Bluehost vs GoDaddy — “6 Tests” Based on My Experience

クリス・ワグナーDecember 18, 2019

「私たちは、 BlueHost 影響により Godaddy.

We are monitoring both shared hosting’s servers for Uptime and Performance through our test sites 影響により

この比較 BlueHost vs Godaddy 彼らのサーバーで行われた実際のテストに基づいています。」

Comparison updated: Nov 11, 2020

Bluehost vs Godaddy is one of the classic comparisons ever done in Hosting industry.

Bluehost 影響により GoDaddy are two of the biggest hosting providers out there, so big that they’ll come upon almost every major list of the 最高のホスティングオプション.


GoDaddy is probably the better-known hosting provider of the two, but does that mean it’s better?

GoDaddy’s hosting pricing is also infamous for being less-than-clear, but is that really true?

とのウェブホスティング GoDaddy seems generous in resources, but are there hidden limitations?

Bluehostのフロントページは a starting price of $2.95 a month, and GoDaddy offers a starting price of $5.99 a month, but is the price difference noteworthy?

Choosing the best hosting provider is tough, let alone the best hosting plan…even more so its two industry titans, Bluehost 対 GoDaddy.




  1. Facebook投票
  2. 価格比較
  3. 機能比較
  4. カスタマーサポートの比較
  5. 使いやすさ
  6. セキュリティと信頼性
  7. 評決

1. Bluehost vs Godaddy – Facebook投票:評決

I have conducted a poll on Facebook asking people to choose between Bluehost vs GoDaddy.



2. Bluehost vs Godaddy: Who has better pricing?

GoDaddy BlueHost
計画 経済 ベーシック
価格/月。 $ 5.99 $ 2.95
設立 1997 2003
Sites Hosted 13万人
Services over
Website 1 1
ディスクスペース 100GB 50GB SSD
応答周波数 非従量制 非従量制
アドオンドメイン 1ウェブサイト 無制限の
MySQLデータベースの 10×1 GB 無制限の
オンラインチャット あり あり
最高の平均稼働時間? 100% 99.94%
無料のメールアカウント Free Microsoft Office 365
1 Click WordPress
あり あり
カスタマーサービス 24 / 7 / 365 24 / 7 / 365
顧客サービス 040 4918 7600 00 1 801-765-9400
Integrated Comtrol Panel cPanelの
WHM for Linux
Plesk for Windows
WHM for Linux
1-Click Shopping
Cart Installation
あり あり
Moeny Back




For most people Googling around for basic information on all this—beginners and smaller users—shared hosting plans are the most accessible.

They’re available for relatively low prices while offering enough features for solid customer satisfaction.

クイックノート: これらの価格の多くは、サービスの最初のXNUMX年間のみのものです。

If you want a really in-depth look at Bluehost’s pricing, you can check out my analysis here. But otherwise let’s see the overview:

両方の定価 Bluehost'砂 GoDaddy’s shared web hosting packages are discounts for the first year of service, but 大幅に上昇する 最初の年の後。

So for the price of shared web plans on Bluehost 対 GoDaddy, Bluehost is generally a few bucks cheaper.

すぐに: Bluehost’s shared hosting plans start at $2.95 a month for the “basic” plan. For the second tier of shared hosting, “Plus,” you’d pay $4.95 a month, and for “Choice Plus” you pay $5.95 thanks to a current discount.

However, both Plus and Choice Plus have the same renewal price.

bluehost プラン

最後に、「Go PRO」レベルは月額$ 13.95から始まります。

対照的に、 GoDaddy’s first tier is called “Economy,” and comes in a bit pricier at $5.99 a month. “Deluxe,” is also a slightly pricier, coming in at $7.99 a month, and “Ultimate” costs $12.99 a month. A fourth tier, called “Maximum,” would cost $19.99 a month.
Godaddy 共有ホスティングプラン

To be clear: these are the “regular” tiers of shared web hosting. GoDaddy has a separate set of pricing tiers for its “Business Hosting” package: this is essentially a simplified VPS package. GoDaddy also has straightforward VPS options.

対照的に、 Bluehost just has VPS and shared hosting.

GoDaddy’s Business Hosting 「ローンチ」階層で19.99ドルから始まり、59.99ドルで「拡張」し続けます。
Godaddy ビジネスホスティングプラン

一方、 GoDaddy’s “Business” plans have four tiers, Bluehost XNUMXつあります(これはまっすぐです VPSホスティング)。 ただし、範囲は同じです。「標準」は18.99ドル、「究極」は59.99ドルです。

事は、 GoDaddy’s Business Hosting is like a more basic VPS, they also have VPS hosting.

