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Whether you are a business owner, who wants to set up his online presence, or you are an individual who is looking to start a personal blog, either the reason, you need to do your research to find the right web hosting companies.

And you really thought that choosing a web hosting is a no hassle event? Rethink! There are various instances where small and mid-sized groups retain their own web server.


Most of them just fail, because upholding and maintaining a web server turns out to be very expensive and highly time-consuming.

Solution? Look for the right web hosting companies.

They will manage the rest while you focus on other important tasks.

Look beyond the likes of BlueHost and HostGator as we bring to you a well-researched list of top 7 web hosting companies about which you haven’t heard till now!

1. WebHostFace

WebHostFace was started in the first quarter of 2013 and offers a satisfaction rate of about 98%. With more than 4 years in a business webhostface has been offering tremendously reliable and rich in feature web hosting services and experience to their customers.

They are capable of offering services that many other web hosting companies are failing to deliver; exceptional satisfaction to customer supported by no hassle, no strings attached 30-day money back guarantee.

At WebHostFace, they consider that their every client earns a right to get the top class services, without any hassles or commitments.

They provide shared and reseller web host service packs on SSD powered servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers, registration of domain name and management, and top class SSL services.

They are also known to offer extra premium services like McAfee malware scans and R1Soft daily backups that too for free.


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2. Host Dime

Since 2001, HostDime is a privately owned and operated center and has been listed as the leader in the website hosting industry by offering fast, top-level customer service, highest quality equipment, and guaranteed maximum uptime, fully functional tools for management, protected backups and rock solid and practical business practices.

Every web hosting company is equipped with the latest and innovative technology that it offers its clients, but what puts HostDime above the rest is it’s stop at nothing work ethic. They have a team fully knowledgeable and expert that serves the customers in the most methodical and best way possible.

The data center is located in beautiful Orlando city, Florida. They have over 25,000 square foot facility which was designed keeping in mind the idea of reliability, stability, and uppermost level of uptime standards.

All the services of the company are conveyed with assured service levels and round the clock 24 by 7 support.


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3. Fast Web Host

This was sure to occupy the first position! Fast Web Host has been offering web hosting solutions to a number of businesses and private websites since 2008.

Fast Web Host is listed among the fastest growing web hosting corporation having about 200,000 domains, solid support system and highly praised network infrastructure.

Their web hosting packs are assisting businesses and people to gain high-end service and that too at a fraction of the cost.

Their network of web hosting is completely based on the fast and reliable Apache web server which is combined with the dominant MySQL database server and Horde mail server.

The server is supervised 24 by 7 for any abnormal activity and benchmarks are performed continuously. This lets them respond immediately to any sorts of short-term web problem on top of growing their system optimally, i.e. maintaining and keeping it broadband ready, cost-effective and fully operational.

What makes them stand apart from the rest of the block is their amazing uptime – they are fully committed to offering a secure and consistent hosting setting.

Their customer websites are directly hosted on high quality and up-to-date quad processor servers and their data center is fully equipped with 24*7 UPS power back-up generator, also offering 99.9% server uptime and 30 days anytime money back guarantee.

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4. A Small Orange

A Small Orange has always been termed as a premier expert web hosting company since 2003 and was founded in Atlanta. This company is known to create something magical; they have an undisclosed, secret recipe of developing delicate website hosting.

Needless to say, they are completely aware of what it takes to be an expert web host.

Additional services they offer are – shared hosting, business hosting, cloud VPS, web design services, website builder and clementine managed.

What puts the company above the rest of the slots is its belief. A Small Orange doesn’t believe and doesn’t provide any kind of “unlimited plans,” because they feel meeting the clients’ expectations and requirements actually require costly upgrades.

They believe that the client should pay for the service that he wishes and needs. Logical indeed!

small orange

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5. 34sp is a United Kingdom based web hosting service provider founded in the year 2000. It was established keeping in mind the idea of filling a gap between high-end hosting services and reasonable prices.

From reasonably priced website hosting plans to VPS web hosting, domain name registration and dedicated hosting services, 34sp offers you every single thing and that too at pocket-friendly rates.

They also offer tailored products for all kinds of website hosting needs.

They offer diverse choices from which you can choose from, when you are looking for professional web hosting services. At 34sp, you will discover service options ranging from dedicated web servers to shared hosting packages.

Their top class tech support team is the result of perfect amalgamation of the technical knowledge with responsive staff and reliable management.

Their head offices and data centers are based in Central Manchester (England), and Central London (England).

Their data centers are jammed packed with technical staff to make sure that on-site engineering, mechanism, functions and maintenance actions are maintained at the high level.


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6. LCN

Founded in February 2000, they have more than 180,000 satisfied customers in the UK. They have the data center in the UK as well.

Their commitment to service is exceptional, unlike other web hosting companies who sell disk space, email boxes and bandwidth.

At, they are known to sell their service.The department of service at consists of the trained and skilled employees, who are fully trained by the company itself and are given profound expertise in all parts of the client’s web hosting account.

They give service their very first priority, and that’s what they are known for. In fact, the members of the executive team of are known to directly respond to customer service calls.

This is what reflects the quality and swiftness in their service responses.

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7. Sky Net Hosting

The Sky Net Hosting was established in 2004 with the idea of offering high-end web hosting services to their customers.

The integrity they deal with, with their clients is what makes them different. Unlike other companies, they believe that their customers have the right to have knowledge about how and where their website is hosted and served and where their invested money is going.

Every single hosting account whether it is from their web hosting plans or reseller web hosting or virtual servers are wholly and 24 by 7 supported by the unlimited best data center processes available.

They have about 9 years of experience in Multiple C-Class IP Hosting. They also provide assured 99.9% network and server uptime SLA with a complete 30 days money back guarantee.

They offer a guarantee that all the inquiries that are submitted by the clients to their technical department will be handled and resolved within an hour from the time the inquiry is received.

But don’t be surprised if the company responds and resolves in less than 15 minutes. They also provide and perform daily and weekly complete backup service to each and every hosting account under their server.


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What makes them stand apart is their will to offer personal support, to each of their customers and they are more than willing to help anyone looking to start a project or anyone who wants development advice.

This is their leading concept which many big web hosting companies lack.

They have also provide sign up coupons for readers of Hosting Pill.Any new user who signs up will get 60% off if they apply promo code ‘HostingPill’ at the time of checkout.

Web Hosting Companies Comparison

Web Hosting Companies

Disk Space


Free Domain



Shared Hosting
30 GB Unlimited YES $0.69/mo
Fast Web host

Value Plan
50 GB Unlimited YES $2.95/mo

SSD Business Plan
100 GB SSD 100GB Premium YES $20.00/mo
A small Orange

Startup Plan
40 GB 600GB NO $20.00/mo

Professional Hosting
5 GB Unlimited NO £5.95/mo

Start-Up Plan
5 GB Unlimited NO $2.92/mo
Skynet Hosting

USA Hosting
2 GB 100 GB NO $1.95/mo


So next time when you think of hosting your website, or switching to a new provider, the above hosting companies do deserve a chance to get your business. Let me know below which one you go for.

However, if you feel like none of these hosting companies fulfill your needs, then checkout my hosting quiz here that will take your needs and suggest the right web hosting company for you.

Good luck and happy hosting!