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Setting up your website starts with two important activities. The first is to buy a good domain name; the second is to buy some virtual real estate. In other words – buying a hosting solution.

Your web hosting is one of the most important factors that will determine your online success. Here are 5 wrong web hosting decisions that could ruin your website:

1. Cheap web hosting

Cheap web hosting

While price should definitely be a factor, opting for a really cheap hosting solution could affect your website’s performance. If the hosting is offered at a cheap price, there’s something that has been compromised.This could be quality of service, slow server speed, hard to find customer support or lack of redundancy. All of these are going to affect your website’s performance.

If price is a concern, choose a hosting provider that’s competitively priced. Avoid cheap or free web hosting.

Also, since the industry is now so competitive, that for really less price, you get a good server. For instance, Business Hosting plan of InMotionHosting starts for just $5.99/month and comes with SSD drives and Free domain.

2. Uptime stats

Uptime stats

No one likes to see downtime. If your website is down, that means no visitors and ultimately loss of business.

Choose a web host that has a great uptime record. Read user reviews about the hosting provider to check if other users experienced uptime related issues.

You could also use a tool such as uptime netcraft to compare the uptime of hosting providers.

3. Customer support

Customer support

As your start setting up your website, it is likely that you’ll run into some issues or that you need to clarify something with the hosting company.

A good hosting company is the one that cares for its customers, that also means having the right channel for customers to reach them when needed.

A hosting company that does not have 24×7 support options should be avoided.

Choose a hosting provider that has multiple round the clock support options such as chat / phone / email. I have good experience with BlueHost who gave me prompt support when my other server was down.

4. Ease of use

Having great features but not being able to use them with ease doesn’t add any value. As website owners, do we want to spend time producing great content or learning how to use the different options?

Easy-to-use features with a simple Cpanel is an important factor to consider when you choose your hosting provider.

Cpanel, also known as Control Panel, is the interface that you’ll use to control the settings of your hosting solution. These settings could include the domains you’ve purchased, email addresses, databases and files in your account.

When you choose your hosting solution, make sure the Cpanel is an easy one to use and has documentation about the various options.

5. User Reviews

User Reviews

This is something you don’t want to miss before you hit that Checkout button. User reviews can provide great insights into the product. They can give you information that is not disclosed by the hosting company.

Go to any hosting providers website and you’ll only see great things written about their product. User reviews are the only way to find out if those promises have been fulfilled.

Be sure to check multiple reviews on user forums, facebook pages and product review websites.


Choosing the right hosting provider is a tricky thing. There isn’t a perfect web hosting product, but these 5 factors will help you select a hosting solution that matches your need so you don’t end up ruining your website.

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Chris Wagner

Chris Wagner has 7 years of experience as Network Administrator. His areas of interest includes Servers, Network Management and Cloud Computing.