Webflow Revisión: 8 ventajas y 2 desventajas de usar Webflow Site Builder

Webflow Revisión: 8 ventajas y 2 desventajas de usar Webflow Site Builder

This review was last updated on Sep 17,2020.

Due to services like Webflow, website designing has reached new heights. What seemed complex a few years back, has been completely eased out by a lot of constructores de sitios web.

Knowing which website builder suits your requirement requires some background knowledge about the website builder along with understanding what it offers.

Uno de esos creadores de sitios web que ha sido cada vez más popular es Webflow.

Webflow es un creador de sitios web de arrastrar y soltar para crear sitios web receptivos. Se inició por primera vez en 2013 y tiene su sede en San Francisco, California, EE. UU.

Pero, Webflow has a more unique pitch than most website builders:

What if you could combine the usability of a website builder with the power of code? And a fully featured CMS (content management system)?

So from that alone, Webflow probably sounds like a great website builder.

Which leads to questions:

What is like to actually use Webflow? Es Webflow good? Is Webflow suitable for YOU?

Bueno, espera, antes de decidir si Webflow Es adecuado para usted.

Through this 2020 Webflow review, I will unveil some of the pros and cons of using Webflow, one of the oddest website builders around.

Webflow Ventajas

  • loads of features provide EVERYTHING you need, including: an overall website builder; templates; content management system; ecommerce and marketing tools; and more.
  • Specifically, the design tools are very powerful and rival what you can do with code
  • wide range of plans means a lot of customer choice
  • secure host
  • easy to use, relative to powerful features
  • gran actuación
  • buena atención al cliente
Webflow Desventajas

  • limited code customization
  • plan variation may be confusing
  • more of a learning curve because of the many powerful features
  • Traffic limits on some plans

Pros de Webflow:

Una de las mayores ventajas con Webflow es que puedes empezar a usarlo para GRATIS. Bueno, esto es gratis para siempre. Un lugar adecuado para personas con bajo presupuesto.


Sería apropiado agregar sus características como una de las ventajas.

Bueno, ciertamente hay una razón para esto.

Su creador de sitios web de arrastrar y soltar, inmensamente compatible con HTML, CSS, JavaScript, está diseñado para crear sitios web visualmente atractivos e interactivos que también pueden admitir animaciones.

However, no code is needed on your end to build your website on Webflow.

The CMS (content management system) and E-commerce supported by Webflow allow easy website designing. Similarly, the editor along with seamless web hosting capabilities makes it quicker to launch your website.

The plans include advanced SEO controls and the sites developed with Webflow son todos amigables con SEO.

Aparte de esto, obtienes acceso a más de 100 plantillas receptivas. Webflow proporciona una API basada en REST que puede usar para actualizar / agregar / eliminar elementos de su CMS.

Plan de flexibilidad:

Webflow Proporciona planes versátiles. Como mencioné, tiene la opción de elegir su plan libre which remains free forever. With the free plan, you can use two projects with full designing and publish on webflow.io.

But of course, you’re probably wondering about the real question: how much is Webflow, Realmente?

Let’s get into the real Webflow pricing. There are two types of paid plans:

Los planes se dividen como:

  • Plan del sitio: este es un sitio web básico
  • Planes de cuenta: este es un sitio web más avanzado con características adicionales.

El plan del sitio proporciona 2 tipos de planes:

  • Planes de sitio web
  • Planes de comercio electrónico

Hay 4 planes de sitios web con el plan básico a partir de $ 12 / mes.

Webflow-site plans

Los planes de comercio electrónico también contienen 3 planes diferentes, desde $ 29 / mes.

Webflow-site plans-ecommerce

This is a bit on the higher end, but overall the Webflow ecommerce price range is like other website builders, including e-commerce focused website builders.

The standard plan contains 2% transaction fees, while the other plans do not have any transaction fees.
Los planes admiten una serie de características de marketing con pocos servicios de marketing de nivel básico y avanzado. Esto está disponible independientemente del plan que elija.

The e-commerce plans possess a revenue cap for the first two plans.

A point to note is that the renewals are higher priced as compared to the first-time pricing.

So those three e-commerce and four “website” plans are ALL part of the first main category, of “site plans.”

While the Site plans have a lot of options, the Account plans do too

Los planes de cuentas tienen 2 tipos de planes:

  • Planes individuales
  • Planes de equipo

En el plan individual, tiene un plan gratuito junto con otros 2 planes pagos. Los planes disponibles son los que se destacan a continuación.

Webflow-account-individual plans

El plan del equipo tiene 2 planes disponibles como se resalta a continuación. Esta es una buena opción para compartir y colaborar.

Webflow-account-team plans

En general, los planes son asequibles para la gran cantidad de características que ofrece cada plan. Dado que tiene tantas opciones de planes, puede escogen the best plan based on your website requirements.