The VPS hosting price GoDaddy lists has a large range: from $4.99 to $69.99 a month for standard RAM, and $9.99 to $99.99 a month for higher RAM plans.

最後に、専用のホスティングがあります。 これは、実行できる最も深刻なオプションのXNUMXつであるため、これを検討している場合は、おそらく非常に大きなニーズがあります。

GoDaddy’s dedicated servers starts at $129.99 and end at $399.99 between four tiers for HDD storage servers, and $139.99 to $419.99 for SSD servers

Bluehost’s dedicated servers start at $79.99 and end at $119.99 between three tiers.

Bluehost 影響により GoDaddy also have WordPress hosting. Bluehost has two types of WordPress hosting:

Fully managed WordPress hosting which is $19.95 to $49.95 per month, and shared web hosting that’s WordPress-friendly at the same price as Bluehost’s regular web hosting.

GoDaddy also has two types of WordPress hosting: managed is $24.99 to $169.99 per month and self-managed is $6.99 to $15.99.

それはたくさんの値段なので、要約しましょう: Bluehost 影響により GoDaddy both have shared web hosting, although GoDaddy just calls it web hosting on its site.

They also both have Virtual Private Server, and dedicated server options.

As you can see, they have overall the same prices. However, GoDaddy tends to have more options–specifically for higher-end plans. And GoDaddy’s range starts higher.

But it’s important to note that upon renewal, the prices even out further. For example:

Bluehost’s dedicated plans renew at a higher cost than the initial term. GoDaddy’s start higher, but have the same price upon renewal. The same is true for their VPS plans.

So for high-end solutions, Bluehost seems cheaper at first vs GoDaddy, but in the long run they’re pretty similar.

例外: GoDaddy’s “business” hosting plans are about the same as Bluehost’s VPS plans including renewal. And for just shared web hosting, the renewal prices are similar, too.

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Pricing Verdict

Bluehost offers you a 30-day money back guarantee for each product. If you don’t like what you got—even if it’s a dedicated server—you can get your money back after trying it.

対照的に、 GoDaddy only gives you a free trial for its website builder. Just the ウェブサイトビルダー.

A 返金保証 is a whole lot more valuable considering the prices aren’t that different, to begin with.

3. Bluehost vs Godaddy: Who fares better in features?


As in, what are you getting for the hosting prices GoDaddy 影響により Bluehost 提供?



あなたが見ることができます GoDaddy’s full list of features here, Bluehostの完全なリストはこちら.

最初に Bluehost。 月額2.95ドルのベーシックアカウントを取得すると、50つのWebサイトのみが許可されます。 対照的に、Plus、Choice Plus、およびPrimeのサイトはすべて無制限です。 また、Plusおよびそれ以上のベーシックおよび非メーター式SSDストレージ用にXNUMXGBのSSDストレージを入手できます。

bluehost 機能を使用

帯域幅は測定されていません(無制限とは言わないでください)。 すべての層, but you only get 5 parked domains and 25 subdomains for Basic, as well as only 100MB of storage per email account with a maximum of 5 accounts permitted (all of these are unlimited for the rest of the tiers).

GoDaddy’s Economy package 月額$ 5.99で、同じように7.99つのWebサイトを取得しますが、XNUMX倍のストレージと計測されていない帯域幅があります。 デラックスプラン以上の場合(デラックスは、 Bluehostのプラス5.45ドル)、無制限のウェブサイトと無制限のストレージを利用できます。

屈折計と同様に、この類の検証は官能評価と並行して行うべきです。一般的に、抽出が進むにつれて高温になる抽出方法は、抽出が成功する確率が低い傾向にあります。 Bluehost’s Basic plan, GoDaddy’s Economy plan allows 25 subdomains.

Everything upwards of that has unlimited subdomains. Finally, both GoDaddy 影響により Bluehost 購入時に無料のドメイン名を含めると便利です。

両方とも Bluehost 影響により GoDaddy give you email accounts with your hosting packages, Bluehost ベーシックアカウントと100つのメールアカウントの場合、アカウントあたり5 MBのストレージのみが提供され、合計で500 MBになります。

GoDaddy offers 5GB for Economy, dwarfing Bluehost.

そうは言っても、 GoDaddy’s 5GB continues throughout all tiers, whereas Bluehost allows for unlimited storage if you upgrade, and GoDaddy only gives one free mailbox.

プラス、 GoDaddy’s email is only included free for the first year, and after that first year it renews at cost. This is not the case for Bluehost's。

そうながら GoDaddy’s included email is much more competitive for the first term and the entry level plan, Bluehost’s email is more cost-effective long term and for any higher tiers.

