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9 Internet Statistics for 2019: These figures will surprise you!

The internet: we all use it.

Okay, technically speaking, not every single person on Earth uses the internet.

But a lot of people do—I’ll gets to how many in this list, don’t worry—and if you’re reading this, YOU certainly do.

But don’t you wonder about how “big” the internet is?

Just how many people are actually connected to it? HOW are they connected to it? Are the most popular sites the ones you think they are, or something else?

These questions and more will get answered in this article. I made sure to dig up some of the best stats around, and even I was surprised by some of the stuff I found.

So are you ready?

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10 Latest Ecommerce Statistics for 2019 (Trends, Insights & More!)

E-commerce is a big deal nowadays. You already know that, but when you see some of the numbers, you’ll find they’re jaw-dropping.

Understanding the scope of e-commerce is important, as is understanding its many nuances.

Luckily for us, e-commerce is widely studied, so there’s a ton of research about it. The problem?

Some of that research is outdated, and some of it isn’t very good. And, there’s so much, I can sometimes be hard to find the relevant facts.

But hey — don’t worry! I’ve dug deep to find the most reliable stats, trends, and insights on e-commerce around!

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