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Scopri chi ospita "quel" sito Web della concorrenza, dov'è ospitato e altro.
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How to check/find who is hosting any website?

Puoi usare Spia di hosting del sito to check what hosting service a website is being hosted on. The way to do this is to simply open the tool, paste the URL you want to check, and click on ‘Find Hosting’. The tool will gather data from the official servers and show you accurate data including hosting service, CDN, IP address, location, and nameserver.

How to select the best web hosting for your website?

In this section write about 5 parameters that we are using during the web hosting reviews: Uptime, Ease of Use, Pricing, Security, Customer support

To review websites, we use 5 important metrics:

Uptime - Uptime is the amount of time a website stays ‘Up’, which is crucial to a healthy website because downtime can cost you traffic and sales. Most websites offer a consistent 99.9% uptime guarantee but what does that 0.1% mean? You can check out our Calcolatore di uptime per scoprire.

Facilità d'uso - Ease of usability is essential to new and experienced people alike. A lot of features and functionality could mean more complexity and a learning curve. We breakdown what feature does what and what to look for in terms of quality.

Prezzi - Budget could be a limiting factor if you don’t know what to look for. We compare prices across different tiers to create a match based on your needs and requirements.

Sicurezza - Security is a concern for everyone regardless if you’re an enthusiast or hobbyist. Not all web hosting services are the same or offer the same features and do require some introspection when it comes to security.

Assistenza clienti - It might seem trivial but it is the only place to turn to when something goes wrong. Customer support is a knowledge resource, one-stop assistant, educational guide, and the last resort all rolled into one.

You can read about our Processo di revisione in full detail including various examples and other parameters. If you want a good example then check out our Bluehost Revisione. Thanks for visiting HostingPill!

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