Here’s something else to consider: Bluehost から無料のSSL証明書を提供します 上向き基本計画.

GoDaddy offers an SSL certificate only for its Ultimate and Maximum plans.
Godaddy SSL


あなたがある場合 何でも売る on your site, you’d better get an SSL certificate somehow…it’s crucial.

If you aren’t processing transactions or sensitive information, an SSL certificate may be less essential. BUT, if your site lacks SSL, visitors’ browsers may warn them of poor security and search engines will deprioritize your site.

So it’s less essential, but still pretty dang important. By now, just about every hosting company offers SSL for free with their plans. It’s standard fare for any current web host.

Bluehost に含めることで、取得が非常に簡単になります。 月額2.95ドルのパッケージ.

GoDaddy gives it free for the first year only, and only for the higher two tiers. After a year it renews at about $79.99.

Lastly, there is a more notable difference in features when it comes to WordPress hosting. As I’ve said early, both our competitors offer managed and self-managed shared WordPress plans.

Both of them have well-featured managed WordPress.

But for the shared web hosting WordPress plans, GoDaddy offers more features, including free WordPress plugins that are valuable.

一方、 Bluehost’s WordPress plans are cheaper, and Bluehost has the honor of being recommended by WordPress itself.

It’s one of only three hosts recommended by WordPress, including Dreamhost.

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Features Verdict

So overall? When it’s Bluehost vs GoDaddy on features, I think GoDaddy looks better feature-wise, but only if you’re willing to spend extra on add-ons.

But if you’re going on what you get out of the box, included for free and by default, Bluehost wins easily. Any given Bluehost hosting plan has a good amount of value packed into it.

But, keep reading because there’s quite a bit more under consideration!

4. Bluehost vs Godaddy: Whose customer support is best?


それらは非常に大きいため、他のプラットフォームよりもはるかに大きな顧客ベースをサポートするという負担を満たさなければなりません。 では、それらはどのように積み重なるのでしょうか?

Like most hosts, there are quite a few resources at the disposal of the customer.


Secondly, there are representatives designated for helping customers with specific issues or adding a human touch.

前者は通常、ナレッジベース、FAQ、ハウツービデオなどで構成されています。 後者は通常、電話、電子メール、およびライブチャットサポートで構成されます。

Bluehost カスタマーサポートを非常に明確にします。



表示しているページによっては、電話サポートラインがすぐにわかるわけではありませんが、電話サポートラインはあります。 このページには、さまざまなカテゴリの質問に対するさまざまな電話番号がリストされています。


私が見つかりました Bluehostのライブチャットで全体的に応答します。 注:左下の時間は、チャットの最新のメッセージから数秒です。
BlueHost チャット1

BlueHost チャット2

元の応答がコピー貼り付けされたと確信しています。 質問を繰り返したところ、数分以内に回答が得られました。
Bluehost チャット3


GoDaddy has more or less the same set of resources as Bluehost.


突っ込んでいるところからわかる限り、 GoDaddyのヘルプセンター と同等です Bluehostの; どちらか一方を本当に好む唯一の理由は、個人的な好みの好みです。

GoDaddy’s live chat function has improved but is still not very reliable. You can easily chat with a rep from a chatbox on every page.

godaddy チャット1

First you’ll interact with a chatbot:
godaddy チャット1
And then you’ll be directed to a representative. But frequently, all the reps will be busy and you’ll have a very long wait time (by live chat standards):

godaddy チャット1
これは初めてではない GoDaddy’s live chat has been unreachable, or at least very slow.


心に留めておきます GoDaddy has certain hours for live chat use (yes, they have 24/7 phone support but not 24/7 chat support—go figure), but that this was within those hours.
Godaddy チャット2

Perhaps there’s something up with my browser…but I doubt it because this has never been an issue before, and I talk to people on live chat often.

議論の余地がないことを願っていますので、 Bluehost more credit for its chat support.

Overall, both sites have decent customer support. But if I’m going to be quite honest, GoDaddy’s support feels less solid and more of a basic, bare-minimum approach.

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Customer Support Verdict

Bluehost 顧客ベースのサポートについては、はるかに積極的であるようです。 プラス、 Bluehost 明らかにより良いチャットサポートを持っています。

5. Bluehost vs Godaddy: Which is easy to use?


ある意味で、この種の答えはすでに得られています。どちらも使いやすいサービスです。 率直に言って、これ以上言えることはありません。

When a web host is easy to use and has a great user experience, there just isn’t much to say—ease of use is something you’ll only really comment on if something is going wrong.

