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How to Block Websites (Super Easy Steps, with screenshots)

Reading Time: 5 min read

There are many reasons for why one would want to block websites, sometimes, they just bug you to a level where you want to break the screens of your device.

While some websites only irritate you to that extend others might be sending in harmful viruses that can damage your computer and files.

There are also websites that can steal information from your computer or online data and not everyone is able to avoid these websites or take care of them without blocking them.

The best way of course is to block these websites for good! There are different methods through which you can block websites on different browsers, or operating systems.

Read on to find out how to block websites on your operating system or device!

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Want to promote your blog? 151 Tried and Tested ways

Reading Time: 47 min read

How to get people to read your blog? How to get traffic to your blog? How to get your blog to the people who want to see it?

These are questions that everyone running or marketing a blog asks. And it’s easy to get discouraged—there are already so many blogs out there!

Luckily, it’s absolutely possible to promote your blog to increase traffic or readership or customers. Below, I’ve got 151 tried and tested ways to promote your blog.

They cover all sorts of methods and venues. Some are big, some are small. You don’t have to do all of them—but they’re certainly worth a look.

Let’s get started!

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What is 404 not Found Error & How to Fix it (Explained with Example)

Reading Time: 6 min read

When a searcher clicks on your website, their browser sends your server the information about the content they want to access.

The server then identifies the page they’re requesting and sends it back to the searcher’s browser.

The server responds to the user’s request through an HTTP response code.

Now, if everything plays out well, the searcher will land on the page without seeing the response code. On the other hand, if there is any problem in the interaction between the server and the browser, the error message will be displayed.

There are two types of browser error messages.

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What Is HTTP 302 Error & How to fix it? [4 Tested Methods Explained]

Reading Time: 6 min read

Whenever we have to do 302 redirects, the same questions usually arise.

Here are some of the questions:

  1.     Is my website ready for it?
  2.     What type of redirection is the most appropriate for my case?
  3.     Will I lose all the SEO work I’ve done so far?
  4.     Will Google penalize me? What happens if one day I eliminate redirects?
  5.     How are they made?
  6.     How do I fix error 302 (if it occurs)

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What is 401 Unauthorized Error & How to Fix it (4 Solutions Explained)

Reading Time: 6 min read

Undoubtedly, you’ve come across an error or two while browsing your favorite websites online. These errors are a common nuisance that both webmasters and consumers don’t like to see.

Still, these inconveniences manage to endure and continue to bother people even today.

But what exactly are these error codes that keep popping up out of nowhere and without explaining why they’ve appeared in the first place?

Simply put, the Internet or the World Wide Web functions based on the application protocol designed for distributed and collaborative hypermedia information systems, otherwise known as HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

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What is a 301 Redirect & How To Set Up it (2 methods explained)

Reading Time: 5 min read

Websites have become the digital identities for businesses and because of intense competition, it’s integral to keep these web portals up to date. Otherwise, due to an obsolete web presence, an online brand can go out of the market.

In order to keep a website fresh and relevant, it’s essential to redesign it at regular intervals of time. But overhauling your web portal isn’t as easy as it seems to be.

You have to develop a robust strategy to ensure that your customers and the search engines are directed to the latest version of the URL.

Still confused? Let’s do a detailed analysis in order to get the basics clear.

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What is 403 Forbidden Error & How to Fix it (5 Solutions Explained)

Reading Time: 4 min read

What is 403 Forbidden Error?

403 Forbidden Error

One of the most commonly seen errors while browsing is Error # 403.

It is basically a hypertext transfer protocol response that a user can get due to numerous reasons.

While browsing, if you land into a 403 Error, it is because you are not authorized to access the specified URL.

In this article, we will walk you through its different versions, causes, possible resolutions, and workarounds, if any.

Variants of 403:

There are different scenarios where a user will face one of the multiple versions of the 403 Error.

The most common Error 403 variants are:

  • 403 Error
  • 403 Forbidden
  • 403 Forbidden Error
  • 403 Forbidden Nginx
  • 403 Forbidden: Access Denied
  • Error 403 Forbidden
  • Forbidden
  • HTTP 403 Forbidden
  • Nginx 403 Forbidden

How does the HTTP Error 403 work?

A user will see one of the Error 403 while communicating with a server via HTTP mainly due to an authentication or access error.

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