6 Best SquareSpace Alternativer i 2021 (Kraftigere og påliteligere)

Dette SquareSpace Alternatives article was revised and updated on April 08, 2021.

Hvis du søker etter SquareSpace alternatives, then in all probability you are tired of using SquareSpace or are looking for a better option.

Og hvorfor ville du ikke søke etter et alternativ !!

SquareSpace har et eget sett med begrensninger. Som bruker ville du opplevd noen av disse.

Vanlige klager over SquareSpace brukere er-
  • SquareSpace has a less intuitive website editor
  • High e-commerce package prising
  • Mangel på rask tilpasning
  • Begrenset analytisk støtte
  • Mangler forhånd markedsføringsverktøy
  • Low on third-party apps and extension

Likevel, gjennom dette innlegget, vil jeg gi deg de 6 beste alternativene for SquareSpace.

hostingpillTop 6 SquareSpace Alternatives
  1. Site123
  2. Webflow
  3. Carrd.co
  4. Wix
  5. Pixpa
  6. Shopify

Now let us look at the Top 6 Squarespace Alternatives

SquareSpace Alternative No.1: Site123

Squarespace alts 2021 site123

freemium models. So Site123 has a simple pitch:

“We’re even easier.”

So how does Site123 stack up compared to Squarespace?

The short version is that Site123 is a tad weaker in terms of user control and features, but in return, it offers most of the same features, arguably has better value for the price, and is easier to use.

Sounds good, right? Let’s check out the details.There are many website builders out there, and many of them (like Wix or Weebly) have

Site123: Features

Site123’s features are a bit basic, but they’re also all you need for a decent website builder:

squarespace alts 2021 site123 features

There are also some handy features included that are a boon for businesses, aside from just support for online selling:

Users can place an appointment scheduling tool on their site to talk to clients and prospective clients; accept reservations with a reservations tool; sell event tickets, and build custom forms.

On top of that, customers get email accounts under their domain name, email marketing support, and lots of helpful site display features. The ecommerce tools are strong as well.

There are plenty more features that I didn’t list, but the gist is that all the features you’d want in a website builder are there.

Now in fairness, Squarespace offers some slight advantages via a greater array of third-party plugins, some more robust ecommerce and site-management tools, and unlimited storage and bandwidth allocations.

The resources allocated are arguably the biggest drawback for Site123, which starts you at 10GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth. But most small businesses won’t need that much to begin with, and users can upgrade resources as needed.

So, overall, there aren’t big differences in the feature-set. Which makes the next point really important:

Site123: Plans

Site123’s pricing is so simple that it feels too nice. Like several options here, it has a freemium model.

But unlike other options here…

squarespace alts 2021 site123 plans

It has just ONE paid tier, and you can use the free version as long as you want.

Thanks to that single paid tier, it’s got better value than Squarespace. Squarespace’s first paid tier is about $12 a month, and it does NOT include ecommerce functionality.

In fact, ecommerce with Squarespace starts around $18 a month, and even then, the more serious ecommerce features are available for the third tier onwards…at $26 a month.

That’s why you have to put the difference in resources in this context:

Jada, Squarespace wins on resources, but how much storage space are you really going to use for your online site anyway?

For most small businesses that want a website builder, it’s far more important to have good design features for a reasonable price. And Site123 certainly delivers that.

Dessuten ...

Site123: Ease of Usage

Like I said earlier, Site123’s main pitch is that it’s the easiest to use website builder on the market, which is saying something since website builders in general prioritize ease of use.

Practically everything about Site123 is easy, from account set-up to the first building of your site. You just need to choose a template you like and get to work.

squarespace alts 2021 site123 3 steps

Site123 also helps make the process more efficient by taking basic info on the type of site you’re trying to build.

The interface makes everything as easy as possible, too.

Also, many of the features that Site123 offers make things easier. For example, users can access a database of royalty-free images that’s built into the site editor.

So overall, Site123 is definitely easier to use than Squarespace, and is probably one of the easiest to use website builders in general.

Site123: Customer support

I have to be honest—given Site123’s simplicity, I wasn’t expecting it to be particularly strong with customer support.

