Bluehost vs GoDaddy — “6 Tests” Based on My Experience

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for BlueHost and Godaddy.

I am monitoring both shared hosting’s servers for Uptime and Performance through my website and

This Comparision of BlueHost vs Godaddy is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

Comparison updated: April 2019

If you’re looking into hosting, you will certainly have heard of these two names.

Bluehost and GoDaddy are two of the biggest hosting providers out there, so big that they’ll come up on almost every major list of the best hosting options.

How on earth is it possible to choose, then?

GoDaddy is probably the better-known provider of the two, but does that mean it’s better?

Bluehost’s front page gives a starting price of $2.95 a month, and GoDaddy gives a starting price of $2.99 a month, but is the price difference noteworthy?

Or, does Bluehost’s increased price mean it’s delivering better service?

Ultimately the choice is yours, and while it can be tough to pick, we’ll help you get there.

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If you have ever searched about, then chances are that you would have stumbled a mixed review.

Some good and some bad review.

However, I thought of reviewing it myself and list down the good and not so good points about

But before that let me give a brief about the company based on whatever information I could gather.

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How to Backup WordPress Website

If you are a WordPress user, then you would have thought about taking backup of your WordPress website.

Many users do not feel the necessity to back up their WordPress website, at least until something happens to the website.

This could be losing your WordPress website or falling a prey to a malicious hacker. In such situations, a backup of the existing website helps. These are just a few scenarios, but in the real world, there could be more.

While hacking is one way of possibly losing your website, there are other ways too.

For instance, you install a wrong plugin or the hosting is done incorrectly.

Well, in either case, losing your website is a big nightmare.

Luckily WordPress offers multiple and reliable backup solutions.

Taking a backup of your WordPress website is extremely simple and can be done in multiple ways. In case you are an avid WordPress user then definitely you should be aware of these backup techniques.

Through this post, I will explain 3 methods to back up your WordPress website.

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2020’s Best Node.js Hosting Providers

Node.js is a relatively newer technology and is trending everywhere, especially in web development. It has several benefits and probably that is also one of the reasons why its popularity is on the rise.

Node.js was first launched in 2009 and has its stable latest version released in 2018.

With Node.js a single unified platform can be used for the client as well as server-side scripting. Few of the top brands include – GoDaddy, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, PayPal, Yahoo, Walmart to name a few.

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LemonStand Review: Pros and Cons Based on my overall Experience

Have you heard the news about LemonStand?

Well, I guess you probably haven’t. I haven’t either. I tried looking and I didn’t really find anything, or at least nothing credible from a major news outlet.

That’s a good thing though! Why? Because it means nothing significantly bad has happened. It means that LemonStand at least does its job, that there haven’t been any major security breaches, that LemonStand isn’t scamming its customers.

But in the world of hosting and e-commerce, you better believe LemonStand is pretty well known. Find just about any article about the top e-commerce options, and chances are a good number of them will have a solid mention of LemonStand.

So what’s the deal with this quiet, yet well-performing hosting option? The option that’s routinely ranked among the big names in the hosting world, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion but without all the big press of those famous heavyweights?

Well, you’ll find out soon enough, but let me just say that LemonStand easily deserves its position as a top e-commerce platform, and in my humble opinion, it may even deserve to be ranked even higher than the norm for quite a few users.

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3dcart Review: Cons & Pros after Using it! [2020]

Have you heard the news? 3dcart is releasing Version 8 soon, an update that will be the first major upgrade of any top ecommerce platform in 2018.

Well, that’s if you’ve heard of 3dcart in the first place. If you’ve been interested in having a solid platform for your online shop, you’ve probably come across the names Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, and so on.

And when you encounter the name 3dcart, it’s not as often—what gives? Is it even worth looking into?

I’ll answer that for you: yes, absolutely. First of all, it’s still generally regarded as one of the top e-commerce platforms, and secondly, it doesn’t slouch on what it offers its clients at all.

Ultimately, I think the deciding factor for most people would just be how it feels, because it doesn’t lack so seriously in any area that it’s an incomparable service to Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other big name.

Get 3dcart’s free trial here.

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NameCheap vs. Godaddy: 7 Minutes to know which one is better in 2020

So you have planned to launch your own website? That’s great. Something very basic you would need is a domain. And yes a domain registrar to start with.

To start with, let me briefly tell you what exactly is domain registration. Domain name registration is the process of reserving a name on the Internet for a specific period of time, such as one year.

The domain remains with you, so long as you renew it. There is no way to purchase a domain name forever.

A domain name gives your website a unique, recognizable name. There are several hosting companies which provide domain registration as well along with hosting solutions.

Indeed, choosing the right domain registration service could be a tedious job, unless you are completely aware of the services the companies offer.

I have been using two equally big hosting brands NameCheap and GoDaddy for quite some time.

Based on my experience, I will give you a comparative review of both of their domain registration services.

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Shopify Review – My Personal Experience with Pros & Cons

Gearing up for an eCommerce launch is no small task. While there are countless major decisions to be made, few are as important as the ecommerce platform you choose.

In this article I’ll offer my personal insight and review of the Shopify platform.

Choosing Shopify wasn’t an easy decision. While there are more than one hundred eCommerce platforms to choose from, ranging from standalone (like Shopify and BigCommerce) to integrations with existing sites (think Woocommerce or eCommerce add-ons for Wix).

In this Shopify review I’ll take you through the pros and cons as well as the elements that stood out most to me when choosing the platform.

I’ll also dig into other elements I discovered once I got into the backend of the system, like the setup and ease-of-use.