There are the basics to worry about: the actual hosting process, then taking care of domain names, as well as building the website itself, and so on and so on.

しかしながら、 Bluehost 影響により GoDaddy both make this as easy as it can be; at the very least, it hasn’t gotten much easier at any other platform.

GoDaddy cPanel:

Godaddy cPanelの

BlueHost cPanel:

bluehost hosting cPanel
bluehost cPanel 2



Lastly, when it’s Bluehost vs GoDaddy on WordPress ease of use, there isn’t a huge difference. Both companies’ WordPress plans make things a lot easier.

しかし、 Bluehost is in general a simpler interface to work with, and has good support dedicated to WordPress, and for that reason may be slightly preferable for easily running WordPress.

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Ease of Use Verdict

Overall, however, I count no noteworthy differences between ease of use for either GoDaddy or Bluehost.

6. Bluehost vs Godaddy: Who is more secure?

Now, let’s talk about security. This is one of the most important things to look for in a hosting company: can they protect your presence online?

The good news is that any major hosting company, like Bluehost or GoDaddy, is usually sufficiently well-established to the point you’re overall safe.

However, we can never be too careful, and solid website protection is essential. With that being said, let’s dive in!

バックアップ are a pretty important feature for hosting services. If God forbid, anything happens and your site goes down, you do not want to lose any work or important changes.

Bluehost only includes automated backups for its two highest tiers. You can pay for add-ons to do this at the lower tier, however.

It’s basically the same for GoDaddy: for real, automated site backups, you need to pay a bit extra for an add-on.

Bluehost また、サーバーの停止に関する更新を報告するアクセス可能なページもあります。 これは、透明性を重視する場合に最適です(そうすべきです)。


あなたにも追加するオプションのアドオンがあります security, as I mentioned, such as: サイトロック、ドメインプライバシーツール、固有のIP。

彼らのサイトで他のセキュリティの詳細を調べようとしたところ、何も見つかりませんでした。 これは同じではありません Bluehost 適切なセキュリティプロトコルがない-しかし、公式情報の欠如は残念です。

GoDaddy, on the other hand, has an accessible page just about site security.

Unfortunately, it’s more of an informative/instructive guide for customers, rather than solid documentation of their own safety.

7. Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Who performs better?


From August 2018 to August 2019, GoDaddy had pretty solid uptime. Almost every month had 99.99% uptime or perfect uptime. The lowest was 99.97%.

昨年、 GoDaddy’s performance has been consistent with that, roughly. One day in October 2019 saw some downtime that brought down the yearly average, but the overall score is solid for a year:

godaddy uptime 1 year
And on a monthly basis, it’s closer to 99.97% uptime:
godaddy uptime 3 months
速度に関しては、 GoDaddy is pretty good. Since August 2018, GoDaddy’s response times have been in the 400-500ms range.

So speed with GoDaddy isn’t just good, but CONSISTENTLY good.

はどうかと言うと Bluehost, we’ve been testing them since spring 2017. Things were rougher in 2017 but from 2018 to 2019, roughly speaking, uptime for a given month would usually be at least 99.98%, and often perfect.

However, some months would see less-than-ideal scores, meaning below 99.95%.That’s old news though–in terms of recent history, here’s how Bluehost has done for the last year:

bluehost uptime 1 year

It’s really good. Over the course of a year, 99.98% uptime (99.99% if you round up) is nearly perfect.

And any given month during the last year has been about the same–the last three months, for example, are also at 99.98%.

The speeds are poorer than GoDaddy. Since early 2019, our Bluehost test site’s response times have consistently been higher than our GoDaddyのサイト。

However, it’s not exactly slow, more like average. And the big picture is that while GoDaddy had better uptime a while ago, the last year has seen Bluehost EASILY beat GoDaddy on uptime.

One feature related to performance: CloudSites.


If the hardware fails, the cloud comes in to save you—something GoDaddy doesn’t offer, and something that isn’t represented by these uptime scores.

It includes a CDN (content delivery network) so that your site will always reach visitors quickly. Cloud Sites isn’t free, but an optional add-on that can boost performance.

いずれの場合も、テストサイトの稼働時間を追跡し続けることができます。 GoDaddy 詳細を見る 影響により Bluehost 詳細を見る.

So what’s the big answer on performance for GoDaddy vs Bluehost?

Bluehost vs GoDaddy: Performance Verdict

全体的に言って Bluehost definitely wins on performance. If you’re willing to risk more downtime for speed, GoDaddy もっとよくなるはず。

But for most people, uptime is the top priority, and speed can be improved in other ways anyway…hence, Bluehost wins here.

