Worried About Site Downtime? Try Cloud Sites

If you’re a website owner, the one thing that you’d probably be most worried about is your websites uptime. Site downtime affects your visitors, your business and most importantly your reputation. And if your downtimes are frequent, your visitors are going to lose trust in your business.

In an earlier post, we discussed the various tools available to monitor a website’s uptime. While site monitoring can alert you of a downtime, it cannot prevent a downtime.

Traditional web hosting involves hosting your website on a single server – this includes shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. This means you’re vulnerable to a single point of failure.

While most hosting providers claim an uptime of more than 99%, there isn’t any that can guarantee 100% uptime. This means if you’re using traditional hosting, there is a risk of your website facing a downtime.

The answer to this problem is to use a cloud hosting service. Hosting a website on the cloud means copies of your website are distributed across multiple servers around the world.

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Bluehost Review And Coupon Code

While writing for Godaddy alternatives, I had briefly explained why Bluehost was one of my choice. In this article I will give you more info about Bluehost and why you should consider it for hosting your website.

With over 2 million hosted websites, Bluehost is one of Internet’s most popular web hosting companies. The low cost shared hosting from Bluehost is one of the most popular in its product line which also includes vps hosting, dedicated hosting, domains, email, content delivery network and cloud hosting.

The average monthly searches for the exact keyword Bluehost, establishes the fact they’re one of the most popular hosting providers.

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5 Web Hosting Decisions That Can Ruin Your Website

Setting up your website starts with two important activities. The first is to buy a good domain name; the second is to buy some virtual real estate. In other words – buying a hosting solution.

Your web hosting is one of the most important factors that will determine your online success. Here are 5 wrong web hosting decisions that could ruin your website:

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8 Useful Tips To Load Your Site Faster

Here are 8 useful tips to speed up your website:

Have you wondered what slow page speed could mean to your website and your business? Page speed affects the two most important things about your website:

Search Engine Rankings

Ever since Google announced in 2010 that page speed will be considered as a factor for page ranking, website owners are looking for ways to improve their page speed.

Read: Using site speed in web search ranking

Take a look at this trend report that clearly shows a significant increase in interest about page speed:

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Top 5 Pingdom Alternatives You Didn’t Know

Website owners are no longer worried only about great content. Website monitoring (aka. keeping it online 24/7) has become an equally important and significant part of one’s online presence. Web performance monitoring ensures that your site’s uptime always get monitored, you get alerted when site is down, and you don’t lose visitors, traffic, sales and search engine rankings because of this.

One of the many tools available for web traffic monitoring is Pingdom; chances are that you may have heard of it. Pingdom is a great monitoring tool, but that’s not the only one. Here are top 5 Pingdom Alternatives to monitor your websites performance:

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10 Less Known Services Provided by Web Hosting Companies

While most of us are aware that web hosting companies are THE place to go for web hosting and domain registration needs, not many of us are aware about other useful services provided by them. Here’s my attempt to find out what these amazing companies offer.

NOTE: Many of these services are offered by Godaddy and other hosting companies.

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Tired of Godaddy? Here are the Best 2016 Alternatives

You know, millions of Authors and Hundreds of Enterprises have changed their hosting from GoDaddy to InMotionhostingBluehost, Hostgator and Dreamhost in recent past. All of them were tired of expensive renewal plans, irritating customer service and vulnerable servers.

GoDaddy is known to attract new customers by offering really cheap domain names and web hosting. GoDaddy offers new domains for as cheap as $10 per year but when you plan to renew it the very next year they charge ten times of the initial amount. This marketing tactic must have brought in a few customers but it is not a good practice to continue with.

Here are Top 4 alternatives to Godaddy.com:

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Ultimate Guide to WordPress

WordPress powers 25 percent of the web in the modern world. There’s a huge probability that every other website/blog you stumble upon is powered by WordPress. There was a time when WordPress was used for building blogs but over the time the evolution of WordPress into a Content Management System (CMS) has changed the game.