However, Site123 has excellent customer support, to the point where it’s easily the equal of Squarespace'S.

The knowledge base covers a wide range of topics, is clearly organized, and the articles are surprisingly in-depth. You can find just about anything you need to know in the knowledge base.

On top of that, you can talk to helpful representatives 24/7 via live chat.

Admittedly, it’s a bit simpler than Squarespace, which also has email/ticket support. However, Squarespace’s live chat is also limited in its available hours, and is completely closed during the weekend.

But when you take everything together, Site123’s customer support is easily on par with Squarespace—if not better.

SquareSpace Alternative No.2: Webflow

squarespace alts 2021 webflow

Webflow is a polarizing option, but it’s obligatory to include it in this list:

Webflow is one of the most advanced and feature-rich website builders around. It’s both more difficult to use than the average drag-and-drop website builder, and a lot more powerful.

Webflow’s strengths have forced me to admit it as the best website builder overall.

However, that does not necessarily mean it’s the best Squarespace alternative for YOU. For some, it’s the best replacement, and for others, it’s the worst.

So let’s talk about why that’s the case:

Webflow: Egenskaper

Webflow has a LOT of features. Like I said, it’s probably the most advanced website builder out there.

Just about all features Squarespace tilbud, Webflow offers, too. But on top of that, Webflow offers more features and more advanced versions of the same features.

The biggest example is design. You can change practically anything about your design, including the overarching layout:

squarespace alts 2021 webflow-features1

You can also build interactions and animations with as much complexity or simplicity as you want.

And these superb design features don’t detract from the basics: the content management system (CMS) is fully functional, as are SEO and marketing tools, blogging features, ecommerce features, and so on.

Webflow even enables third-party plugins, like Squarespace, so there’s functionally no limit to how much control you have over your site.

Webflow: Planer

Webflow’s pricing is a bit more complicated than other options here, so bear with me:

First, like many website builders, you can try Webflow free for as long as you want.

But once you’re ready to get your own domain, you’ll have two types of plans to choose from:

squarespace alts 2021 webflow plans1

Furthermore, each of these types of plans have two sub-categories, and each sub-category has several tiers. So in total, there are 9 plans to choose from, plus enterprise tiers with custom pricing.

As you can probably tell, most small businesses will be looking at the Site plans rather than the Account plans. So for the sake of brevity, I’m just showing you those. If you’re more interested in the Account plans, don’t worry—the gist of the features and resources is the same.

Anyway, these are the first 4 Site plans, which are more like starter plans:

squarespace alts 2021 webflow plans2

These are the higher set of Site plans, for e-commerce sites:

squarespace alts 2021 webflow plans3

Now, how do these prices compare to Squarespace'S?

They’re not that different, IF you’re not running an ecommerce site:

The entry-level price is the same for both ($12 a month on an annual basis), and Webflow’s second tier is a couple bucks a month cheaper than Squarespacedet andre laget.

If you want ecommerce functionality, the prices still don’t change much. Webflow’s ecommerce Site plans start at $29 a month, whereas Squarespace enables ecommerce functionality with its second tier at $18 a month.

That sounds like a really noticeable difference, and it is. However, Squarespace’s second tier is still a bit limited in the ecommerce features it has, and it enacts a 3% transaction fee.

I motsetning, Webflow’s first ecommerce Site plan alone is very well-featured. So it’s a bit more comparable to Squarespace’s third tier…at $26 a month, which is only slightly cheaper.

The short version of all this? It depends on whether you want ecommerce functionality, and how powerful you want that functionality to be:

If you don’t need ecommerce features, Webflow provides better bang for the buck.

If you DO want a well-featured ecommerce plan, Webflow’s first tier also might provide value. But if you just need basic features, Squarespace gives you a more affordable option.

Webflow: Brukervennlighet

Let’s be frank:

Sammenlignet med Squarespace, Webflow is NOT easy to use. Webflow isn’t impossible, and it’s definitely easier than learning to code, but even so…

It’s ultimately a compromise between website building and the level of flexibility you would get if you could code. That means that it’s the easiest to use platform relative to how much power is given to the customer.

