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10 Best (+1 Special) Domain Registrars of 2019

Think of a website. Do you know why you can think of a website? Because it has a title, a name. This title isn’t just something that goes onto the web page itself, but something that goes into the URL, or address, of the site.If you want a site, you’ll want to name it. Whether it’s for your business, a potential business, a personal blog, or even if you’re investing in bulk purchases of domains, everyone has an interest in finding good names for their websites.

How do you do this? You go to a company called a domain name registrar, and you pay them to make sure a particular name is registered with you. You become the owner of that domain for as long as you’re paying for it, however, the terms of the contract work out.

A domain name registrar is exactly what it sounds like: it’s an organization that manages the registration of domain names. To be official, a registrar has to be accredited by a generic top-level domain registry—don’t confuse the two—and a registrar will operate in accordance with the registry.

Registries are an article for a different time, but briefly: registries are databases of domain names and all the information of the people who registered them. Registries are managed by an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), which is a huge deal for domain registration.

Basically, you can only register from companies that have been accredited by ICANN. This won’t narrow things down for you, because there are still a lot of ICANN-accredited options.

So now we know what a domain name registrar is.

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Uniregistry Review – 5 Pros & 2 Cons

In this article, I am going to talk about Uniregistry and what they offer a domain registrar.

The uniqueness of Uniregistry is that it’s specifically built to cater to the requirements of domainers who invest in purchasing generic top-level domains (gTLD) in bulk.

I have dealt with many registrars over the course of the last few years, but the concept of Uniregistry looked impressive. It seemed to be built entirely around the core needs of the people who deal with domains in bulk and that was enough to ignite my interest.

I was thinking to consolidate my portfolio at that time. So I decided to try them out and moved around 10% of my registered domains to Uniregistry to see if they could live up to my expectations.

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Although there was an iota of doubt in my mind initially, Uniregistry managed to exceed all my expectations. Since then, I have already transferred more than 50% of my domains to them and hope to complete the remaining in next couple of months’ time.

You might be wondering what made me take such a drastic decision. I do accept, it’s not an easy task to move hundreds of domains out to a new registrar. But when the pros overweigh the cons by such a handsome margin, it’s no less than a crime to let the opportunity go begging.

Let’s now get into the finer details of what Uniregistry offers, including the advantages and drawbacks, so that you can figure out whether to register/transfer your domains to Uniregistry.

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