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3 Best HostGator Alternatives for 2018 (Number #2 is My Favorite)

Reading Time: 7 min read

Comparison updated: November 2018

HostGator has had several network outages since its original owner sold it to Endurance International Group (EIG) back in June 2012.

The latest HostGator server outage was in December 2016. With the yearly outages plaguing its network since 2012, we wonder when the next HostGator outage may be.

Since we haven’t heard from the company what steps they’re taking to prevent similar network outages from happening again in the future, we can only surmise that they have taken care of the problem internally.

One other concern that some have raised about HostGator is its worsening customer support, which again came about after its acquisition by EIG.

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Wix vs Squarespace (2018) — A Comparison Review

Reading Time: 10 min read

Wix and Squarespace are giants in the world of site-building: they are among the most popular website building platforms in the world.

Unlike traditional hosting companies, which include website builders but emphasize the actual hosting of space on servers more, Wix and Squarespace emphasize the process of creating and designing websites (though they are also hosting companies by default).

This is part of what has made them very popular, especially for those looking for very easy and efficient solutions.

If you Google hosting options, for example, you’ll get a ton of results for companies that really emphasize the hosting aspect of websites.

If you Google website builders or something similar—how to make a website, for example—you’re very likely to get results for Wix and Squarespace.

So that’s where these two are—titans of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) site-builder world, competing fiercely today just as they have been for over a decade.

On to the obvious question: which one, then, is the better one?

Which is more affordable, which offers more features, and as they’re both advertised as easy to use, which is easiest to use?

All these questions and more will be answered in the following sections, so keep reading!

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A SmugMug Review For 2018 (Pros, Cons, Pricing, and Features)

Reading Time: 11 min read
Disclosure: The links to SmugMug and other sites in this post are ads and we earn commissions if you shop through them.

What is SmugMug?

Who here has heard of Flickr?

Yes, all of you.

Who hear as heard of SmugMug?

Ah, the amount of hands up drops considerably.

Those who hypothetically lowered their hands might be surprised to hear that SmugMug is in fact two years older than Flickr…as well as its owner!

Yes, Flickr changed hands and became a subsidiary of SmugMug in April 2018.

In some ways, SmugMug is pretty similar to Flickr—it’s essentially an image hosting platform.

However, whereas Flickr is more of a social media site, SmugMug is more of a website builder.

It might be best to think of SmugMug as something of a cross between a paid web hosting service, and a free image hosting site.

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Epik Review: Is it Good for Domain & Hosting? (Personally Tested)

Reading Time: 6 min read
A lot of people misleadingly think Epik to be only a web development company.

And yes, you would not find too many forums discussing Epik details.

Epik, does this name sound familiar?

Chances are you must have bumped across this name while reviewing about web hosts or domain registrar or website builder.

So here I go.

I will un-shield few basic details about Epik before I get any further.

Epik is primarily a domain registrar which also provides other website development capabilities.

It was first started in 2009.

Epik also referred to as “Swiss Bank of Domains” is the largest domain name lease management provider across the globe.

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HostPapa Review: You’ve Heard of it. But Should you Use it?

Reading Time: 8 min read

What is HostPapa?

HostPapa is one of the more spirited hosting companies out there.

Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the small-to-medium sized community of users, but HostPapa strikes me as a friendly platform.

It’s a smaller hosting service, but it’s still managed to make a name for itself.

Whereas the bigger hosting companies have provided for millions of sites, HostPapa’s number is closer to 200,000 (it was 160,000 two years ago, so grain of salt).

HostPapa claims

It’s been in business since 2006 and seems to have done nothing but grow since then.

It sells itself as a familial platform, where everyone is connected in a warm-hearted HostPapa community.

I kind of see the appeal—actually, HostPapa makes me think of a local, popular pizza place, but for the hosting world.

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4 Best Shopify Alternatives

Reading Time: 9 min read

As time passes, Ecommerce is increasingly relevant.

Regardless of how you feel about Shopify, it’s pretty undeniable it’s the reigning ecommerce software. It’s an earned title, as Shopify packs in a very powerful set of services with its platform.

However, just because it’s the most popular doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Maybe Breitbart’s ties to Shopify are turning you off, or maybe Shopify just isn’t doing one thing you really need well enough. Maybe the feel isn’t right.

Well, don’t worry, there is a diversity of alternatives to Shopify. Their pricing varies and you can look it up easily, so I won’t be too detailed here, but they can all be worth it depending on what you want.

Each of these provides all the basics you need to have a good experience running your shop, but provide some benefits that may be far more suited to you, things that Shopify just doesn’t do as well. And of course, some of them may just click with you more.

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FatCow Hosting Review: Features are good, What about ‘Security’?

Reading Time: 10 min read

What is FatCow Hosting?

FatCow is a name you may not have come across in your journey to find the right web hosting service.

It’s a pretty small company—though it was founded in 1998 and has therefore been around as long as some of the best in the biz, FatCow’s name hasn’t exerted as much pull as its other, larger, competitors.

And yet, FatCow has managed to stay afloat in a very competitive area of online business for two decades—so clearly, it’s not too shabby despite its size.

And this leads us to wonder—what is up with FatCow?

Is it staying alive by luck, or is it a hidden gem in the hosting world?

In this review, I’ll take a look at FatCow and discuss my experience using it.