However, not everyone needs or wants Webflow’s degree of flexibility. So what this really comes down to is where you find Squarespace’s shortcomings to be:

Hvis du finner det Squarespace still leaves you with a bit too much work to do, then Webflow is not going to be any better.

But if you find Squarespace too limiting to the creative control you want over your site, Webflow will be a significant step up—it just has a steeper learning curve as a tradeoff.

Luckily, much support is given to help onboard all new users. And that leads us to our next point…

Webflow: Kundeservice

En av grunnene Squarespace is a compelling option for so many people, is that its customer support is excellent despite its service being oriented towards ease of use.

Men fordi Webflow hands so much control to its users and has a higher learning curve, the bar for its support is a lot higher.

And here, things are a bit more mixed:

If you want to contact representatives, Webflow just provides email support just during weekdays. They guarantee personalized replies within 24-48 hours.

The quality-over-quantity focus is great, but sometimes people just need to troubleshoot with a live chat, and Squarespace can handle that better.

On the other hand, the informational material that’s already on Webflow’s site is great. Chances are, everything you need explained has already been explained in a tutorial or help article…or even a crash course:

squarespace alts 2021 webflow støtte

So it’s a mixed bag. Webflow’s support may fall short for some, but others may find it’s perfectly suitable for a more powerful alternative to Squarespace.

SquareSpace Alternative No.3: Carrd.co

squarespace alts 2021 carrd

If simplicity is your top priority, Carrd.co (or just Carrd) might be the best Squarespace alternativ for deg.

Carrd is a bit of a newcomer to the website building scene, but it’s exploded in popularity in recent years—especially as it’s become a popular way of linking to additional information in social media profiles.

The gist of Carrd is easy enough: you can build a one-page website. That’s it.

Carrd.co: Features

So clearly, Carrd is a bit more limited than Squarespace, and all the other alternatives here. But if you just want to build a one-page site, does Carrd have enough for you? The site builder is more or less on par with other popular site builders in what you can change, if a bit more basic.

Once you go paid, these are the key benefits:

squarespace alts 2021 carrd features1

It’s not just those things, however:

Paid users can access premium templates, publish higher quality images and backgrounds, use custom favicons (the site icon that shows near a visitor’s address bar), and use unlimited site elements.

It’s definitely simpler than what Squarespace or the other alternatives to it here are offering.

But then, the point of a one-page site is to get to a single goal quickly, so not many features are really needed. And to that end, Carrd.co has more than enough.

Carrd.co: Plans

Carrd.co is like many other options here in that it has a freemium model. The free version lets you build up to 3 sites, and use the core features under Carrd’s subdomain.

Using a subdomain is not considered very professional compared to having your own domain, but Carrd is somewhat of an exception to this norm:

Given its recent popularity on social media, many influencers have promoted their sites with Carrd’s subdomain. On Instagram or Twitter, it may look completely normal.

In any case, when you’re ready to upgrade, there are three main options:

Første ting først:

You are not misreading the price. That’s not $9 to $49 a month for a year, that’s $9 to $49 for the ENTIRE year.

Each of these options can be tweaked to allow as many sites as you need. For example:

You can upgrade Pro Lite to be Pro Lite 10, which allows up to 10 websites for $14. Pro Lite 25 gives you 25 sites, while Pro Standard 25 also gives you up to 25, but with more features, and so on.

There is one catch though:

The first paid tier—Pro Lite—does not actually let you use your own domain. If you want to use your own domain name, you need to use the second or third tier.

Even with that being the case however, the price is incredible: just $19 for a year, for up to 10 sites with custom domains, is great value in general, and definitely more of a bargain than Squarespace.

Carrd.co: Ease of Usage

Like I’ve said, Carrd.co is as easy as it gets. Anything geared towards building one-page sites is going to be naturally simpler.

But in addition to that, the tools are very straightforward to use, and the interface is slick.

Ultimately, there isn’t much to say here, because there aren’t any website builders that are easier than Carrd.co.

And that means it’s certainly easier to use than Squarespace…the issue most people will need to consider is whether or not Carrd is too simple for them.

