Here at HostingPill, data and its movements are very important to us.Whether you want to consistently add content to your site or work offline, digital storage is an essential part of everyday life now.

A single computer can hold and process vast amounts of information, and made almost everything about information (creating it, accessing it, sharing it) more efficient.

Of course, the downside is that if your device crashes, breaks, or gets stolen—you may have lost all those files you kept in one place.

Hence the importance of backing everything up. But hey, that’s easier said than done—we might back up once in a while manually, but I doubt anyone regularly does manual back-ups consistently enough to preserve all the new stuff on their device.

Enter CrashPlan.

CrashPlan is a product developed by Code42, a software company that deals with backup software.

Code42 offers two main products: Code42 Enterprise, which is backup software for big businesses, and CrashPlan, which is for small businesses.

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