WordPress has not only made web development easier but has also reduced the cost of web development by leaps and bounds. Entrepreneurs and individual webmasters can now build dynamic websites without needing a developer.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Web Hosting Terms and Conditions

Point 1: Caution – They Can Take Advantage of You


Today, almost every company in the market is very well aware of the fact that no one even tries to read the terms and conditions. Putting in whatever they like, hidden restrictions, and charges – is what they enter fearlessly into the private column and name it as terms and conditions.

Simply eliminate the threat of getting tagged as “scammed,” make sure you treat the terms and conditions as important as the real life documents — make sure you read it cautiously and comprehend it. If you are cautious enough, you will know exactly, what you are getting yourself into.

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The Complete Guide For Moving From Shared Hosting To VPS Hosting


Well what can I say about shared hosting? Shared Hosting is for newbies and for startups. When you are new to the Internet world, you use shared hosting for hosting your site. A handful of people share the same physical server where it only takes few heavy sites to eat up all the provided resources making your site suffer.

Moving to VPS Hosting is logical once you have outgrown as a company or as a community on the Internet. VPS Hosting are ‘expensive’ and ‘very difficult to manage’ are some of the common myths. One can acquire VPS Hosting services for as minimum as $15 per month from vendors like Dreamhost.

VPS hosting—Virtual Private Server Hosting—is a virtual space on a very powerful machine. It is like a small computer inside a supercomputer dedicated to your site. Unlike Shared Hosting, here you get full access to the promised resources. No other Webmaster with a heavy site can use your resources. Your site is going to run to the best of its potential until and unless you overload your VPS Hosting by hosting more and more sites on it.

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7 Best Web Hosting Companies You Haven’t Heard Till Now

Whether you are a business owner, who wants to set up his online presence, or you are an individual who is looking to start a personal blog, either the reason, web hosting is something you will need the most. And you really thought that choosing a web hosting is a no hassle event? Rethink! There are various instances where small and mid-sized groups retain their own web server. Result? Most of them just fail, because upholding and maintaining a web server turns out to be very expensive and highly time-consuming.

Solution? Look for web hosting companies. They will manage the rest while you focus on other important tasks. Look beyond the likes of BlueHost and HostGator as we bring to you a well-researched list of top 7 web hosting companies about which you haven’t heard till now!

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9 Stupid Web Hosting Questions You Always Feared To Ask

Decision-making is the most irksome task in the world; people generally take decision based on emotional and personal instincts but decisions should be always-based on facts and data. Selecting web hosting is one of those decisions that should always be made by keeping facts under light. Any decision made on the basis of referral program or heavy discount may cause issues and errors in the coming future.

A lot of people find Web Hosting to be a confusing set of jargons; they are unaware that it has got an eminent role to play in their online business development. Here we are going to answer 9 stupid Web Hosting Questions you always feared to ask:

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7 Tips To Come Up With The Best Domain Names For Your Website

Selecting a domain name is no less complicated than selecting a name for your company or kid; you need to be relevant, thoughtful and considerate. Your domain name is your identity on the Internet, which is vast and endless like outer space. It is your domain names that will help people identify you and your business. Nothing is more important than a domain name when starting an online business. You need to get it right otherwise it is going to do a lot of damage.

We are going to help you find the perfect domain name for your business. These seven tips will help you understand the paradigm followed by people; have a look and then start with the search for the perfect domain:

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20 Web Hosting Jargon Every Website Owner Should Know

When you are new to web hosting, understanding the varied jargon used by web hosting companies is going to be a daunting process. Most of these web-hosting companies do not care to explain the terminologies for the newbies and the result is complete confusion.

Here we provide you 20 Web hosting jargon every website owner should know:

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5 things that Bluehost does that HostGator can’t

Bluehost and HostGator are two major web hosting companies that have been highly rated by analysts. Providing virtual private server (VPS), reseller and dedicated web hosting, both of them have fine qualities and offer excellent services to customers.

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies that was founded in 1996. HostGator is another popular web hosting company that was established in 2002. Both these companies have been acquired by Endurance International Group – a large web hosting company.

Bluehost was acquired in 2010 whereas HostGator was acquired in 2012.

Both these companies offer attractive and affordable web hosting service and other related service to wide range of customers. However, it has been observed that there are some variations in these services when comparing the two companies.

There are few areas where Bluehost has an advantage over HostGator in the services that they offer through web hosting.

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