Carrd.co: Customer support

Perhaps unsurprisingly given its newcomer status and smaller size, Carrd’s customer support is fairly barebones:

For now, they only offer email support. And their informational material is enough for most things, but that’s about it:

So is Carrd.co’s customer support on equal footing with Squarespace’s? Not really.

But will you need as much customer support with Carrd as with Squarespace? It’s not even close.

SquareSpace Alternative No.4: Wix

Wix hjemmeside

Et av de første alternativene mine er Wix. Wix er en populær hostingplattform på grunn av sin freemium-modell. Det er basert ut av Tel Aviv,

Israel og ble først startet i 2006.

Den støtter over 50 millioner kunder og er enkel å bruke sammenlignet med SquareSpace. Du kan raskt opprette et profesjonelt nettsted ved hjelp av Wix, which is one of the biggest advantages of using Wix.

La meg raskt gi mer informasjon om Wix.

Wix: Egenskaper

Wix er funksjonsrik og gir flere temaer basert på forretningsdomenet ditt. Den gir over 100 maler og støtter ubegrensede sider.

Wix maler

Planene støtter 500 MB til 20 GB lagring. Wix støtter også opptil 2 videotimer. SiteBooster kan legges til en pris av $ 60.

Tilsvarende kan Form Builder legges til på en prising av $ 48.

Den eneste ulempen med Wix er det faktum at når du først har valgt et tema, er det vanskelig å endre det.

Imidlertid Wix har god tredjeparts appstøtte og gjør det til et ideelt valg for blogging og utvikling av e-handel.

Something that is hard to get with Squarespace.

Wix gir en 14-dagers pengene-tilbake-garanti for sine premium plan. Den har separate planer og priser for nettstedsbygging og utvikling av e-handel.

Samtidig som Squarespace allows a 14-day free trial, it has no freemium model.

Dette er igjen et område der Wix utmerker seg over SquareSpace.

Wix: Planer

Snakker om planer, Wix kan startes gratis, selv om dette vil inneholde Wix Annonser. Dette passer for grunnleggende nettstedbygging.

Prising er en av brikkene der du vil føle deg Wix være budsjettvennlig sammenlignet med SquareSpace.

SquareSpace starter på $ 12 / måned i tilfelle du velger en personlig plan for 1 år.

Den samme planen koster deg $ 16 per måned hvis du velger en måned. Dette vil i tillegg inneholde gjeldende skatter.

Wix starter på $ 10 / måned.

Wix prising

Following this you have other plans such as Unlimited, Pro and VIP starting at $14/month, $19/month and $27/month respectively.

Wix gir flere planer for netthandel starter på ca $ 16.50 / måned, og disse er provisjonsfrie.

Squarespace, on the other hand, charges a 3% transaction fee for a basic e-commerce plan which starts at an $18/month, which is much higher than Wix.

Wix: Brukervennlighet

Wix er kjent for sin brukervennlige nettstedbygger.

Ikke bare er dette enkelt, men det er enkelt å navigere. Et passende valg for nybegynnere.

Incorporating customization to your website is just a matter of drag and drop.

Menyene er godt adskilt. Du kan velge en mobilvennlig mal fra det store utvalget av malsamlinger som Wix gir.

Squarespace users would agree to this, it does have few pain points when it comes to UI building.

Ikke veldig sammensatt men SquareSpace er ikke så enkelt som Wix. Den har en lengre læringskurve.

Wix: Kundeservice

Wix gir en egen støtteavdeling med et bredt kunnskapsgrunnlag om ulike emner.

Når det er sagt om deres enorme støtteavdeling, vil jeg trekke frem det Wix for øyeblikket støtter ikke live chat.

Kundesupporten i Wix og SquareSpace er like god og kompetent uten noe særlig annerledes.

Start gratis prøveversjon med Wix81 brukere kjøpte dette

SquareSpace Alternative No.5: Pixpa

PIXPAA as Squarespace alternativ

Mitt femte alternativ til SquareSpace is Pixpa. Pixpa is a well-known DIY website builder focussing mainly on creative website building professionals.

