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eHost Reviews

eHost is another hosting company owned by Endurance International Group, which owns an umbrella of providers, including HostGator and BlueHost, among others.

eHost has been in business since 1999, serves more than a million websites, and is A+-accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

eHost is essentially a hosting service catering to budget-conscious business owners and individuals. It caters to the shared web hosting market, and does not offer any enterprise-class services, such as cloud servers, Virtual Private Servers, or dedicated servers.

Normally available at $5.50 per month (eHost offers only a single, budget-friendly plan), and currently on sale for $2.75 per month, or 50% less than the monthly price, you can get an eHost plan at a huge 70% discount, courtesy of the instructions provided under this link,

That 70% discount mean that you’ll only pay $1.65 per month for your hosting. That’s a good price in anyone’s book, and a major factor in eHost’s favor.

So, what makes eHost a viable hosting service for your website? Is it good enough for your needs? We’ll try to answer that question in this review.

How fast is eHost Hosting?

March 2017 eHost server speed test – A. Credit: Bitcatcha

Pros(+) of eHost Hosting:

eHost is a good buy for anyone looking for affordable web hosting services for the following reasons.

1. Affordable Pricing

The low $1.65 per month plan means that eHost is significantly cheaper than other comparable web hosts. In fact, that price seems to be the cheapest one around. What’s even better is that you can get more substantial discounts if you pay your plan in advance, e.g. yearly, or every two or three years.

Even the usual $2.75 monthly plan rates favorably when compared to similar plans from other budget web hosts. To know more about eHost pricing, click here.

ehost price

2. A Single, Easy-to-Understand Plan

What makes eHost even more attractive is the fact that it only has a single web hosting plan with all the bells and whistles. Thus, there is no need to keep track of which plan you have, if you opt to get your hosting from them.

What you pay for is what you get. eHost is upfront with all the add-ons on the plan, so you’ll know what you’re getting. The fact that plans have all these add-ons and freebies is proof positive of eHost’s viability as a web host.

Furthermore, you are not tied to a contract. You also do not have to worry about hidden fees.

3. Hosting Freebies

eHost gives you a good number of freebies, including a free domain name for life (if you get the domain from them), with your hosting account.

Others include free unlimited email addresses, free marketing tools, a state-of-the-art, drag-and-drop website builder, thousands of templates you can use on your website, unlimited domains, and unlimited bandwidth.

Your hosting account also includes FTP and SSH access. You also get an online store (if you need it, it’s provided free with your plan), webmaster tools, site analytics software, website authentication seal, SEO tips and tricks, and $100 of Yahoo/Bing credit you can used for advertising your website.

cPanel is included, and if you are a new customer and you sign up now, you also get free 1GB cloud storage with JustCloud (you get a 50% discount off your JustCloud storage if you pay for it on an annual basis the next year).

As with any other web host, eHost offers quick installation of WordPress, Magento, B2evolution, and other software. There are no hidden fees associated with all these freebies.

eHost Introductory Offer

If your website also has less than 100,000 inodes, or files, folders, and emails, among others, or occupies less than 10GB, it is also automatically backed up on a weekly basis, free of charge.

For websites with more than 150,000 inodes or more than 10GB in size, you’ll have to open a support ticket for assistance in backing up your website.

4. Affordable Add-Ons

For those addons that do not come free with your plan, eHost offers significant discounts for both new and existing customers. For example, the anti-spam email filtering service from Spam Experts is initially available at just $24.95 annually, which is lower than the normal $99.90 monthly charge.

If you decide to renew it for another year, you’ll get a 50% discount, which is still significantly cheaper than the original price.

Significant discounts are also offered for priority support, SEO Ebook, SiteLock, online backup, domain privacy, and dedicated IP addresses, among others.

5. Website Builder with Free Templates and Images

Many web hosts now offer website builders when you get a plan with them. eHost is no exception. eHost touts the capability of its free drag-and-drop Website Builder, which allows you to develop a professional-looking website from scratch, without any programming or web design knowledge whatsoever.

