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What’s the Best Shared Web Hosting for Your Website?

With thousands of web hosting companies around, it’s really tough to research and finalize the “best shared web hosting” which fits your needs. I understand this problem and that is why I researched on various hosting companies and prepared this simple quiz.

I hope it will guide you to the “best shared web hosting” company which fits your needs.

Any suggestions to improve the process or the results are always welcome

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What’s the Best Shared Web Hosting for Your Website?

Considerations for choosing the Best Shared Web Hosting Company

While creating the “Best Shared Web Hosting” quiz, I kept following criteria in mind and selected hosting companies which fit those criteria:

1. Price & Performance

Even when you go for Shared Web hosting, price should be the least considering factor for selecting the hosting company. You can see what performance are you getting for the said price, what policies are being followed by the hosting companies.

For example: BlueHost uses a technology by which if any of the websites in shared hosting starts using excessive resources, they move that website in an isolated system. This way it does not affect other websites on the same server.

So, getting a balance between price and performance is one of the big factors in choosing the best shared web hosting company.

2. Customer Support

For choosing companies which satisfies this criterion I kept following factors in mind:

a. No. of ways to contact Customer Support

Contact Mediums include Email, Phone, Chat, Skype, etc.

b. Response time

How quickly do they respond when you contact them?

c. Existing Documentation

Do they have go enough documentation or training videos to guide the users?

3. User Interface

Having an easy to use interface is a must else you will not like using that web hosting company. So I tested all the User Account Dashboards to see if they are easy to understand.
Web hosting companies either have their own interface or they provide standard cPanel for operating your account.

4. Resources

I checked two things for this parameter – things which were offered for free (one time) and things which were free and unlimited. So, one domain is generally offered free when you go for annual plan. And most companies offer unlimited MYSQL database, unlimited bandwidth, email, etc.

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