Proxeuse Review: Is It the Best Host for Your Site? (2021)

We know the importance of hosting in creating a complete website. Proxeuse is one of the hosting companies that aims to provide services all across the globe.

Based in the city of Bennekom in the Netherlands, Proxeuse has its servers in Amsterdam (NL) and Falkenstein (DE). Hostify dissolute in August 2019 with the name Proxeuse because the name was already in use in the USA.

Proxeuse offers its services in other areas as well, which includes web development, domain registration, and storage plans.

Within hosting, the company offers several other hosting such as reseller hosting, Minecraft hosting, shared hosting, and many more. So, we will guide you with shared hosting plans in Proxeuse Hosting Services.

Proxeuse Review: Uptime

Proxeuse uptime

Whenever you purchase a hosting package, then several parameters play an important part. Uptime is one of the essential criteria to judge whether the hosting pack which you are purchasing is compatible with your website or not.

Proxeuse promises to provide you with 99% uptime without any issues, which may seem fair.

Though, after having several types of research on customer review, it did come into notice that Proxeuse might not give you a 100% guarantee on uptime network, which may pose a more significant problem during operation.

Rest, Proxeuse assures you compensation just in case the uptime fails to achieve its mark.

Proxeuse Review: Pricing and Features

Proxeuse has different pricing fixed for the shared pairs just in case you wish to hop into any of their plans. Some of the shared hosting plans offered by Proxeuse are as follows:

Proxeuse pricing

Users must note that they can opt for USD if they cannot pay for plans through the euro. All the prices for purchasing a policy in Proxeuse are monthly. Also, the VAT prices included in these plans are only for the EU countries, and prices may vary from region to region.

To cater to customers’ needs, Proxeuse offers several hosting packages, i.e., Base, Starter, Business, and Professional.

For your convenience, Proxeuse gives many different features in different packages. Shared hosting in Proxeuse comes in affordable pricing, which means that you can easily purchase these plans without any issues.

Proxeuse gives you the freedom to build your websites with either scripting language or by using CMS (Content Management System). With the help of Proxeuse, users can quickly make their websites through HTML, CSS, and PHP along with WordPress themes.

In the case of Control Panel, Proxeuse offers you with either cPanel or Plesk control panels. But according to their customers, Plesk will be the most commonly used hosting plans.

To value the privacy of their customers, Proxeuse provides storage cloud services and encrypted data transfer, which avoids the intervention of any external party. The credentials which you will give in Proxeuse will store all of these on the secured servers.

The only thing which will not cover in these hosting plans is that they do not provide any free SSL certificates or backups. Though, the Proxeuse hosting providers do offer you regular backup plans with some extra charges.

Along with these features, Proxeuse varies its storage space, data traffic, domain and subdomain name, MySQL databases, and email inboxes based upon the preferences of the package from your end.

The only problem lies in the free trial or refunds policy of Proxeuse as directed by its customers.

Proxeuse Review: Customer Support

Customer Support plays a vital role in delivering a hosting service a successful one.  Proxeuse gives live chat support with another contact page containing a form.

In a live chat system, Proxeuse is not 24/7 online, which becomes an issue in case of any emergency. If you are expecting to get a fast reply, this might be an area of concern.

Proxeuse customer support

After sharing credentials, an email will come in your Gmail account with a link to your ticket id. Here, another issue may arise if you are not known to the Danish language as they don’t provide you an email in English.

Proxeuse ticket

After clicking on the ticket link, you will hop into their website page with your ticket containing your question.

Proxeuse view ticket

Proxeuse has their contact form given on their contact page, where you can ask all of your queries.

Proxeuse contact form

Along with these two forms provided by Proxeuse, they also mentioned their contact number on the contact page just in case you need to have a word-to-word with them.

Proxeuse has its blog section, where you just need to type keywords for getting the desired results.

Proxeuse search option

Proxeuse also mentioned Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in some of its web pages from where you can check some of the queries that other customers asked.

Proxeuse FAQs

Proxeuse Review: Ease of Use

As mentioned earlier, Proxeuse offers a Control Panel through either cPanel or Plesk control panels. There are some speculations that Proxeuse might introduce the DirectAdmin panel included in shared plans.

Though, Plesk is the most commonly used control panel of all. With the option of both cPanel and Plesk, you can easily choose the control panel based on your compatibility.

Proxeuse website provides a better approach to their customers in both English and Danish so that they don’t face any issues. With the introduction of other services, Proxeuse does give them the proper analysis of meaningful information.

Proxeuse Review: Conclusion

With some of the unique features intact such as the Plesk control panel, free cloud storage, and much more, Proxeuse gives them facilities at a much more affordable price.

Proxeuse also provides you with 500+ scripts auto-installer with the free domain name as an annual subscription. Privacy is not a concern with Proxeuse as they provide you with encrypted cloud services for no access.

Though, some of its features provided by Proxeuse might give you headaches such as uptime guarantee, basic hosting features, and live chat support. These were some of the problems faced by Proxeuse users during their plan activation.

Other than this, one can opt for Proxeuse as hosting for their website.

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