Bluehost vs Godaddy: Which one is better?


以下にまとめます。 Bluehost 持っています slightly cheaper plans より GoDaddy, but the differences tend to even out or switch for more expensive or premium options.

As far as features go, they’re about the same. However, GoDaddy overall offers more features for その最も安い計画、または同じ機能のより多くの量(たとえば、ストレージスペース)。

That said, these features are generally not included free after a year, whereas Bluehost’s included features are.

Of particular note are SSL certificates, and CloudSites, which Bluehost offers competitively (GoDaddy does not even offer the latter).

While both companies have many WordPress plans, GoDaddy is a bit more generous on features…at least for the first year. Bluehost still seems overall better for WordPress, though.

両社のナレッジベースは、ほぼ同等に包括的です。 しかしながら、 Bluehost has noticeably better support in the form of superior live chat.

両方 Bluehost 影響により GoDaddy are about equally easy to use; it’s really just a matter of personal preference at this point.

As far as security goes and reliability go, GoDaddy 影響により Bluehost are about even.

Bluehost overall wins very clearly on uptime, despite having a worse record prior to the last year.

全体的に見て、 私がお勧めします GoDaddy for those who are newer to hosting and want more things in one platform.

これは、 GoDaddy emphasizes its ability to do it all–provide domains, website building, SSL, etc. It will naturally come with extra cost to make use of GoDaddy’s add-ons, but it can make things much easier for beginners.

一方、 私はお勧め Bluehost to people who just need simple, good-quality hosting.

It may have less on the features front but has better value out of the box, costs less overall, has better support, AND has better uptime.




Bluehost vs GoDaddy: よくある質問

どちらが良いですか Bluehost Or GoDaddy?

Bluehost & GoDaddy both offer free domain names for the 1st year. The basic plan of Bluehost costs $2.95/Month with 50 GB SSD whereas GoDaddy costs $5.99/Month with 100 GB Storage. Bluehost has better tools included for free while GoDaddy has better tools available for purchase. Bluehost includes a free SSL certificate in the basic plan that is not included in GoDaddy’s economic plan. Bluehost also performs better, and is thus overall better, too.

But if you’re looking for a GoDaddy alternative and aren’t impressed by what you’ve read of Bluehost so far, there are still other good GoDaddy 選択肢.

はいくらですか GoDaddy Per Month?

Economy plan costs $5.99/Month with 1 website and 100 GB storage. Deluxe plan costs $7.99/Month with unlimited websites, unlimited storage & subdomains. Ultimate plan costs $12.99/Month with features of Deluxe plan plus free SSL certificate for a year & free premium DNS. Please note this pricing is for September 2020; for current pricing click 詳細を見る.

はいくらですか Bluehost Per Month?

The basic plan costs $2.95/Month with 1 website, 1 domain, and 500 GB SSD storage. Plus plan costs $4.95/Month including unlimited domains and sub-domains. The Choice Plus plan costs the same, and includes Site backup CodeGuard basic in addition.

Can I Get A Refund From GoDaddy Bluehost?

In order to request a refund from GoDaddy, you need to contact their customer support team.
You can get a full refund from Bluehost 30日以内にホスティングサービスをキャンセルした場合。 Bluehost will deduct a non-refundable domain fee of $15.99 if the plan including the free domain is canceled within 30 days. No refund offered for any claim or cancellations after 30 days.

All of this is spelled out in Bluehost’s money back guarantee, so you won’t get hoodwinked.

どのくらいですか GoDaddy Domain Cost?

A “.com” domain varies in price. Generally it’s free for a year, after which it renews at a price of $17.99/Year. Purchased alone, it starts at $11.99. You may add Domain privacy at an additional cost of $9.99/Year

どのくらいですか Bluehost Domain Cost?

屈折計と同様に、この類の検証は官能評価と並行して行うべきです。一般的に、抽出が進むにつれて高温になる抽出方法は、抽出が成功する確率が低い傾向にあります。 GoDaddy, you can register a free domain name for a year along with a web hosting package. A standalone domain purchase is similar to GoDaddy’s price:

A “.com” domain costs a total of $11.99 for the 1st Year after which it renews at a price of $17.99/Year. You may add Domain privacy at an additional cost of $15.00/Year.

か GoDaddy Charge Monthly?

GoDaddy has an option to charge monthly for a web hosting plan, whereas Domain services are billed annually.

か Bluehost Charge Monthly?

いいえ。 Bluehost 月額料金を表示しますが、毎年請求されます。