I’m happy to report that this underdog is a solid hosting company, but there are a few caveats to look out for.

So—let’s get to it!

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NameCheap Review 2018

Reading Time: 7 min read

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for NameCheap since November 2017.

I am monitoring NameCheap’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of NameCheap is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

Started in 2000, Namecheap began it’s journey into the hosting industry offering domains and then stepped up it’s services in terms of hosting and other add-on services.

From Domain registrations to shared hosting, Reseller hosting to dedicated servers, today Namecheap has a host of services under it’s umbrella.

One of the most transparent and honest providers I have found online, Namecheap’s honesty reflects in it’s mission :

We never bombard our clients with unwanted upsells or in-your-face advertising. Our goal is to be honest, straightforward, friendly and helpful.”

For most of my projects, I generally use Namecheap to book my domains. Here are reasons why I am using NameCheap over Godaddy.

And here is the guide to register domain on NameCheap and tools to generate domain name ideas.

Recently, I had a chance to launch a small project, and I decided to try out Namecheap’s shared hosting plans.

Based on my experience, here is my review of Namecheap as a hosting provider along with it’s pros and cons.

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Hostinger Review: Awesome Uptime (100%), How About Features?

Reading Time: 10 min read

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for Hostinger since August 2018.

I am monitoring Hostinger’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of Hostinger is based on actual testing done on their servers and interaction with their customer support.”

What is Hostinger?

It’s about time we get an updated review of Hostinger up. After all, Hostinger has been a major hosting force in an internet full of different hosting platforms.

If you haven’t heard of Hostinger before, you might be surprised to learn it is in fact a sprawling hosting provider. I mean it: Hostinger has over 29 million users, and subsidiaries in 178 countries.

It started in 2004, but from its small beginnings it’s become a fantastic hosting option.

In this review, we’ll talk about a lot—but to give you a quick answer, Hostinger is good. Not perfect, but overall cheap relative to what you get for the buck.

But hey, that’s an oversimplification. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s dive in.

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Godaddy Review 2018: 5 Pros & 3 Cons of Using it! (99.97% Uptime)

Reading Time: 7 min read

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for GoDaddy since August 2018.

I am monitoring Godaddy’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of GoDaddy is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

When it comes to hosting platforms, for sure you would have heard GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is definitely a well-publicized and popular hosting platform. Probably this is one of the few hosting services that even beginners would have heard about.

GoDaddy provides domain registration as well as web hosting services. This was first launched in 1997.

Yes, you are right. This has been in the market for a very long time as compared to its competitors. Yet another reason why GoDaddy is so popular.

GoDaddy has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, US and was founded by Bob Parsons. To its credit, GoDaddy has over 17 million customers. That definitely is a huge number.

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Reading Time: 5 min read

If you have ever searched about, then chances are that you would have stumbled a mixed review.

Some good and some bad review.

However, I thought of reviewing it myself and list down the good and not so good points about

But before that let me give a brief about the company based on whatever information I could gather.

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Liquid Web Hosting Review 2018 (Latest Uptime and Comparison)

Reading Time: 8 min read

About Liquid Web Hosting

Liquid Web is one of the leading web hosting and cloud application solutions providers today. Apart from its powerful hardware, LiquidWeb has a team of experienced web hosting professionals that give it a clear cut above the other, major web hosting solutions providers.

In a press release that was published in May 2017, Liquid Web outperformed competition across web hosting and cloud service platforms by providing a faster and better user experience. The host trampled Amazon, DigitalOcean, and Rackspace.

LiquidWeb has its own servers and virtual machines with faster processors and disk space. These enable it to effectively handle and sustain huge requests and transactions per second.

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InMotion Hosting Review

Reading Time: 8 min read

What is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion is a popular hosting platform founded in 2001. It is primarily based on Unix and Linux based systems. It is headquartered in Virginia, USA.


This is one of hosting platforms which provides a range of services with its easy to use cPanel and multiple other goodies. I will provide this in more detail further in my review.

InMotion supports shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and can offer custom web design to its clients.

Let me start this off by listing the benefits you receive by using InMotion hosting.

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Hostinger Business Hosting Review

Reading Time: 5 min read
Often as the business scales up, there would be scenarios where a shared hosting will not be sufficient. In such cases, one needs to check for alternate and more robust hosting options.

Most hosting platforms provide alternate hosting options to cater to high performance and speed requirements. One such hosting plan is the Hostinger’s Business hosting plan which focuses to provide better performance over shared hosting.

Let me start this by providing a brief overview of the company. Hostinger was first started in 2004. To its credit, Hostinger is spread across 178 countries and has over 29 million users.

Hostinger has had an exciting journey with a revolutionary growth, initially starting its services completely free. Officially in 2011, the brand Hostinger came into existence.

I will provide a detailed review of Hostinger Business plan along with the pros and cons of its services.

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AltusHost Review: Pros, Cons & Hosting Plans

Reading Time: 4 min read
In this article, we review AltusHost – a European Web Hosting Company with Data centers in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

AltusHost ( is a European web hosting provider that began operations in 2008. That may not be too long ago but in such a short span they’ve got some of the big names in the industry as their clients. AltusHost has over 10000 customers worldwide.

AltusHost has a range of products under its belt; this includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain registrations, and SSL certificates.

They have a couple of data centers located in Netherlands and Sweden.

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