an article to help you move your website from GoDaddy to BlueHost.

In my previous article, I had touched upon few GoDaddy Alternatives if you are fed up with GoDaddy. One of the alternatives that I recommended was BlueHost.

For all those who are convinced, I will show you how to move domain and website from GoDaddy to BlueHost.

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14 Best Real Estate Agent Websites for Inspiration (Handpicked Collection)

Thinking to start your career as a real estate agent? That’s great. But for that, you will need to work really hard and build up an identity from scratch, right?

We actually do not have an idea of whether we would survive in this race of agencies or not. Still, if you’ve made up your mind, go ahead with that.


you need to know why you need a website as a real estate agent.

And, you also need to keep in mind some tips for marketing that might help you as a real estate agent.

Our team has enlisted a few of the best real estate agent websites that could inspire you.

Have a look:

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9 Best Forum Software for Creating Online Community in 2019

Want to meet computer geeks or like-minded people who share the same interests as you do? Forum is the answer then.

Forum software allows you to make a community platform where you can share opinions in the form of posts and messages.

Forums allow you to discuss the problems that you face in something you are working on and see what people think about it. “Discuss – Try – Resolve” your errors and also “Participate – Offer Solutions – Get Appreciated” by helping others to find a solution.

Forum is all about this. We have enlisted a few of the best forum software that allows you to create an online community. Take a look…

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How to Secure Your Website from Getting Hacked (12 Actionable Ways)

A business website serves as a storefront as it is often the first point of contact with the customers. For this reason, laxity against external security threats can compromise critical business relations. World over, governments have always sought to deter hackers by enacting strict data theft laws. However, the number of data breach instances continues to rise.

This increasing number of external website security threats should be of major concern to any business. This is because even a single security breach could affect customer’s trust even if the consequences are insignificant.

In this article, we are going to look at what constitutes website security, why you need to secure your website, and tips to deter hackers.

We are also going to look at how having a symfony development dedicated team in your team can help strengthen your website’s security.

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FastestVPN Review: How fast is it really? Let’s find out (2019)

Technology has changed the face of privacy over the internet. Our activities are tracked, surfing is monitored and our privacy is at risk.

Do not worry, there is always a TIT for TAT, and our TAT is VPN Software. All of us are pretty much aware of what basically a VPN does.


There are few VPN Softwares that are unique in their own way and have distinguishing features.

May I present to you – FastestVPN.

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