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7 Best BlueHost Alternatives 2020 [Number #2 is Incredible]

Few of the concerns while using Bluehost services are regarding speed, performance, pricing structure, high renewals, limited add-ons included in the basic hosting plan, poor customer support to name a few.

Owing to these limitations, a lot of Bluehost users are on the lookout for other alternatives. Bluehost’s degrading services are driving users to opt for other hosting platforms.

Through this post, I will provide you the top 5 alternatives for Bluehost, which would help you choose your perfect hosting platform.

In case you’re in a hurry, here are our Top BlueHost Alternatives:

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23 Best PayPal Alternatives of 2020 (No. 4 is Awesome)

When it comes to online money transfer in the modern day, PayPal is pretty much at the top of the food chain, right?

However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is satisfied with its service. Many have had problems with PayPal, which inspired them to seek out another payment solution.

If you are looking to replace PayPal, or you don’t have access to it at all — fear not. We have prepared a list of as many as 23 PayPal alternatives, which are bound to help you manage your money.

Whether you need it for your business or personal use, we have something for everybody.

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6 Best Wix Alternatives (#4 Alternative is Awesome)

Have you been thinking of shifting from Wix?

There are a few downsides of using Wix. That’s the reason most users are looking out for Wix Alternatives.

With Wix the long-term pricing is expensive. If you choose the basic plan which is the cheapest plan available, then you need to bear with the Wix Ads.

To remove Ads, you need to choose a more expensive plan. Also, ts website designer is low on design and editing. This makes creating a complex website design a tedious task.

Other issues usually faced by Wix users is its low SEO support, marketing tools, and third-party apps support. There are few technical limitations in Wix, which is again a challenge for Wix users.

Nevertheless, in case you are searching for Wix alternatives, then here is a consolidated review of its alternatives.

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4 Best SiteGround Alternatives (Number #1 is Just Awesome)

I am sure, SiteGround is not something new to your ears, you certainly would have heard a lot of it earlier. But do you know, of late many users are seeking SiteGround alternatives.

I have used SiteGround to host several websites, and yes, it’s at times frustrating when you don’t get the expected outcome.

When SiteGround is flooded with so many website hosting then why exactly are users searching for SiteGround alternatives?

With SiteGround you start at a low price and gradually end up paying more than 3 times the initial pricing for subsequent renewal. Isn’t that a little unfair?

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2020’s Best WordPress Alternatives – Site Builder, CMS, Blogging

If you have any interest in content creation or web development, you’ve heard of WordPress. Heck, you might be reading this because you’re tired of WordPress.Whatever the case, WordPress is enormously popular, but it’s not all that’s available. In this list, I’ll detail some of the best alternatives to WordPress from multiple perspectives.

I am primarily suggesting alternatives to, but most of these are also alternatives to Without further ado, let’s get started!

To a get a clear idea, jump to the categories’ section of your interest.

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Top 4 BigCommerce Alternatives (As low as $9/mo, 2000+ Apps)

While BigCommerce powers several websites, there are a lot of concerns raised by its users.

Below are few reasons why you would wish to choose an alternate to BigCommerce.

  • BigCommerce is expensive around pricing options
  • It Limits online sales per year based on pricing plan
  • Third-party apps, plugins, and software are priced separately
  • Though it mentions no transaction fees, this is applicable only to few selected payment gateways
  • Propagates leading payment gateways. No standardized payment options for credit cards
  • Smaller app marketplace
  • High switching cost to alternate platform
  • Low on inventory management
  • Expensive themes with very few selection of free themes

Clearly, these are some of the concerns you have to ponder about in case you are a BigCommerce user.

Through this post, we will discuss, top 4 alternatives to BigCommerce to provide you a wider spectrum around the next set of options.

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