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HostGator Coupon Code — Save $156.37 with 45 Days Trial (2020)

Get 52% Discount with 45 Days Trial

Use Promo code FREEUPGRADE3 or Activate link

About HostGator:

Founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley, HostGator is a popular, award winning Web Hosting Company that is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). HostGator provides affordable Web Hosting (Windows / Linux), Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

HostGator provides 45 day Money Back Guarantee.  They are so confident that if you cancel their hosting within 45 days, they will refund all your money – no questions asked.

HostGator offers your own Toll-Free Number if you go for their Business Plan. This is one thing which none of its competitors are offering.

Don’t sign up without using my HostGator Coupon Link.

HostingPill has an exclusive coupon code for HostGator, which gives you the best discounts on HostGator plans.

Plan Without Discount With Discount Savings (3 yr)
Hatchling Plan $9.95/mo $2.75/mo $156.37
Baby Plan $6.95/mo $5.95/mo $149.00
Business Plan $14.95/mo $5.95/mo $329.00

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8 Step Checklist to Achieve Loading Times Under 1 Second

In this article I am going to give you how you can improve your website speed with 8 Practical Tips for Better Website Performance. So here we go:

Have you wondered what slow page speed (aka Website Performance) could mean to your website and your business? Page speed affects the two most important things about your website:

1. Search Engine Rankings

Ever since Google announced in 2010 that page speed will be considered as a factor for page ranking, website owners are looking for ways to improve their page speed.

Read: Using site speed in web search ranking

Take a look at this trend report that clearly shows a significant increase in interest about page speed:

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Hostinger Business Hosting Review

Often as the business scales up, there would be scenarios where a shared hosting will not be sufficient. In such cases, one needs to check for alternate and more robust hosting options.

Most hosting platforms provide alternate hosting options to cater to high performance and speed requirements. One such hosting plan is the Hostinger’s Business hosting plan which focuses to provide better performance over shared hosting.

Let me start this by providing a brief overview of the company. Hostinger was first started in 2004. To its credit, Hostinger is spread across 178 countries and has over 29 million users.

Hostinger has had an exciting journey with a revolutionary growth, initially starting its services completely free. Officially in 2011, the brand Hostinger came into existence.

I will provide a detailed review of Hostinger Business plan along with the pros and cons of its services.

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DreamHost Coupon 2020 — Discounts Up to 50% OFF

If you are looking for DreamHost Coupon codes, you are at the right place.

How to Apply DreamHost Coupon Code?

All you need to do is click the below button and the discounts will be applied on the DreamHost page:

Last used 5 hours ago
Reviewed by: Chris Wagner

About DreamHost

Founded in 1998, Dreamhost is a popular, award winning Web Hosting Company that powers 1.5 million websites, blogs and apps. DreamHost provides affordable Linux Shared Hosting, VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

DreamHost provides an unheard of 97 day Money Back Guarantee.  They are so confident that if you cancel their hosting within 97 days, they will refund all your money – no questions asked.

Unlike other hosting provides, Dreamhost does not restrict resources in any form. So, they offer Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth, Unlimited Domain Hosting and Unlimited Email Accounts.

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LimeVPN Review: Easy to use, but with few minor issues

You know, I like LimeVPN—it’s a smaller and lesser known VPN that still gets a decent amount of appreciation from folks like me who like a sturdy underdog.

If you’ve been searching for VPNs, you may have come across this strange “LimeVPN” name. Now, you’ve also probably noticed by now that it hasn’t really shown up in the news. What gives?

Well, let’s just think of it this way: no news is good news. LimeVPN has no controversy. You can look up reviews and you’ll see some good and some bad, like any other service, but there’s nothing newsworthy about what is running smoothly, and this is as true for VPNs as it is for international law.

In this review, I’ll talk about this less famous, underdog VPN in some more detail. There are some weaknesses, but overall, I’m happy to say it’s a worthy candidate for most people.

Sounds good right? Well, let’s find out why.

See LimeVPN’s Plans here…

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5 Best ASP.NET Hosting Providers [Based on Personal Experience]

What is ASP.NET hosting?

ASP.Net is a powerful web development language, much similar to how one can use Java or PHP. is the best choice for Windows platform, owing to its interdependency with Windows OS. It is a web application framework which can create dynamic web pages and services.

To support this, several hosting companies are providing hosting options. These hosting options are combined with several add-ons available for rapid web development and quick hosting.

Why should you use web hosting?

While there are several benefits of using web hosting, I would like to highlight a few key reasons-

  • Windows – This is especially useful for Windows-based developers.
  • Ease of development – A hosting platform reduces most of the manual tasks and provides essential services required for hosting under one roof
  • Add-ons – With hosting one can also enjoy a range of add-ons and services that each hosting platform offers.
  • Quick Deployment – With hosting support, you can get your website up and running very quickly
  • Customer Support – A hosting platform, is a great way to guide you through the complete website development. You can easily access, customer support and the hosting platform’s knowledge base

Let me now walk you through the top 5 hosting platforms-

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6 Best Cloud Hosting Providers (Reviews & Performance Tests)

Cloud server hosting has gained immense popularity in the recent past and the trend is likely to grow over the future.

So, what exactly is cloud hosting?

Well, to put in the simplest form, the resources required to maintain your website are spread across more than one web server and can be across the different geographical location.

Technically your website does not just rely on one server but a cluster of servers that work together often mentioned as “the cloud” which helps to keep your website up and running.

Cloud hosting greatly reduces the chances of any downtime resulting due to server malfunctioning.

Another advantage is, it allows to manage peak load efficiently without bandwidth issues since another server can provide an additional resource in such cases.

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