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In this article, we review AltusHost – a European Web Hosting Company with Data centers in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

AltusHost ( is a European web hosting provider that began operations in 2008. That may not be too long ago but in such a short span they’ve got some of the big names in the industry as their clients. AltusHost has over 10000 customers worldwide.

AltusHost has a range of products under its belt; this includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, domain registrations, and SSL certificates.

They have a couple of data centers located in Netherlands and Sweden.

AltusHost Pros & Cons

AltusHost Hosting Pros

  • 45-day money back guarantee with shared hosting plans and 14-day money back guarantee with VPS hosting plan.
  • Fully owned network hardware, this means your data is not with a third-party
  • Free backup with shared hosting plans.
  • Multiple payment options including credit cards, PayPal, BitCoin, BankWire etc.

AltusHost Hosting Cons

  • No money back guarantee with Dedicated Servers
  • Data centers only at two locations – Netherlands and Sweden

AltusHost Hosting Plans

1. Shared Hosting

Tailored and optimized for small and medium business, the shared hosting plans from AltusHost start at a very attractive price – $5.95 per month (when purchased for 24 months). This includes 10 GB of disk space and 250 GB of monthly bandwidth – a good starting option for small businesses. Other shared hosting plans provide bandwidth upto 1 TB per month.

The shared hosting plans from AltusHost allow you to run your own Content Management System (such as WordPress, Joomla), Forums (such as vBulletin, Simple Machines Forum) and Cart Solutions (such as OpenCart, osCommerce).

AltusHost also provides a 45-day money back guarantee and free backup of your data – something not found with most hosting solutions.

AltusHost Plans & Pricing – 2017

Space 10 GB/mo 20 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 256 GB 512 GB 1 TB
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $4.95 $9.95 $14.95
More Details More Details More Details

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2. VPS Hosting

Suitable for medium to large websites that need more than just shared hosting; AltusHost offers two types of VPS hosting – Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting, both of which run on XEN virtualization technology.

The Linux VPS starts at a monthly price of $19.95 that includes 2 CPU cores, 1 GB of RAM and 1 TB of bandwidth. Higher plans provide upto 6 CPU cores and 5 TB of bandwidth.

Purchasing a control panel with Linux VPS gives you managed support services as well that will take care of any required troubleshooting.

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The Windows VPS runs on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 R2 and starts at $29.95 a month (lower rates available when purchased for longer period).

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Both Linux and Windows VPS hosting solutions are available with 14-day money back guarantee.

3. Dedicated Servers

For websites that require large amount of bandwidth and processing power, AltusHost has the Dedicated Servers offering with multiple options and customizations.

There are three options for Dedicated Servers – Standards Servers, High End Servers and Custom Server.

Both Standards Server and High End Servers allow full customization. The options include server location, operating system, architecture, control panel and IP addresses.

Standard Servers

All plans under the Standard Servers option have no setup fees; include 20 TB of bandwidth, 1 Gigabit network connection and start at a monthly fee of $149.95.

There are three plans under the Standard Servers offering that vary by processor type, RAM and storage type (HDD or SSD).

Standards Server Plan Processor RAM Storage
ME-1 Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 16 GB HDD: 2x 1 TB WD RE Enterprise
ME-2 Intel Xeon E3-1240v3 24 GB SSD: 2x 480 GB Samsung PM863 Enterprise
ME-3 Intel Xeon E3-1270v3 32 GB SSD: 2x 960 GB Samsung PM863 Enterprise

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High End Servers

All plans under the High End Servers options have a setup fee of $49.95, include 30 TB of bandwidth, 1 Gigabit network connection, DDoS protection and start at a monthly fee of $319.95.

There are three plans under the High End Servers offering that vary by RAM and storage type (HDD or SSD).

High End Servers Plan RAM Storage
HE-1 32 GB HDD: 4x 1 TB
HE-2 64 GB HDD: 4x 1 TB
HE-3 96 GB SSD: 4x 480 GB

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Custom Server

The Custom Server option allows you to request a custom quote based on the needs of your business. The customization options include monthly bandwidth, port speed, data center location and deployment time.

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All Dedicated Servers are hosted on SuperMicro servers with Enterprise level hardware on a fully redundant Cisco Powered Network.

4. SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are required to create a secure, encrypted communication channel between you and the web server. This is especially needed when transmitting sensitive and private data such as credit card and social security numbers among others.

AltusHost offers SSL certificates starting at $19.95 a year for a single domain with 256-bit encryption. This is available with a risk free refund policy and is one of the cheapest SSL certificate available online.



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5. Remote Backups

AltusHost also provides remote backup solution that allows you to backup your data on the cloud. The backup servers are located in Amsterdam and provided using industry leading R1Soft Backup solution.

Cloud hosted backup starts at $14.95 a month for 50 GB of storage.

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6. Spam Protection

AltusHost has spam protection in-built, which protects you from spam, viruses, malware and phishing attempts. The Spam Protection is configured to continuously monitor and intercept spam before the email hits your inbox.

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Altushost Uptime Score and Site Speed:

We have been monitoring Altushost’s Uptime and Server Site speed over the years. Here below you can see the history of last 8 months.
AltusHost Uptime Score (October 2017)
Altushost_oct99.96% AltusHost uptime score for October 2017. Test website went down for 4 minutes during this period.
AltusHost Uptime Score (November 2017)
AltusHost_nov99.99% AltusHost uptime score for October 2017. Test website went down for 1 minutes during this period.
AltusHost Uptime Score (August 2017)
AltusHosting Uptime August100% AltusHost uptime score for April 2017. Test website has not gone down.
AltusHost Uptime Score (September 2017)
Altushost_sep100% AltusHost uptime score for September 2017. Test website has not gone down.
AltusHost Uptime Score (June 2017)
bluehost-uptime99.96% AltusHost uptime score for June 2017. Test website went down for 4 minutes during this period.
AltusHost Uptime Score (July 2017)
Altushost July Uptime99.96% AltusHost uptime score for July 2017. Test website went down for 4 minutes during this period.
Altushost Uptime Score (April 2017)altushostuptime100% AltusHost uptime score for April 2017. Test website has not gone down.
Altushost Uptime Score (May 2017)
Uptime Robot - Dashboard (2)99.99% AltusHost uptime score for May 2017. Test website went down once for 2 minutes during this period.

Altushost server speed test – A+ (November 2017)

Altushost server speed test – A+ (November 2017). It has been improved compare to previous month. Credit: Bitcatcha.

Altushost server speed test – C+ (October 2017)

july-2017-altushost-server-speedAltushost server speed test – C+ (October 2017). Credit: Bitcatcha.


Hosting solutions, SSL certificates, remote backups and domain registrations – with so many products to offer and a clearly published goal statement on their website – AltusHost looks like a company that’s confident about its products.

Attractively priced plans for every business need, customization options and money back guarantee with many plans, and over 10000 customers make it a promising hosting solution to consider.

If AltusHost does not seem to fit your goals, then checkout my hosting quiz here that will factor in your needs and provide a company that best fits.

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