Además de proporcionar varias características, Webflow also has appropriate basic security controls. Each plan is supported with a free SSL certificate.

Todos sus planes incluyen una copia de seguridad y versiones.


Más allá de esto, el sitio web completo puede ser protegido con contraseña y seguro.


Webflow provides enhanced security by ensuring it has the required compliance.

In addition to meeting industry security standards with ISO 27001 certification, Webflow is undergoing another audit soon.

Moreover, the payment processor Webflow uses is secure:

Webflow-security compliance

Which is essential for having a secure online store.

Facilidad de uso:

You might be wondering about WebflowLa facilidad de uso.

After all, even though you don’t have to know code at all, Webflow offers so many features that it might not seem easy to use.

But the good news is that even the features Webflow offers themselves are easy to use.

There are a lot of intuitive web design features added onto Webflow’s website builder.

Your website designing only requires simple drag and drop functionality. And again, with zero code required.


El editor del sitio web proporciona una vista simplista con todos los menús alineados en el extremo izquierdo.

Puede seleccionar un elemento y personalizarlo. Webflow admite más de 2000 fuentes.


Si bien digo que cada elemento se puede personalizar, también mencionaría que esto no es una personalización básica. Puede crear algunas personalizaciones realmente complejas.


So that’s why Webflow is such an impressive website builder. And although Webflow offers tons of features in the site builder, the overarching focus is on ease of use.

The huge range of features that come by default negate the need for plugins, which you would usually need on a rival CMS like WordPress, or even rival website building companies like Shopify or Wix.

However, you can still add HUNDREDS of third party applications through the app Zapier, which Webflow allows easily.

But I’ll talk more on the CMS feature later in this Webflow review. For now…


Webflow como creador de sitios web proporciona unas buenas 100 colecciones de plantillas. Estas plantillas son completamente móviles.

Puedes personalizar esto usando el incorporado WebflowEl editor sin código.

Webflow provides a list of website templates to search from.


El mejor Webflow templates do cost money.

But luckily, Webflow también proporciona una buena colección de plantillas gratuitas para comercio electrónico, CMS, negocios y otros.

It’s easy to find a template right for your specific site.

Webflow segrega cada plantilla en función del dominio y presenta una lista de diseños de plantilla.


Con todo, Webflow provides a great selection of templates. The templates work well with the site builder, and are great for making a responsive website.

Respuesta y tiempo de actividad:

Webflow has very good uptime and is super fast. It has to be, or it wouldn’t be as successful as it is:

Webflow processes 3x more pageviews through its customers’ sites a month than CNN.com and BBC.com combined.

It’s roster of high profile clients means that Webflow is trusted with, and successfully, delivers excellent performance.

The only bad news is that to get a 99.99% uptime guarantee, you have to pay for a pricey plan:webflow-uptime feature

No significa Webflow only has 99.99% uptime for the highest paying customers. It just means you have to do that to get a guarantee of such.

Junto con el tiempo de actividad, Webflow También proporciona un buen tiempo de respuesta con soporte de alta velocidad. La infraestructura utilizada por Webflow is designed to ensure consistent, fast speed for your site.

webflow-speed example

Webflow apoya la ampliación inmediata de recursos. Todos los planes incluyen CDN para alta velocidad. Mientras que los planes más avanzados incluyen Advanced Global CDN.

That’s essential for anyone who anticipates steady site growth, or even just if you want to be ready for the moment your site explodes in popularity.

El concepto más plan básico supports 25,000 site visits per month.

I have an issue with that, that I’ll get to later in this Webflow review, but it’s not big.

Soporte de CMS:

Webflow’s content management system (CMS) is flawlessly integrated into the rest of the software and features.

If you used another CMS, like WordPress, you would need to connect a web host and domain, plus perhaps even buy a page builder add-on within that CMS.

Tú puedes ver mi review of the best WordPress alternatives for more on that topic.

Or if you used a more normal website builder with less features, you’d probably have minimal CMS features (like Wix).

Usted puede comprobar fuera my review of the best Webflow alternativas to see more on how its competitors compare. But ultimately there’s a loss of features for Webflow alternativas.

Entonces usando Webflow’s CMS is much easier to use than another CMS but also more powerful than a typical site builder.

You can quickly create a blog post, and review and manage all your other content.

Además, Webflow provides good CMS support.

Para ilustrar esto mejor, Webflow También proporciona videos elaborados que muestran cada característica con más detalle.

Soporte de comercio electrónico:

Webflow tiene un soporte igualmente bueno para el diseño de comercio electrónico. Esto no solo es evidente por sus planes de comercio electrónico, sino también por las personalizaciones que proporciona en su editor para el desarrollo de tiendas de comercio electrónico.
La configuración y el diseño de su tienda se pueden completar en cuestión de unos pocos clics.