The Website Builder comes with plenty of free templates, including responsive, mobile-friendly ones. The range of templates is impressive as well – you can choose from simple ones for the most basic site, such as blogs purely for writing, to templates specifically crafted for your niche.

To search for a template from their gallery, just enter a keyword to retrieve the templates that meet your criteria.

ehost website builder

There is a caveat to the Website Builder, though. When getting a plan with eHost, if you choose Website Builder account instead of cPanel account for your plan, you are limited to hosting just a single website on your account.

Contrast that with the unlimited websites you can host on a cPanel account.

But if you really want to try Website Builder, you can do so without fearing that you’ll be bound to it for life, as eHost makes it easy to switch from Website Builder to cPanel, and vice-versa, even while you are still on your current plan.

eHost says that you don’t have to pay anything when switching to and from these two types of accounts, so if you want to check out their Website Builder, you may choose to have a Website Builder account initially, since you can switch to cPanel anyway if you don’t find the Website Builder to your liking.

6. Reasonable Account Limits

ehost Account Limits Summary

With shared hosting, there are always constraints on the resources that you can utilize with your servers. This is no different with eHost.

A look through eHost’s support documentation reveals these account limits. For example, in terms of CPU usage limits, eHost has a maximum 25% CPU usage. Above that, you’ll see your speeds throttled.

However, this is unlikely to happen if your site is not script-intensive or, if indeed you need these scripts, the scripts are properly coded.

To reduce the chances of CPU usage limits, you should limit the number of scripts running on your server, reduce banner and other ads, and avoid the use of HTTPs on your pages, unless necessary.

Other limits include 25 simultaneously-running server processes, 25 simultaneous MySQL connections, and a 100k/250k limit on inodes (files, folders, emails, among others) hosted on your account.

For the inode limit, if your account exceeds 100k, it will no longer be included in the free weekly backup that eHost does for all accounts hosted on its servers. If you exceed 250k, you’ll find your account subject to review or suspension.

I looked up the same limits for another budget web host (Fast Web Host), and found out that the limits are comparable. If you have an average website, these resource constraints may not have that much impact on the speed with which your website serves up its pages.

Aside from being reasonable, eHost tries to reduce the impact or the chances of you hitting these limits by suggesting possible remediation efforts on your part.

Note that upgrading to a VPS or a dedicated server normally takes care of these account limits, since you are no longer sharing your web server’s resources with other websites hosted on the same server.

If you choose to go to that option, you need to transfer your hosting to another web host though, since eHost does not offer you an upgrade path.

7. Comprehensive Support Documentation

eHost offers comprehensive support documentation. You can see this from the wide-ranging topics covering all aspects of your web hosting needs on their Support page (you can go to that page by clicking here).

The ease with which I was able to get information about account limits (see previous section) bears out this conclusion. The comprehensive documentation is noteworthy, and shows the importance that eHost attaches to customer support.

eHost also offers 24/7 support via telephone, email, and chat, all available on their website.

eHost Support Portal

Cons(-) of eHost Hosting:

Now let’s tackle the cons of eHost as a web hosting provider.

1. Lack of More Powerful Web Hosting Options

eHost, unfortunately, does not offer options other than shared hosting. It does not offer Cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and VPS hosting.

Although the limits on your shared hosting account may be reasonable and comparable to what other web hosts have, if there comes a time when your website needs a more powerful server, you have no choice but to transfer to another provider, which might prove to be a hassle and, worse, lead to downtime. This is particularly true if you have an ecommerce site.

Thus, if you anticipate upgrading your hosting in the future, eHost is not a good option for exactly this reason.


eHost is a budget-friendly web host that only offers shared web hosting, making it ideal for less-than-industrial-scale websites. If your website requires a dedicated server, or a VPS, you will not be able to use eHost for such a purpose, you’ll have to look for another hosting provider.

If you do not anticipate your website to get increasing amounts of traffic in the future, eHost is more than a viable hosting option, with lots of freebies along with one of the cheapest hosting plans, monthly or annually, on the market.

So, good luck and happy hosting!

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