Pixpa lar deg prøve portalen før du forplikter deg til noen plan. Det lar deg raskt komme i gang med å bygge UI-rike nettsteder.

Med sin avanserte redigering er Pixpa et godt alternativ for flere tilpasninger.

Pixpa er ofte kjent for å opprette en porteføljeside for kunstnere, kreative entusiaster, og viktigst av alt for fotografer.

Pixpa er relativt en ny nettstedbygger som først ble lansert i 2012 av Gurpreet Singh. Det er spredt over flere land med hovedkvarter i New Delhi, India.

Next, let me get into more details about Pixpa and what exactly does it offer better as compared to Squarespace.

Pixpa: Funksjoner

Uten noen tanker er Pixpa funksjonsrik og lover mye mer enn SquareSpace. Mens det er funksjonsrikt, lar Pixpa deg spille rundt på nettstedets reklamer.

Pixpa støtter blogger på et nettsted og har god e-handelsstøtte med SEO, markedsføring og analysestøtte.


Hvert stykke på websidene dine, for eksempel logo, topptekst og til og med bunntekst, kan tilpasses helt. Den har en serie godt utformede temaer som er mobile responsive og er bygget med den nyeste teknologien.

Du kan også inkludere eksterne skript. Når det handler om bildestyring, er Pixpa en pioner med en enorm liste over bilderelevante funksjoner som SEO-optimaliserte bilder, bildekomprimering, responsiv bildelevering, progressiv innlasting av bilder og mye mer funksjonalitet.

Pixpa gir redigerbar kode, bilderedigering, flere oppsett, over 300+ redigerbare innholdsblokker.

Totalt sett kan Pixpa lage kreative nettsteder med hurtig lasting og grafikk. Et sted hvor SquareSpace gjør det ikke så bra.

Pixpa: Planer

Pixpa er mer fleksibel når det kommer til planer og gir bedre prismodeller sammenlignet med SquareSpace.

Pixpa gir en 15-dagers gratis prøveperiode, som er en av fordelene ved å begynne å bruke Pixpa. Vel, dette er noe som til og med SquareSpace gir sin 14-dagers prøveperiode.

Imidlertid er hoveddifferensiereren mellom Pixpa og SquareSpace er en rekke valg Pixpa gir.

Med Pixpa kan du starte så lavt som $ 5 / måned. Hvis du velger en årlig betalingsplan, får du 2 måneder gratis.

Mens du starter en grunnleggende plan på $ 5 / måned, vil du også finne andre planer som Grow som koster $ 8 / month og Plus plan som koster $ 15 / month.

Planene gjør Pixpa til egnet alternativ forum SquareSpace.


Starting to use Pixpa is easy and just requires you to provide a few basic information before you sign up and log in. As you sign up you would find a few introduction videos which are helpful.

PIXPAE introduksjonsvideoer

Du finner alternativer relatert til nettstedet så vel som e-butikken som lar deg administrere merkevarebygging, SEO og en rekke andre e-handelsfunksjoner.

nettstedinnstilling med pixpa

På samme måte gir nettstedet dra og slipp alternativer som du enkelt kan legge til gallerier for.

PIXPA menyinnstillinger

I likhet med most website builders, Pixpa has style editor which is a more elaborate one as compared to Squarespace.


Pixpa har flere tilpasningsalternativer, og disse er enkle å bruke. Siden det har en mengde nettstedsbyggingsfunksjoner, kan det ta litt tid å mestre det.

Pixpa er imidlertid enkel å bruke for en som ønsker å lage et funksjonsrikt, kreativt og visuelt tiltalende nettsted


Pixpa har en dedikert seksjon som gir en rekke nyttige støtteveiledninger. De hjelpesenter er godt adskilt og dekker nesten alle emner.

Selv om dette har grunnleggende guider for å komme i gang, dekker det også noen få avanserte emner sammen med Spørsmål og svar. Pixpa gir også en egen dedikert seksjon for studenter og har en blogg.

Jeg prøvde alternativet for live chat, men ventetiden var over 5 minutter, før jeg bestemte meg for å lukke chatten.