As with regular site editing, no code is needed.

Plus, ecommerce features include more than just ecommerce site design. Marketing tools are also included to elevate every step of your ecommerce game.

Here’s one example of this:webflow-ecommerce-email design

Atención al cliente:

Si alguna vez se siente perdido mientras usa Webflow, entonces no hay que preocuparse, ya que Webflow provides a huge array of resources you can review.webflow-apoyo

One of the best things about the forum is that you can always get the latest tips and fixes.

For example, some of these important topics were last updated with information less than an hour before I typed this:Webflow-foro

The forum is a great resource, but Webflow University is the real highlight here.

Webflow university has a ton of information that basically substitutes for a knowledge base.

Just about every single aspect of making a good website, or how to use Webflow specifically, is there, a further boon to ease of use.

Además del anfitrión de opciones de atención al cliente, Webflow también proporciona una opción de buscador de recursos instantáneo.

respuestas instantáneas

If still, you need help, then you can also message their customer support. The customer support typically provides email responses within a few hours.


Webflow tiene un buen blog collection which is also informative.


Webflow proporciona soporte con muchos videos tutoriales cubriendo cada tema.

For anything else, Webflow tiene una sección de preguntas frecuentes también.


Contras de Webflow:

Webflow tiene muchas características intuitivas, no hay dudas al respecto. ¿Pero esto también tiene alguna deficiencia?

Como cualquier otra plataforma, Webflow tiene algunas deficiencias, lo que destacaría aquí.

No hablaré sobre sus mayores tasas de renovación o tarifas de transacción en el plan básico de comercio electrónico. Esto es algo que muchos de sus competidores también incorporan.

Entonces, ¿qué son exactamente estos inconvenientes?

Personalizaciones de código:

Webflow is easy to use with its drag and drop options. However, if you are looking for complex code level customizations, then this is not possible.

Aunque la Webflow funciona bien con sus plantillas predefinidas y personalizaciones de editor, proporciona personalización minimalista a nivel de código.

Additionally, while you can export your site’s code via download, you can’t wholly import site code into Webflow.


Los planes proporcionados por Webflow son versátiles, como he destacado anteriormente. Si bien esto ofrece una gran opción, en varios casos los usuarios pueden encontrar estos planes confusos.

Additionally, it can feel unnecessarily complex at first: it’s not like most rival website builders, which don’t have the same range of plans.

On first glance, it does take some time to decipher which plan is the most suitable one. Having said this, I would also like to mention that WebflowEl servicio de atención al cliente lo guía a través de sus consultas relacionadas con los planes adecuados.

Curva de aprendizaje empinada:

Webflow proporciona una gran lista de características. Con una larga lista de características también viene una curva de aprendizaje empinada.

Entonces, si recién está comenzando, esto puede requerir revisar varios tutoriales antes de comenzar a explorar y usar su editor.

Gracias a su buena colección de recursos junto con una serie de tutoriales en video, facilita la curva de aprendizaje en mayor medida.

Additionally, as I said earlier, the website builder and CMS are ultimately intended to make web design easier.

So it gets easier to use Webflow quickly, and the learning curve doesn’t last too long, thanks to both support and a good interface.

Ultimately there’s just a natural tradeoff that happens when you’re trying to develop websites with code, but without actually writing code.

Traffic limit

While most hosts and website builders will give a number as to how much traffic a given plan can support in a month, these are usually just estimates.

In fact, most companies will say explicitly that traffic numbers are not formal limits set by the plans, just an estimate of capacity.

Este no es el caso con Webflow:webflow-monthly visits

However, the limits are pretty reasonable proportionate to price, features, and performance.


En este Webflow review I looked at a lot of pros and cons.

Como otros Webflow does have few cons, but nothing that is a serious concern. At the end of the day, it’s clear there’s a lot more to like about Webflow que no.

Webflow proporciona jubilación which would fit any website budget, any type of site, and a range of site requirements.

Whether you maintain a blog or informational site that requires an extensive CMS, or whether you just need the best one-page site ever–all the tools are there.

Its feature list, ease of usage, template collections, seamless editor and great customer support, are something which you just can’t miss, they stand out among website builders.

Francamente, Webflow may add some complexity its competitors don’t have, but it’s also the closest a site builder has come to giving users power of code in terms of what they can create.

If you are truly looking for a simple to use drag and drop editor which can create visually appealing site designs, then Webflow is a one-stop shop for that and much more.

But if this Webflow review sounds too good to be true, don’t take my word for it! The best way to find out if you like it…is to just try it!

Remember, you can make a site for FREE on Webflow and only pay when you feel ready:webflowSin

Happy site building!

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