Du vil finne gode ressurser på Pixpa-nettstedet, som er informativt og nyttig samtidig.

Prøv Pixpa i dag89 brukere kjøpte dette

SquareSpace Alternative No.6: Shopify


Gå videre, neste er Shopify. Shopify er en velkjent plattform for utvikling av e-handel og er et av de beste valgene for e-butikkbyggere.

Shopify er godt utstyrt med mange e-handelsdrevne funksjoner. Du navngir en funksjon, og dette vil være mulig å innlemme ved å bruke Shopify.

Det ble grunnlagt i 2004 og har hovedkontor i Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Det støtter over 600,000 XNUMX virksomheter.

På tide å sjekke hvorfor du skal velge Shopify enn SquareSpace.

Shopify: Egenskaper

Shopify støtter nettbutikkbygging som inkluderer netthandel og blogger med ubegrensede produkter.

På mange måter, Shopify is more superior and mature as compared to Squarespace.

Det være seg ubegrenset produktstøtte eller null transaksjonsgebyrer eller en hel liste over andre intuitive funksjoner. I de fleste tilfeller vil du finne Shopify å være bedre enn Squarespace.

shopify funksjonen

Shopify gir en 14-dagers gratis prøveperiode. Hver plan gir tilgang til ShopifyApp Store. Hvis du utforsker Shopify app store, ville du innse hvor enormt det er !!

Den grunnleggende planen inkluderer de fleste av e-handelsfunksjonene som gjenoppretting av handlevogner, rabattkoder og flere andre. Den støtter enkel tilpasning av kodenivå.

Vel, ganske enkelt sa de fleste av disse ikke er mulig å bruke SquareSpace.

Shopify: Planer

Så, er Shopify dyrt?

På et høyere nivå kan du finne Shopify å være dyrere sammenlignet med SquareSpace.

shopify nettsted byggherre planer

However, a close comparison of features would let you know what you miss out when you restrict yourself to SquareSpace.

Shopify starter på $ 29 / måned som er litt høyere enn SquareSpace planer for netthandel. Men du kan være minst trygg, dette er pengene verdt.

Shopify: Brukervennlighet

Shopify nettsted byggherre har alle de nødvendige alternativene tilgjengelige i nettstedet byggepanelet. Navigering gjennom disse alternativene er ekstremt enkelt.

Du kan også tilpasse temaene sammen med utseendet og preget. På nettstedet finner du også opplæringsprogrammer som demonstrerer bruken av nettstedbyggeren.

lett å tilpasse shopify

Mye nytt Shopify brukere kan ikke finne grensesnittet veldig vennlig i begynnelsen. Over en periode er det imidlertid enkelt å bruke.

Et kjennetegn er kodetilpasning som er mulig i Shopify. Her er igjen noe som SquareSpace mangler !!

Shopify: Kundeservice

Shopify har en egen hjelpeseksjon. Du kan nå kundesupporten deres ved hjelp av live chat, e-post og telefon.

Jeg prøvde live chatten deres. Ventetiden var imidlertid veldig lang, nesten 15 minutter før jeg bestemte meg for å avslutte chatten.

shopify chat 1 for squarespace

Shopify og SquareSpace er nesten like når det kommer til kundesupport, med den eneste forskjellen Shopify har også mange nyttige blogger.

Start din gratis prøveperiode19 brukere kjøpte dette

Squarespace Alternativer: Konklusjon

So, who wins as the best alternative?

All the options here are excellent in some way. But in terms of which is the best OVERALL:

Site123 is as close to a winner as you can get. That’s because Site123 offers most of the same features, while also being more affordable and easier to use.

However, everyone has different needs, and some options here may be better for you depending on what you seek:

If you’re prioritizing simplicity, Carrd.co is as simple as you can get. If you want as much control as possible, Webflow is as flexible as you can get.

If you want a free website builder, Webflow, Wix, Carrd.co and Site123 are all good options.

If you’re doubling down on ecommerce functionality, then Shopify is an excellent choice, being a big brand exclusively focused on ecommerce.

Å oppsummere, Site123 is arguably the best Squarespace alternative for most people—but there are MANY other great options out there.

Happy site building!